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Some of you may remember my last post, 30 year old dad feels sad and loves xxx/finds reason for living through his music, here's a big novel of thoughts

Note: I typed this up as a post for some uninterested/not fans off xxx on facebook, thought I'd copy and paste it here in case someone is bored af. As such, a lot of it doesn't make sense to post to fans of him already. I have pretty extreme ADHD and 3 times my addy scrip so w/e. tbh just ignore, downvote w/e. if you are curious but don't have a month to devote to this post, then only read the last big paragraph. Essentially this is me expressing my passion for one of the few things in this world that I'm passionate about. It's a love letter. not to xxx, but to the world pleading them to accept young dagger dick into their hearts. BTW you can read this in your car, at the local park, aloud in church, anywhere really. Even in virtual reality if you have the right setup. ;) also I apologize if anything isn't absolutely correct regarding timeframes or info. I am a HUGE fan but didn't really fact check on things I wasn't positive on. This took me about 3.5 hours as is and I was spent. I also had to speak from almost a neutral/objective stance for a lot of it, I put myself in the shoes of the two I wrote it for to convey my thoughts in a way that would have an impact for them. sort of how xxx probably has to throw in things about ballin and being hard af to draw in and remain appealing to his core audience. no disrespect meant and I think you'll find that evident in my passion in this.
so here you go:
it's that time again boys. long-winded monologue session where I seemingly lose the ability to finish any coherent thought. was going to put it in a message to Nico but didn't want the implication that I expected any response to be there idc tbh. Also because Dan already gave out his like for the week and will have stopped reading by the 8th word so it's more or less the same.
so a quick catch-up we have my boi xxxtentacion who released his first full-length in August which was met with mostly positive reviews but criticisms regarding the juvenile/superior tone which some have compared to Jaden Smith's philosophical period. I'd have to agree and someone had a good reddit comment today, "I like to think xxx is the version of Jaden Smith where Will Smith went out to the gas station and never came back". Loltru. Puberty, thousands of soundcloud plays, domestic violence (alleged), jail, plays in the millions while in jail. Released from jail to many record deals/live shows/overnight fame. Semi-related 5'2" aka little man complex struggles and also stabbed a man when he was 6 years old who was attacking his mom no father etc. So personally the childish and inflated ego seem reasonable and are w/e to me. Also highly memed on and self aware meme e.g. song titled "what in xxxtarnation?" and rolling with the fact that his fanbase is constantly talking about how he's "so versatile" even mentioning it on the intro/reaching ridiculous levels of versatility intentionally on his new album.
by now I've already lost almost all focus and have no idea what I set out to do. so he released a new album yesterday entitled "?", his second LP with 18 tracks, putting his combined track total over 100 counting mixtapes, loose soundcloud tracks, and features at age 20 now. I believe 100% of songs that are not him being featured on another artist's track are less than 3:00, with probably 80% being under 2:00. another meme at this point. (hilarious relevant reddit comment thread explanation in screenshot below) getting more offtrack here I'll mention he is in high demand right now by everyone Miley Cyrus sister Noah Cyrus paid for a feature from him and it remains the only popular track of hers because he is on it, kendrick lamar tweeted out his album upon release, ski mask da slump god turned his back on xxx explaining that xxx threatened to kill him/his family members for petty altercations in the past and citing his alleged domestic abuse as a reason to not hang with him anymore. ski mask has been putting out even more music lately and struggling to stay popular despite having unprecedented talent and as such recently publicly defended xxx on some twitter argument shit and tried to get back on a track with him. xxx originally agreed and wanted to mend their problems but decided against it due to doubts about the sincerity of ski mask's reaching out as a friend. xxx has announced he's done making music and retired probably 3-4 times, accused Drake of "stealing his flow" which clearly wasn't true but the exchange did nothing but fuel his clout to even higher levels. side note xxx is my favorite musician atm but I wouldn't put him near my top 10 rappers even he is just so wildly interesting and unique and in this situation ski seems like a bitch but imo the most talented lyricist of all time or at least top 3. side note within a side note, during their exchange xxx replied to one of his fan's comments that ski mask should fuck off/sucks with ferocity claiming that "ski's metaphor game is second only to lil wayne" which I find crazy since I've said almost that exact same thing many times and he really is insanely similar to wayne in that they both almost exclusively belt out line after line of highly clevedemand a high level of pop culture knowledge as well as taking many listens to pick up on all the references and tie-ins.
the positives of xxx the person are few and vary in intention/degree of effectiveness but still warrant mentioning. for brevity you can make up your mind on his intention/importance of these items. for what it's worth here which is practically nothing on the 8% chance that someone is reading still at this point his (potential) social impact something I've never really seen discussed or mentioned about him as a whole, bits at times of specific events. he cares about his fans and goes to great lengths for them. whatever he is doing he does at an almost intimidating level of intensity. he has seemingly sought out people discussing suicide and offered responses via video, comment, and audio encouraging them to keep positive and ensuring them that they matter. I haven't believed anyone in any form of entertainment when they have said "I don't care about the money" save for maybe 2-3 instances. I wholeheartedly believe him when he says it. His goals/stances seem to waver but the urgency and rawness of all of the interactions I've seen with him tell me that he wants to help in some way. in an older loose track entitled "Riot" he comments on the climate of the BLM movement in an extremely mature way while smartly remaining politically neutral (smartly in that his message was positive forward progress for all, not retaining more fans by not alienating a large portion). He basically acknowledges the issues that sparked the movement but pleads that before you go and destroy some shit, think about who you are hurting in the process ("I know you got problems, but brotha they got theirs (a shopkeep)"), then says he knows that people passionate about the issue don't want to hear this, they want to hear him say grab a glock, shoot cops, murder for the thrill of it, etc. but he doesn't want to spread ignorance and believes we can get to how things should be if we work together. he was 17 at the time he made this. Side note this is part of the reason I am not as politically outspoken anymore. Lately I've subscribed to the notion of the media dividing people to keep them busy and not focused on changing the actual source of the problem which would raise issues with them controlling power. It's difficult to word it but I'm far from "the government control brains fight for ur rights!" but it's more like "I will try to use any energy I put into anything politically related to increase positivity or lessen the divide that is constantly becoming more pronounced and....well...retarded." as a whole I try to only focus on positive actions these days as I am see literally no meaningful change in any capacity happen due to complaining/arguing. maybe I just don't give a fuck about anything but myself and my passion of the moment. these introspective realizations and desire to feel like an intellectual peer when I'm severely outmatched might be the reason I even do this shit idk. I feel better after these goofy ramblings in any case so might as well. There's that positive-forward motion mindset. Oh anyways yeah something about he was gonna donate a lot of money to a battered women fund, not sure if he did tbh. also on the intro track on "?" he urges fans who only listen to rap to set their preconceived notions about genre aside and consume another form of music. Broadening your horizons is always good right?
Also on the newest has a track entitled "Hope" which he dedicates to the victims of the Parkland Shooting. Again, impressively, it comes off as very genuine, the song is relevant to the situation it's not just tossed in, the theme is "there's hope for the rest of us". he goes on to say "No I'm not alright yah, I might start a riot, I'm so fucking tired (of the hate)", referencing his song "Riot" saying that he is getting so tired of the way things are that he's about ready to start a riot even though he's previously tried to preach peace. this quote from the cover art is again surprisingly well thought out imo "I could never say I understand how you are all feeling, nor can I find the right words to say to you, but I do want you all to know, you are not alone." again smartly refraining from making a comment on the political argument and focusing on improving things as a whole. interestingly, he also posted a picture of him posing with 6-7 fans in a garage at a house show he played. one of which was a victim in the Parkland shooting. I believe this was noticed and brought to his attention by a fan, and his home state is Florida but what are the odds hey? he did donate 100% of money from a show in Broward County to the families of all of the victims. not sure on the amount.
(the transition here is strange. I came back and wrote the positive bit after almost finishing the rest deal with it, person who is reading, who at this point I assume is myself when I read it in a day or two to see how stupid I sound, hi future Lucas)
so back to the new album it's pure meme. he has a spoken word intro again just like his debut album, this time he lets out a giggle before calling the album "genius" again showing he understands his meme-level. he also, unironically I believe, mentions that you can "listen to this album anywhere. in your room, in your car, alone, you can play this album anywhere." lmfao. reddit comment "His next album he's gonna tell us we have to listen to it in the dark" heh. during this monologue he also basically tells you to open your mind, give it a chance, and that he's showcasing his versatility. I'm almost surprised he didn't ask if mirrors/eyes are real. a glance at the tracklist reads like the scribblings in a middle schoolefuture school shooter's notebook. as I just went to look at it again for this part, I see that his Spotify cover photo is lined paper with unbelievably cliche things like "positivity" "top of the world" "¿" and a hashtag with the letters "u m a n" after it the # is like an "H" At this point I am feeling regret in this thing that I'm typing. There's also some little demons or something drawn idk.
so back to the song titles we have "SMASH!", "$$$", "I don't even speak spanish lol" (verbatim there), "NUMB", "Pain = BESTFRIEND", "Schizophrenia", and "SAD!" among others. the features immediately pop out at you. in order of appearance we have Joey Bada$$, highly successful methodical/increasingly political rapper featured as co-star of the TV show Mr. Robot. Probably the closest thing we have to a modern day Tupac. Very talented (no sarcasm here tbh or on the Tupac comparison), but not really my cup of tea. His guttural raw voice is a big draw and I like it, I fuck with a few tracks but the serious tone/simple old-school style beats are not my thing. up next is Travis Barker of Blink 182. he plays drums as far as I can tell. No vocals, might be more involved with the production/other instruments no idea really. The song sounds like it could be off their album Take Off Your Pants and Jacket if the vocals weren't so different. Great track, showcases his pop-punk/angsty capacity and that he genuinely has an understanding of the soul of the genre (my second love next to hip hop < 3) and is not just tacking shit on. Matt Ox is up next. this one was very unexpected. a one-hit wonder viral video sensation from 6 months ago or so, 12 year old "rapper" looks like he most likely still has a security blanket nearby off-camera struts around a clearly troubled part of a city I'm too lazy to look up. he hangs out with many older minorities (oh he's whiter than shit) like we are led to believe is his day to day. by hang out I mean they ride around doing bike tricks or stand on the corner assumedly dealing drugs while he flips through a stack of hundreds, spins multiple fidget spinners, and claims "when I'm in the hood I'm the big bad wolf". The production value of the track is clearly extremely high suggesting he most likely does not in fact reside in an impoverished area. an extreme case of the "new school producer-carry" * idea I so often tout. to his credit he doesn't seem to have a terrible flow but is highly autotuned throughout. the song is catchy and I can listen to it and kinda fuck with it half-serious cause the producer did such a damn good job. another plus is his youtube name is "working on dying". at 12 years old he is either actually a cool dude. or more likely has a very talented publicist with their finger on the pulse of today's current meme climate. he hasn't been able to reproduce his initial spark of interest but is clearly (his parents/whatever label or entity that wants money) trying very hard to. for example rapping hard bars while holding a big butcher knife for 3 minutes or so for some reason and getting on tracks with expertly selected value-for-cost ratio artists like Lil Tracy and now, xxxtension cord. this was my most anticipated track after imagining the possibilities and possible resurgence of this ridiculous kid but we here we get by far the weakest track on the album where Matt Ox is trying really hard to ride Trippie Redd's wave but sounds like shit and the chemistry isn't there at all. I can't imagine xxx fucks with Matt Ox at all this was most likely a label decision/idea or an idea to increase meme level which didn't pan out. should have been scrapped from the album but it could turn some new fans on to xxx who are possibly better off than being a fan of opportunist/racist Matt Ox (parents w/e idfk). phew okay and last we have PNB Rock. least notable here, sung the chorus on one good song of boogie with a hoodie but weird fuckin voice looks like the most retarded asshole and lost the almost no respect I had for him when he decided to partake in the attempted "beatdown" of Lil B. resisting the urge to derail again here lol.
yep I'm spent so okay decent album not quite as good as I hoped, sings in Spanish on the I don't speak spanish lol track for a versatility extreme meme, he sings like a punk singer, he sings like an R&B singer, he raps hard, he raps soft, he screams like screamo, he monologues, he gets sad he gets angry he gets goofy. The range of this man is insane and whether or not he succeeds on these levels there's no denying he takes more risks and puts out more style variety that anyone out there. he very rarely, if ever, puts out something bad imo. he never half-asses his role in any song even for features. I do find it interesting that when paired with another rapper he seems to sound extremely similar to them and also does some of his best rapping. Namely on the Joey Bada$$ track "infinity (888)" and for his feature on Kodak Black's "Roll in Peace". this strengthens my thoughts the level of passion he brings into his work. On both tracks, for me, it's very hard to pick a "better" performance. Both Joey and Kodak are at the absolute top of their game on the tracks and all-around shit is just great. I really hope to see him paired with someone like wayne, drake, or I can't believe I'm saying this (I have no interest in ever listening to a track more than once but he's one of the best) but eminem just to see how far he can reach with his competitiveness. when he rapped with ski mask they were friends already and on 20-30 tracks together so, while he never kept up in terms of flow/lyrical cleverness, he most likely wasn't driven to.
there was an idea I half-thought out regarding him being a Shounen main character irl. Something about how like Goku always finds the strength to beat the next dude you know? tbh he looks like Frieza in some of his forms xxx has like 4-5 forms now if you google his pictures or pics of his hair you'll see what I mean. to quote Hila Klein (re: lil wayne) "He's like a new kind of creature". While wildly different in world-view and at the moment impact, I can't help but think he can be most closely compared to Kanye. Stretching genre borders/boundaries with no regard for the path carved ahead of them, positive messages/themes, superiority complex/delusions (or are they?) of grandeur, "genius", closely involved with all elements of production (loose connection here, acknowledging Kanye started as a producer, hustled harder to reach fame, and played a more vital role in production/final product), and most importantly the fire/passion to shatter all expectations/viewpoints of any detractors who dare shit on their vision. I used to get upset with those disparaging him and argue in his defense but now am all for it. tell him he can't. tell him he's got no chance. make a meme where Tupac is in heaven telling Eminem, the apparent god of hip hop to rap battle him. I would love to see his maximum power level. Kanye and xxx are Bruce Willis in Unbreakable, no limit to their power in sight save the possibility of lacking motiviation (what you thought they called me Mr. Glass?) Maybe xxx will climb the metaphorical Mortal Kombat ladder facing off with increasingly famous/skilled rappers matching or outdoing them and finally taking on Vince Staples and Early Sweatshirt at the same time before facing the Elite Four: Kanye, Kendrick, Wayne, Drake, and then Eminem is Gary. or if you are a moron, eminem, techn9ne, hopsin, eminem, tupac and biggie, eminem, eminem, white guy from youtube/facebook video who raps very fast about keeping it real and revitalizing the rap game #54951, marshall mathers, j cole, macklemore and ryan lewis, and eminem. probably a few other white rappers who talk about real eyes recognizing real lies like logic or 1nS1ght. okay I made that last one up but it sounds like one of those dipshits. also I have not listened to more than 20 seconds of music by logic but wrote him off after hearing the chorus of his clearly bandwagon money-grab anti-suicide track that was forced into everyone's social media prescription. the shit couldn't sound more disingenuous and like maybe you should kill yourself fam your shit is gay. I'd bet next month's pay that he has spoken at length about how he offers a unique angle to the rap game, has similar struggles to black rappers, thinks mumble rap is a problem that will be solved via his clearly superior intellect, and has a legion of fans who "aren't racist" but logic is the best rapper but also eminem both tied for #1 best rappers most intelligent rappers except biggie and tupack.
so yeah in summary I'm gonna go play Dying Light shit is pretty fun right now [email protected]
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