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These can be listed as: NetDania Stock and Forex Trader, Trade Interceptor, Bloomberg Business Mobile App, thinkorswim Mobile. #Forex #Bitcoin

These can be listed as: NetDania Stock and Forex Trader, Trade Interceptor, Bloomberg Business Mobile App, thinkorswim Mobile. #Forex #Bitcoin submitted by forexbtcs01 to u/forexbtcs01 [link] [comments]

Advice needed for buying into dips/selling into climbs on trends.

I've been on-and-off into Forex (demo accounts only) since 2011. Never had much success with it, largely due to a lack of any systematic strategy. I've restarted a month ago, using a demo trade interceptor account. My general approach has been to look for trends and then buy the dips of uptrends and sell the uptick corrections of downtrends. I stick with majors and crosses (eurusd, cadchf/euraud just as examples). I always aim for at least 1:2 risk-reward ratio. I'm trading on 15 min charts but always check that the trend isn't about to hit support/resistance from a larger timeframe.
I initially had a great success rate, with 8/9 successful trades. Since then, for the past 40 trades, it's been more like 30% and falling quickly. I am keeping systematic and keep a log of all trades. I have not seen any difference between high and low risk days/times of the day.
Is there anything I can do to tune my strategy? Thanks.
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Competitive Advantage Of ThinkCoin

• ThinkMarkets is an industry leader with headquarters in London and Melbourne as well as hubs in the Asia-Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, Europe and South America
• Founded as ThinkForex in 2010, the group has gone from strength to strength, pioneering innovative new technologies and new standards of customer service.
• In 2017, ThinkMarkets acquired TradeInterceptor, the world’s most searched-for trading app, underlining ThinkCoin commitment to becoming the only truly mobile broker in the world.
• TradeConnect is the next step in the mission.
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ThinkCoin. What is the difference between TradeConnect and other ICOs?

ThinkCoin is a cryptocurrency designed to allow day-to-day trading of financial products and digital trading tokens that support the TradeConnect network.
Once launched, TradeConnect is expected to offer a variety of financial instruments, including digital money, Foreign exchange1. and CFD pairs on stock indexes, commodities, stocks, precious metals and commodities. quantity. The application of Blockchain technology will help every transaction in the customer account is transparent and can not be removed.
**The strength of TradeConnect over ICO projects in the market:**
  1. This is the product of ThinkMarkets financial group, has 10 years experience in the financial market, the top 3 best forex trading platform in Australia. ThinkMarkets has two of the world’s leading financial institutions, ASIC, & FCA.TradeConnect, the next step in our mission.
  2. ThinkMarkets already has more than 130,000 customers trading on our MT4 platform and TradeInterceptors. When TradeConnect runs forex in November, the total number of customers will be converted. With this customer base, TradeConnect has a community available to grow.
  3. The world’s leading multi-asset transaction based on blockchain technology. You can trade electronic money like Binace, Bittrex, and TCO. Also offering securities, forex, CFDs, commodities, etc. will attract large numbers of participants from the traditional financial markets as well. crypto.
  4. Peer-to-Peer Transaction Application: Using AI artificial intelligence network to find the best price for each transaction, AI will make the transaction faster, more flexible, fair and cost effective.
  5. Team of experienced developers: CEOs, professional managers and consultants from Fintech, investment banking, blockchain and financial funds.
  6. The amount of coin sold will not be canceled, the amount of coin circulated in the market will be collected through transaction fees, payment by TCO. The company plans to use the proceeds to collect the proceeds to ensure the stability of the TCO for the purpose of paying the currency.
  7. In addition to listing on TradeConnect where the TCO is the most liquid, TCO is also listed on many of the world’s most prestigious coin exchanges, benefiting many token holders.
  8. A trading platform that allows companies to list their digital currency (listing), raise capital to carry out technology projects and start a business.
  9. After linking ThinkMarkets and TradeConnect in November of the same year as the RoadMap route, investors will be able to transfer money between the two platforms, offering two major benefits:
  10. Hurricanes into the fixed dollar of ThinkMarkets, this is a safer alternative to storm shelters in the current USDT token.
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What are the best Forex apps for the iPad? For trading, news and whatever else?

I was just curious. I'm finding it easier to tinker with forex on an iPad at my desk while I'm at work. Currently, I just mess with but I've heard of other apps like Trade Interceptor for charting and whatnot.
For those that are power users in the forex game on iPad, what is your set up like? What are some killer apps for trading? For news? (probably a big one for me. I murder the news good.)
And maybe on the side, I've looked at for financial management and tracking but I'm sure there are things could be better as a HUD or tracker for forex. (like myfxbook but for iPad)
Thanks a bunch!
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FX Interceptor Trading Software forex strategy tester free - 100 % free forex back testing ... TradeInterceptor Desktop Version - Initial Review forex strategy tester software - how to backtest a ... Trade Interceptor - How to Execute Buy and Sell Trading Orders

Other useful apps for forex traders include Trade Interceptor and NetDania Forex and Stocks. Technical Indicators. Forex trading is always challenging, but there are a number of tech tools that boost the odds in your favor. Many trading tools are bundled with popular trading platforms such as MT4, such as economic calendars and links to news Interceptor Trading Software. Interceptor Trading Software is the latest software for forex speculation. It features the most innovative and advanced trend-analysis module, as well as a hybrid mechanism for market movement prediction. Our software calculates and indicates all three market phases (bull market / bear market / consolidation). Risk Warning: Derivative products are leveraged products and can result in losses that exceed initial deposits. Please ensure you fully understand the risks and take care to manage your exposure and seek independent advice if necessary. It's important for you to consider relevant legal documents (for clients of TF Global Markets (Aust) Pty Ltd) this includes Product Disclosure Statement and Hugh Kimura of Trading Heroes reviews Trade Interceptor, a free iPhone / Android Forex charting app in the video below.. I have been trading on my phone for awhile. My first experience was with an FXSolutions app on my Windows Phone…yeah, talk about old school. Trade Interceptor app for live trading 7 replies. Questions about Trade Interceptor 0 replies. Java Programmer for Trade Interceptor Needed 2 replies. Mobile Trade Interceptor brokers 0 replies. Alarm issues with Trading interceptor mobile android 0 replies

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FX Interceptor Trading Software

Trade Interceptor Mobile - Forex Trading Platform Review and Introduction - Duration: 18:51. Optimus Forex, LLC 982 views. 18:51. Think trader formerly known as trade interceptor is the best free forex back testing software i've found. In the 3rd and last video of this series i will cover the differences between automatic ... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Think trader formerly known as trade interceptor is the best free forex back testing software i've found. Hide chat Show chat Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will ... How to use the strategy tester in mt4 for manual backtesting. Easily back test your forex strategy with this software (forexsimulator).Think trader formerly known as trade interceptor is the best ...