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Austrian Grand Prix 2020 Race Debrief - /r/Formula1 Editorial Team

2020 Austrian GP - a Long Awaited Dish, Served Hot and Spicy

By Felix_670 and DeathPig
Race Result and fastest laps by drivers
The most memorable recipes are the ones with unique and seemingly unrelated elements that come together create something truly special. A Formula 1 Grand Prix is no different. After what feels like an eternity, the first course of the 2020 F1 season was served. And boy was it a tasty one.
Let us take a look at the recipe that made the 2020 Austrian GP.

The Pre Race Tension

The minutes leading up the start of a Formula One race are one of the best parts of the Grand Prix weekend. Race day in Austria was no exception, with the dramatic last minute news of Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton receiving a 3-place grid penalty.
Before we could see how much the Briton’s grid penalty would shake up the start of the race, Formula 1 showed a thoughtful and classy display of allyship in the fight against racism, with the drivers and team personnel taking a knee during the anthem ceremony.
After the drivers lined up on their grid spots, the heart beats of fans around the world beat faster and faster as the 2020 F1 season finally got underway.

Reliability Issues/Retirements

The intense heat of the Austrian summer and the brutal unforgiving kerbs of the Red Bull Ring were both merciless, ending the races of a number of midfield drivers while simultaneously making Mercedes very anxious with heavy strain being put on their gear box sensors.
Of the 20 drivers who started this Grand Prix, only 11 crossed the finish line on lap 71. Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo, Lance Stroll, Kevin Magnussen, Romain Grosjean, George Russell, Kimi Räikkönen, Alexander Albon, and Daniil Kvyat, all of them failed to see the chequered flag. For a public used to the typical two or three race retirements, this was an unexpected twist for the first race of 2020.
Local favorite Max Verstappen was the Styrian’s circuit’s first victim. He started from 2nd on the grid after Lewis Hamilton’s three-place penalty and looked set for a very straight forward podium, before the RBR Sunday nightmare started. On lap 12 his Red Bull began to lose power going into Turn 1. He trundled around, furiously trying to keep his machine from going into anti-stall until reaching the pits, where he eventually had to retire as a result of an electrical issue.
Daniel Ricciardo was the next victim to the mechanical demons. On lap 19 the Australian, who had been hassling Sebastian Vettel for a few laps, came in to the pits and retired with an overheating car.
Even before Ricciardo retired, the Racing Point of Lance Stroll had begun to experience mechanical issues, the Canadian’s pace disappearing suddenly. Vettel got by the struggling Racing Point before the issues forced Stroll to bring his Racing Point back to the pits to retire.
Red Bull was not the only team to have a nightmarish Austrian Grand Prix. Haas suffered a double retirement, both drivers suffering brake failures, albeit thankfully neither crashing as a result of their issues.
Kevin Magnussen was the first retirement for the squad, spinning going into Turn 3 during a battle with Esteban Ocon that lasted for several laps, spinning into the run-off area once he applied the brakes, the Haas’ race over right there. His perilous position caused the Safety Car to be deployed. Later in the race, Romain Grosjean could not stop his Haas going into Turn 4, ending what had been a rough race for the Frenchman. He had already spun coming out of Turn 4, after which he had an early pitstop, and was also shown the black and white flag for taking liberties with the track limits.
Another unsatisfied driver was George Russel, who was having an excellent Grand Prix, running in P12, just outside the points, when his Williams came to a halt on lap 51. The day was not a total disaster for Williams, with rookie Latifi coming home P11. He was close to a points finish in his first race (a feat not seen since Stoffel Vandoorne’s debut in 2016)), but the Grove outfit will have to hope for better luck next week. It was nonetheless a good weekend for one of Formula 1’s most historic teams, which showed that their car can again start competing with the other teams.
The next retirement was by far the most bizarre of the race. On lap 55, coming out of Turn 9, the right front tire of Kimi Räikkönen’s Alfa Romeo popped off and went flying into the tire barrier and eventually stopped in the gravel trap of Turn 10. Taking advantage of his vast experience, the Finn controlled his ruined Alfa and brought it to stop against the barrier on the main straight. Vettel who was closely following Räikkönen did well to take avoiding action.
The second to last retirement of the day was the last nail in the coffin for Red Bull’s hopes. Alexander Albon was taking full advantage of his new tires to attack Lewis Hamilton for P2 going into Turn 4, making a gorgeous move on the outside of the world champion, when his rear right wheel was collected by Hamilton’s left front, sending the Thai driver into a spin. For the second time, Hamilton deemed to be at fault for a move that ultimately cost Albon a podium finish. Albon’s trip into the gravel dropped him to plum last, and he retired soon thereafter. Hamilton’s five second penalty for causing a collision likely to be no balm to the pain experienced by the Milton Keynes team.
Finally, it was time for Daniil Kvyat to complete the roll of retirees. The Alpha Tauri driver suffered a strange tire/suspension failure on the way to Turn 1 similar to Sebastian Vettel’s race ending puncture in 2016. The weekend was not a total loss for AlphaTauri, though, as Pierre Gasly delivered a strong points finish, crossing the line in P7. This was a glass half empty/glass half full kind of day for the newly branded (and lovely livered) Tauris.
This Grand Prix was nothing short of a slaughter of Formula 1 cars. Ultimately only 11 survived, but the 9 retirements were one of the key ingredients to this race’s utterly spicy recipe.

McLaren - Midfield leaders once again?

McLaren ended the 2019 season in great form, emerging as strong midfield contenders, a question lingering over the off-season whether they would be able to retain that status. With Norris and Sainz qualifying P4 and P6, it looked as if the team was doing everything right and would continue their race back towards the front of the pack.
Their prospects got a boost before the race, with Norris being promoted to 3rd after Lewis’ penalty. The quick starting Briton was able to challenge a medium shod Max Verstappen when the lights went out, while his teammate sparred with Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc. However, the Mclaren MCL34 was unable to sustain pace, with Albon overtaking Norris, who had Sergio Perez hot on his gearbox.
After the first of three safety cars, the entire grid switched to Hard tires, with Perez the only driver on Mediums. After a scrap to get out of the pits, Perez was able to attack Norris on softer rubber and easily overtake him on lap 33.
As the gap between Norris and Perez increased and Sainz languished Leclerc, both McLarens got calls to speed up. Norris was asked to switch to “Plan A, Maximum Pace”, and Sainz was told to stay as close to Leclerc as possible. Sainz did try to get past Leclerc, but his attempt ended with the Spaniard clattering into the man he replaces at Ferrari next season and remaining behind the Monégasque.
The McLaren-Ferrari-McLaren sandwich continued until lap 51, when the second safety car came out, courtesy of George Russel’s stricken Williams. Predictably, there was a flurry of unscheduled pit stops and while most of the grid got new tires, the Mercedes duo stayed out along with Perez, who moved up to third. They would, however, have cars on fresh rubber behind them, the first being Albon on fresh Softs, followed by Norris on new Mediums. Perez lost out to Albon with no recourse just as yet another safety car was triggered by Kimi’s flyaway front right tire.
As the bunched up field got underway again, the down-but-not-out Ferrari of Leclerc got past Norris, leaving the two teammates to fight with each other. After some incredible wheel to wheel action between them, Norris came out on top, setting off to chase down and pass Perez in a fight for a possible podium due to Lewis’ penalty. Sainz also got past Perez, who at this point struggled with his worn tires.
In the process of chasing down Hamilton, Norris put in the lap of his life, getting the fastest lap point for his time on the final lap with a time of 1:07.475, and crucially, pulling within the crucial 5 seconds to Lewis, clinching his first podium in the process to the absolute delight and ecstasy of the team. Social distancing be damned, it was hugs all around for the team, celebrating their double points finish, with Sainz finishing P5.
Shockingly, this leaves McLaren in second place in the constructors’ standings, their best start to a season since 2012 with Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton at the wheel.

Ferrari - A weekend of despair, ending with a beacon of hope

Ferrari came into this weekend with growing suspicions about their form after a lacklustre winter test.
Once qualifying began, worry turned into panic, as they were well off the pace, with Charles Leclerc qualifying 7th, and Sebastian Vettel not even making it to Q3, a dismal 11th. Leclerc spent much of the race in a McLaren sandwich, trailing Norris while in turn, being trailed by Sainz. Vettel, however, slowly made his way up the pack, but his Ferrari visibly struggled as he locked up again and again into Turn 3. With the late braking specialist Daniel Ricciardo hot on his tail, it was not a position Vettel wanted to be in. Vettel found a moment of relief when Ricciardo retired, citing cooling issues but it would not be the end of Vettel’s woes.
The first safety car bunched up the grid, allowing Sainz to close in on Leclerc. After an ambitious attempt by Sainz on the inside of Turn 3, he had to back off, stepping off the gas and turning away from Leclerc. Vettel, unfortunately, chose this moment to put the front end of his SF1000 right in the path of the McLaren, causing him to spin and drop back right to the bottom of the leaderboard. Not the start the 4 time champion wanted.
After the second set of pit stops, triggered by the second safety car, the Ferrari was rejuvenated on the Hards. Leclerc quickly passed Norris, then Perez, moving into third place after the collision between Albon and Hamilton. With the five-second penalty for Lewis, all Leclerc had to do was maintain the right distance to Lewis to come home P2, which he did with relative ease.
It is a result even the most ardent tifoso would not have bet on after qualifying. The team played their cards well and Leclerc was able to deliver when it mattered. What his teammate can do with the new car will have to wait until next weekend, for one cannot write a four time world champion off after one difficult weekend, but it turned out to not be the debacle many predicted for the Scuderia.

Albon and Hamilton - To be or not to be

The Brazilian Grand Prix of 2019 could be remembered for many things. But for Albon, it was the race he almost scored a podium at. Almost.
Running third while being chased by Hamilton, the world champion miscalculated a move, clanking into and spinning Albon in the process.
The stars seemed to align again today, with both Mercedes cars facing gearbox issues, fresh tyres for Alex, and a well-timed safety car which allowed him to get past Perez and move in right behind Lewis, who was driving on worn Hards. After the Safety Car ended, he was able to move right into Hamilton’s slip stream into Turn 3, but he was unable to make it through.
Another turn, another attempt, this time around the outside of Lewis down the hill to Turn 4, who was doing his best to keep Albon behind. The youngster positioned his car just right, getting alongside, then past Lewis around the outside of Turn 4. But the pass never happened, as Lewis spun Albon again by clipping his right rear. Off went Albon spinning into the gravel, and with it his dreams of a first podium.
And if that was not enough, he ended up facing an engine stoppage pulling him to the side of the road with just two laps remaining. All in all, a weekend to forget for Albon (and Red Bull) after that stellar qualifying lap in Q2, and after doing so well in the race.

Safety Cars: Bernd Goes to Work

Bernd Mayländer, the man who earns his living by driving the wheels of his newly reliveried Mercedes AMG GTR in front of 20 impatient racing cars, certainly earned his pay check today.
The formerly silver now jet black Mercedes (though being thoroughly warned to be careful and avoid kerbs by James Vowles) were looking like they were going to easily run away for a 1-2 finish before Bernd made the first of his three appearances during several points of the Grand Prix.
However, due to the numerous retirements in the race, Bernd strapped in and did exactly what he was put on this Earth to do: back up a pack of Formula 1 cars.
He did so with in perfect timing, just as the Mercedes were running away - SHAZAM - a retirement and the field was all bunched up ready to restart again and again.
Bernd’s efforts provided treated us with to several pulse pounding restarts and this race would not have been the same without the safety cars, the most important ingredient of this race.
Perhaps Mr. Mayländer should’ve been nominated for Driver of The Day.

Rating The Dish

There is no other way of saying it, the 2020 Austrian GP was the perfect start to the season. After a miserable off-season and the uncertainty of whether the season would even happen or not, the Red Bull Ring delivered a classic.
What we feared to be a 2014-style Mercedes massacre turned out to be quite the opposite. Every key ingredient worked in perfect harmony to give us a Grand Prix cooked to spicy perfection. As Crofty said in the broadcast, good things come to those who wait, and boy did we wait before Formula 1 once again delivered the goods.
Now we get to do it all over again next weekend.
Do you have any predictions for next weekend? Who will be the winners and losers next weekend? Will we see the same problems or will the quick turnaround be enough time for teams to get their issues sorted out? Let us know below!
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How lap times in different motorsports compare to each other

If you are a motorsports fan like me, you probably wondered, how fast the many different cars and classes are in relation to each other. While thinking about this question, I quickly realised that it is a near impossible task to measure this, you can’t compare cars from different series unless they share the track at the same point in time, which rarely happens. But still, I wanted to know, how the different classes compare to each other within their limitations (be it from the rules or from the conditions), in other words, which cars could go faster than others and by how much. To measure this, I chose the superior method of comparing lap times: percentages. (On a side note, I honestly don’t understand why teammates are always compared in tenths over the season, like saying X was on average 4 tenths slower than Y. This is just dumb, let’s all switch to percentages! Four tenths around Red Bull Ring is different than four tenths around Le Mans.)

TL;DR List

For the extremely busy, very unceremoniously and without additional commentary (as that comes later in this post), these are all the important racing classes with their regulations as of 2019:
  1. Formula 1 (100-104.3%)
  2. Super Formula (108-111%) LMP1 (112-114%) Indycar (112.5-115%) Formula 2 (114-117%)
  3. GT500 (117-120%) DPi (118.5-122%) LMP2 WEC (118-125%)
  4. Formula 3 (122-126.5%) DTM (123.5-126.5%) LMP2 IMSA (123-126%)
  5. GT300 (129-134%) GTLM IMSA - GTE WEC (130-138%) LMP3 (130-134.5%)
  6. MotoGP (132-139%) GT3 - GTD (134-140%) Australian Supercars (136.5-142%) Formula E (134-140%)
  7. Moto2 (140-144%) NASCAR Cup (141.5-144%)
  8. NASCAR Xfinity (144-146%)
  9. GT4 IMSA (145-150%)
  10. TCR (146.5-153%) NGTC (147-149%)
  11. GT4 SRO (149-155%) Moto3 (149-155%)


What I did can be described very simply, I looked up the fastest qualifying laps, of each series/class here on a bunch of tracks all around the world. Then I started comparing. First, if there was a direct comparison to F1, I calculated the percentage averages. Then, I started cross-referencing to other series which were active on most of the tracks (mainly GT3 and TCR) and calculated back to F1. There are some problems with this method. I can’t be 100% sure that for example GTD and GT3 have similar pace, or that TCR in Europe and TCR in Japan have similar pace. But with these two classes, the differences are not that big, which allowed me to have a more or less clear picture. After that I estimated the percentage range and made it bigger, because track conditions and other factors could mean up to 1-2% in lap time (this was the most “subjective” part). Because of the big ranges, I will always provide the direct comparison to F1 if there is one.

Why are there ties?

Many classes were surprisingly close to each other regarding their percentage ranges, despite (or maybe because) they rarely race on the same track. This led to some three- or four-way ties. In those ties I tried to rank them, based on feeling and direct comparisons. The classes could be in a different order within those ties if they raced in similar conditions, we can never be sure. Which leads me to the final boring paragraph I promise.

What factors influence lap time?

• Drivers, especially in series where there are pro and amateur drivers
• Qualifying and race formats: how much fuel is in the car; do you have to start with the fuel load; is it an endurance series; is it a one-lap shootout or is it the average of all drivers, do you have to negotiate around lower class cars; does your engine need to last another 5 races or 24 hours etc.
• Tires, very important, explains differences between GT500 & DTM or GT300 & GT3, think about how much faster F1 would be if the softest of the five compounds was available everywhere
• Performance Ballasts (BoP, EoT etc.), can be very severe (e.g. in LMP1 it is up to 2%)
• Track Conditions, very important even in a single session, as the track constantly changes
• AiTemperature conditions

Lap Time Percentage Ranking

1 Formula 1
I referenced all percentages to Formula 1 because it is obviously the fastest motorsport in the world. The pinnacle of motorsport (like it or not, it is the pinnacle) has mind bending machines, which produce enormous amount of downforce, have incredibly efficient and powerful engines and in the words of George Russell “ridiculous” brakes. On the note of Russell, I calculated the average percentage difference of the faster car of the slowest team to the pole time: 104.3% (side-note: it was surprisingly not always Williams, in Hungary, both Racing Points were beaten by a Williams).
To give you another example about percentages: the slowest team in recent history HRT had a 109% lap time on their worst days.
Just in case you forgot how an F1 car looks: 2019 Mercedes W10

2.1 Super Formula (108-111%)
direct comparison: 109.3%
Super Formula (formerly called Formula Nippon) is the top racing series in Japan and is the second fastest open-wheeled motorsport in the world. They race on Japanese circuits only, which gives us few direct comparisons to big international series (Suzuka with F1 and Fuji with WEC). It has a spec chassis and two engine manufacturers (Honda and Toyota). The new car, introduced in 2019 was to the tenth as fast as an LMP1 car in Fuji, but edges the class on direct comparison with F1 at Suzuka.
this is how the Dallara SF19 looks like in the hands of last year’s champion Nick Cassidy

2.2 LMP1 (112-114%)
direct comparison: 112.7%
On to the fastest non open-wheeled series, the next fastest cars are the magnificent sports car prototypes of the World Endurance Championship. This class has produced many great hybrid cars since 2014 from Porsche, Audi and Toyota, which battled at the 24h of Le Mans. Unfortunately, in the later years, only Toyota remained with a hybrid LMP1 and their car now competes against the privateer LMP1s of Rebellion. LMP1 beats both F2 and Indycar on direct comparison. If there is one class which could go much faster, it has to be the hybrid LMP1 Toyotas. The WEC introduced the fancy-named Equality of Technology, which basically should slow down the hybrids to the privateer speeds. Unfortunately, it actually means that the Toyotas go 2.5s per lap slower than they could and lose 1s per lap to the non-hybrid Rebellions at COTA. Because of that, the lap records are from 2016-17, when Audi and Porsche still were on the stage, pushing each other to greater and greater speeds.
this is the 2020 Toyota TS050 Hybrid, you won’t see this car for long on track because in the near future, there will be new prototype regulations

2.3 Indycar (112.5-115%)
direct comparison: 114.6%
The premier North American open-wheeled racing series would certainly be unbeatable on ovals, but on road courses, they are edged out by a few series. Again, like with SF, Indycar only races in a specific region and few tracks are visited by big international series, but they finally gave us a direct comparison with Formula 1 at COTA. This series also has a spec chassis (also by Dallara) and since 2018 a universal aero kit. There are two engine manufacturers: Honda and Chevrolet.
this is how the Dallara DW12 looks like in the hands of last year’s champion Josef Newgarden

2.4 Formula 2 (114-117%)
direct comparison: 115.8%
Finally, the slowest series in this four-way tie is the top feeder series for F1. This is a series, where young drivers can finally be part of the F1 paddock by racing in support races on the same weekend with the big ones. There is no direct comparison with Indycar and through cross-referencing it is still impossible to tell which one would be faster. The series employs a spec chassis by (again you guessed it) Dallara and has one engine manufacturer (Mecachrome). This series is more about the drivers, because it should find the best of the talents looking to get into F1.
this is how the Dallara F2 2018 looks like in the hands of last year’s champion Nyck De Vries

3.1 GT500 (117-120%)
direct comparison: 119.8%
The grand touring beasts populating the top class in the Japanese SUPER GT series are astonishingly quick. These race cars are the fastest production-based cars right now (well at least they kinda look like a production car) and can put some prototype classes to shame with their lap times. They beat the WECs LMP2s in Fuji but have unfortunately few other direct comparisons with similar classes. There are currently three manufacturers competing in GT500: Nissan, Toyota/Lexus and Honda. Recently, GT500 and DTM aligned their rules to be able to compete in each other’s series, which led to the Class One cars, as they are called now. While the chance of seeing DTM cars in SUPER GT and vice versa is low, it provides a great opportunity to see how tires influence car performance, as GT500 (having a tire war with 4 manufacturers) is clearly faster on track than DTM.
this is how the Lexus LC 500 GT500 championship winning car looked like in 2019

3.2 DPi (118.5-122%)
no direct comparison
The Daytona Prototype International class is the top prototype class in the IMSA United Sports Car Championship and has the honours to be the second fastest prototype class. It was introduced in 2017 alongside the new LMP2 regulations and became a separate class in the championship in 2019. This is the first class which had no direct comparisons to F1, but it is clearly faster than the WECs LMP2 class at Sebring. It is quite interesting in the sense that despite having four manufacturers (Cadillac, Acura, Mazda and Nissan) the cars used are based on four other LMP2 chassis (Dallara, Oreca, Riley and Ligier).
this is how the Acura ARX-05 2019 championship winning car looked like

3.3 LMP2 WEC (118-125%)
direct comparison: 120%
The second class in the WEC is a very popular one, with many privateer teams battling it out for LMP2 honours. The class is also used in the European Le Mans Series with similar specifications. The class was overhauled and redefined in 2017, four exclusive chassis manufacturers were appointed (the ones from DPi), a closed cockpit was mandated and there is a spec Gibson engine. The current cars and rule concepts are the basis, together with the DPis for the future LMDh regulations. It comfortably beats the 4th placed Formula 3 cars on direct comparison.
this is how the championship winning Oreca 07 by United Autosport looked like in 2019

4.1 Formula 3 (122-126.5%)
direct comparison: 123.6%
The third tier in the world of Formula 1 is the lowest which has a worldwide championship. It is one stage under Formula 2 and replaced GP3 in 2019. This change of name and structure also came with a new Dallara chassis and a spec Mecachrome engine. As you may have noticed, I only looked at the FIA Formula 3 Championship, and not at other regional or national series.
this is the Dallara F3 2019 driven by Robert Shwartzman, the 2019 champion

4.2 DTM (123.5-126.5%)
direct comparison: 124.9%
The cars used in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters are called touring cars only for historic reasons. These cars are silhouette cars, meaning actually purpose-built machines using a body which resembles (slightly) to their road going counterparts. Although it is a series competing in Europe (mainly Germany with some few races in other places), it actually shares few circuits with faster series, so there is no direct comparison to the WEC or the ELMS or even Formula 3. So, it is hard to call which one would be faster. This should be changed with the DTM set to race at Monza (Edit: now it looks like they go to Spa) in the 2020 season. The DTM is as mentioned before the sister series of SUPER GT, which gives a perspective of how much faster these cars could go. Unfortunately, the future of the series doesn’t look too bright with only one manufacturer left after the end of this season, there’s a big chance that we won’t see these great cars in the future.
this is the Audi RS5 Turbo DTM_FP1.jpg&tbnid=VulVzwUeOXs-QM&vet=1&docid=EJNx6BNH9-qE1M&w=2560&h=1706&q=rene+rast+dtm+2019&source=sh/x/im) of champion Rene Rast in 2019

4.3 LMP2 IMSA (123-126%)
no direct comparison
The second class in North American sports car racing is a little bit slower than their WEC counterparts. This is also visible at the direct comparison at Sebring. The reasons for this could be that the LMP2s in IMSA were slowed down to create a bigger gap to the very similar DPi cars. Other features are exactly the same than in the WEC, the only difference being that there were only two entries in 2019.

5.1 GT300 (129-134%)
direct comparison: 132.7%
I think the Japanese like to show the world how fast some cars actually could go. GT300 is the lower class in SUPER GT, it consists mainly of GT3 cars from European manufacturers but also JAF-GT cars, which are just a Japanese GT class. What is surprising is how easily the GT300 cars beat their European GT3 counterparts and even the WEC GTE class is beaten fair and square at Fuji.
here is the Honda NSX GT3 Evo, last year’s championship winning machine

5.2 GTLM IMSA - GTE WEC (130-138%)
direct comparison: 132.6%
Now to the supposedly highest level of GT racing, which actually is beaten by two and pressured by a third one. GTE in WEC/ELMS or GTLM in IMSA is in all three championship the top GT class. The GTLMs beat the GTEs at Sebring but I still decided to take both together because they are very similar in performance. These cars are awesome, look awesome and I suspect could produce much better lap times, but especially in Europe, they are sometimes even beaten by the top GT3 cars. There are now five different manufacturers competing in the WEC and IMSA combined.
this is the Porsche 911 RSR which won in IMSA and WEC in 2019

5.3 LMP3(130-134.5%)
direct comparison: 132.7%
LMP3 is the lowest prototype class, which is more thought as an entry level for drivers and teams to prototype racing. It is used in the ELMS, Asian LMS and the IMSA Prototype Challenge. In Europe it beats the GTEs marginally and in North America it is beaten by GTLM marginally, so the actual difference between GTE and LMP3 is too close to call. There are five cars available and all have the same spec engine.
This is a Ligier JS P3 which won in the ELMS in 2019

6.1 MotoGP (132-139%)
direct comparison: 135.1%
There are two groups in motorsports which I consider the craziest. Those who jump into their small hatchbacks and rip through some forests or mountains on roads barely wider than the car itself and those who jump on a bike which can go with 360kph and you can touch the ground with your knees while negotiating corners. MotoGP is astonishingly quick, sometimes even beating GT3 race cars. There are six manufacturers currently competing in MotoGP with purpose built mororcycle prototypes.
This is last year’s MotoGP winner Marc Marquez and his Honda RC213V

6.2 GT3 - GTD (134-140%)
direct comparison: 136.9% - 135.4%
On to the arguably most widely used racing class right now: GT3. There are a lot of different championships using these cars, and there have been 51 cars homologated since its inception in the mid 2000s. The highest-level series using GT3s are the SRO sanctioned GT World Challenges (formerly Blancpain Series) and the IMSA Sports Car Championship with the name GTD. On top of that there are countless national championships, so it’s hard to actually say how fast GT3s are, because they race at so many places. Sometimes they beat GTE in Europe, they play a secondary role to GTLM in IMSA, sometimes they barely beat Australian Supercars. The interesting thing in GT3 is the variety of car styles, types, engines and the fact that all these different philosophies are tied together through Balance of Performance which equals out all the cars.
here is the Bentley Continental GT3 which won the last international GT3 race, the Bathurst 12h

6.3 Australian Supercars (136.5-142%)
direct comparison: 141.4%
The (maybe not so hidden) gem in motorsport is the Australian Supercars Championship (also known as V8 Supercars), it evolved from the Australian Touring Car Championship and has really fun to watch and actually pretty fast race cars from Holden and Ford (with sometimes other manufacturers coming and going). It is close to the Australian GT Championship lap time wise, but is a bit slower than GT3s at Bathurst, where a big international GT3 race happens every year. There are otherwise few meaningful comparisons to other series. Unfortunately, there are some doubts over its future, with the car brand Holden no longer active.
this is the Ford Mustang GT of Scott McLaughlin, last year’s champion

6.4 Formula E (134-140%)
direct comparison (manually measured with a youtube onboard): 134%
The premier electric racing series in the world is notably famous for racing on unusual (controversial?) tight circuits located in city centres. Because of that, there is only one proper comparison with another class (TCR at Marrakech) and you can kinda guess their time in Monaco’s last sector while watching an onboard and measuring it with a stopwatch. So based on this data, we can estimate that their speed is somewhere around GT3 and Supercars. Of course, Formula E is very strong on its own circuits but would lose to everybody at Bathurst, just like a Supercar couldn’t negotiate the Paris Circuit fast enough. We can only hope, that the championship with the highest manufacturer involvement goes to the full Monaco layout for a proper comparison. The car currently used is the 2nd Gen FE car, it has a spec chassis and battery but individual powertrains.
here is the DS Techeetah of 2019 champion Jean-Eric Vergne

7.1 Moto2 (140-144%)
direct comparison: 142.8%
The second tier motorcycle championship also comes in at a kind of no-mans land between Supercars and NASCAR. Unfortunately, I don’t know much more about Moto2 so
here is last years champion Alex Marquez with his Kalex Moto2 bike

7.2 NASCAR Cup Series (141.5-144%)
no direct comparison
The most popular form of motorsport in the US, NASCAR is centred around oval track racing. So much in fact, that its calendar only has two road courses (Watkins Glen and Sonoma). On top of that, to make direct comparisons even rarer, they use different layouts to Indycar and IMSA at both tracks. That leaves us with cross-referencing the Cup Series to its minor league, which leads to the conclusion that NASCAR is tied with Moto2 on pace and just edged out by Australian Supercars, which some consider to be kind of similar (very far reached imo) to it. credit to u/TacoHVAC for the laptimes
here is the 2019 Toyota Camry of cup series champion Kyle Busch

8 NASCAR Xfinity (144-146%)
no direct comparison
Fortunately, NASCAR’s minor league, the Xfinity series goes to two of road courses using common layouts (Road America and Mid-Ohio) so we can at least compare these cars to other classes on this list. The Xfinity cars are a bit slower than their Cup Series counterparts, and with that, they are far from GT3 and Supercars, but comfortably ahead of GT4.
this is the Chevrolet Camaro of 2019 champion Tyler Reddick

9 GT4 IMSA (145-150%)
direct comparison: 146.3%
We arrived at the slowest GT class, GT4 is widely used in some national championships. In North America, the Michelin Pilot Challenge is a support series of the IMSA Sports Car Championship and there you can see GT4 competing as the top class against TCR, which explains why the IMSA GT4s are faster than their European brothers and sisters.
this is the Audi R8 LMS GT4 which won last year’s Michelin Pilot Challenge

10.1 TCR (146.5-153%)
direct comparison: 149.9%
The most widely used touring car class was approved in 2014 and fully took over the touring car world in 2018, when the World Touring Car Championship also adopted the regulations. These cars are “true” touring cars, with many standardised parts and a performance ballast system to ensure fair competition. There are many manufacturers and twice as many series, with nearly every region having their own TCR championship. All the results from these championship count towards the TCR Model of the Year “championship” which is handed out since 2017. TCR provided a very constant basis for other lap time calculations (especially for the Japanese series), because it is so widely used and has universal rules. In Europe it beats GT4 very consistently.
here is the Hyundai i30 N TCR driven by World Touring Car champion Norbert Michelisz

10.2 NGTC (147-149%)
no direct comparison
One of the few places where TCR isn’t the main touring car class is of course the British Touring Car Championship. They have their own cars, called Next Generation Touring Cars, which have most likely a very similar performance than TCR. I say most likely, because there are not that many international series competing on some lesser known British tracks, so I used the British GT Championship (GT3) as a reference for NGTCs.
this is the BMW 330i M Sport driven by 2019 champion Colin Turkington

11.1 GT4 SRO (149-155%)
direct comparison: 151.9%
Finally, we are at the bottom of this list with the GT4 cars competing in various national and European SRO series. These cars are by no means slow, they beat road going hyper cars like the Koenigsegg One:1 or the McLaren P1 at Spa, which just shows how incredibly fast race cars are, even if they are slow (if that makes sense).
the final car on here is the BMW M4 GT4, winner of the 2019 GT4 European Series

11.2 Moto3 (149-155%)
direct comparison: 152.3%
The lowest class in motorcycle grand prix racing has about the same speeds as GT4. Generally you can say, that the different motorcycle tiers are much closer than F1 - F2 - F3.
this is the Honda NSF250RW Moto3 winning machine

That’s the end of the list. As you can imagine it was quite fun to research everything, but it also took a long time. Please correct any typos and feel free crosspost.
What comes next? I plan on doing something similar but for historic classes and look if somebody could challenge F1 for the throne in the past (my bet is on Group C or 70s Can-Am).
Edits: Due to popular request, I added some motorcycle classes, also corrected some technicalities about NASCAR tracks
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Rookie to Road A license in 3 weeks. A newbie's tale

I joined iracing on 5-17-2020.
I am not very good, I learned that pretty early. For the first 3 weeks I was a liability on road courses and did fairly well on ovals but could never keep up with leaders with any SoF.
I decided to just be safe, learn to get out of the leaders way on blue flags, focus on my lines, let anyone challenging me for 14th place just have it (cause most of the time they would wreck out and I get the place anyway)
I read forums, watched videos, joined VRS, and decided that while I wasn't going to win a race for a long time I could focus on seeing improvement each race in SR. I set my goal to get an A license in Oval and Road.
I am 3 days short of 1 month of racing and today I earned my A road license at 3.49, and I'm one clean race away from A license in Oval at B 3.89. I did very little time trials, it was almost all racing in just about any car I could try (R8, Miata, F1, Skippys, etc). I'm pretty sure I could have done this a week faster, but week 13 is in the middle of this process.
It took 52 starts to achieve this with my best finish being 3rd and 6 finishes in the top 5. There really are no wrong ways to have fun and I prefer to try out all sorts of different content each week rather than focus on 1 or 2 series.
My thoughts for those also extremely new to iracing, from an extremely newbie perspective:
Those are my thoughts on "speed running" SR from rookie to A.
TL;DR: I knew I sucked at racing so I focused on SR and became a way better racer as a result.

PS: I also lightly stream on twitch - no subs or donations; just for fun. I'm a CFO by trade so we discuss finances and how bad I am at racing.
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Entitled parent ruins my phone cause i didnt let her kid play on the PS

By the way, the story may look like fake but its not,i live in turkey and its crazy here.I mean literally crazy.
Cast: S:Security CO:Complex owner F1:Friend 1 F2:Friend 2 EM:Entitled Mother EK:Entitled Kid NK:Nice Kid GF:Girlfriend D:Shortened version of my real name
I’m 15 year old male 5,7 as height.
A little bit of backstory,my grandma owns a summerhouse and we as a family go there every summer.I like it cause i have a lot of friends there.The owner of the site complex there even built us a little hangout place,its just a little TV,some pillows,2 huge umbrellas(3m) and a PS4.
Next to beach and very close to a excellent seafood restaurant and the restaurant is next to the pool.(5 min walk).You could literally jump from the top of the table to the pool.Some day we see people coming through the gate of the complex.People we have never seen before,we knew it wasnt one our neighbors cause we can recognize every one of our neighbors easily. (we all come here every summer for 7 years).
The second i saw the person inside it,My heart dropped.My friends saw it and their heart dropped as well.It was a KAREN.Y’know,Blond hair,Black fake expensive lookin sunglasses,The accent(she was talking to security to get in). She had 2 kids.They were twins.They were 8-10 y.o.We wondered what that Karen was doing here.We asked S for what they were doing here.Turns out they were moving here.Me and my friends were looking like “Oh h*ck no” at each other.
After a week they fully moved.Me,2 of my friends(F1 and F2) and my GF are at our hangout place.F1 is on his phone,F2 and me are on the PS playing Split Screen Call of Duty.My GF is just supporting me while i play.We hear EK and NK coming over here and here is the dialogue
EK:Hey can i play?
Me:Sorry we are playing rn.
EK:Oh C’mon. I bet you were playing all day
Me:(Just started 10 min. ago).Sorry but i recently started playing.
NK:Just leave OP alone
GF:No you shut up
EK goes crazy and pulls the PS and the HDMI cable while we play and kicked the PS a few times.We tell CO what happened and they talked about the problem.EK said (air quote) It would never happen again
We go to the seafood restaurant in the evening i mentioned before cause we were all hungry.Nobody was there except for the staff.We ordered our food aaaaand here comes EM
EM:What have you done you perv
(with a angrily and loud voice)
I secretly gave F1 a signal to record everything.I secretly signalled F2 to bring some help
Me:First take a chill pill and i didnt do anything
EM:My Boy(EK) said you pushed him and have been mean to him while playing.
Me and all my friends at the same time:Thats a lie
Me:We recently started playing at that time so we couldnt let him play.After that he pulled the cables of the PS in the middle of the game.He kicked the PS as well
EM:My angel would never do that
GF:Well he did
Then she said the worst words i have seen They were so bad i cant even write it.Im ok at cursing but not that much.Btw i forgot to mention im not good at “caging the rage” so im super easy to snap and very agressive while it
I was going to punch her but my friends held me back. I calmed back down after 5-10 minutes.
Me:OK(angrily) im calling security.EM at the blink of an eye said “HECK NO YOU DONT” Grabbed my phone from the top.Yanked it from me and threw it to the pool
Me and GF at the same time:WHAT HAVE YOU DONE
After that i punched her in the eye.To get my point across as WHAT HAVE YOU DONE and hit her kinda hard
After a second S and CO came and here is how it went
CO:What is going on here
Me THIS LADY JU..EM cuts me off
S: D, Is this true?
Me and my GF going:NO!!
S:D, Lets hear your sideMe telling him exactly what happened
Me:F1 bring the BIIIIG evidence
F1 brings his phone and we watch it for a few minutes.EM makes the lamest excuse ever.This is her EXACT words
That video is photoshopped.He wasnt here for half an hour.
So there is 3 mistakes 1.You cant photoshop a video 2.If he wasnt here, then how did he record it 3.If you could even photoshop a video.IT WOULD NOT TAKE HALF AN HOUR.
EM tries to make a run for it but immediatly got caught. S arrested her, turns out she had other warnings such as Attempted theft, Child abuse, Drug POSSESION(she got caught in the street with a bag full of white powder and a syringe,She even has been to mental hospital 2 different times.She got jail sentence for 4 MONTHS.I gave NK 50 TL in my pocket as saying Be brave,stand up to your mother if you have to. Their father takes care of the twins. I have met him and he is a real nice guy.The phone couldnt be saved.I told my parents everything and they were fine with it cause they knew it wasnt even close to being my fault.After 2 weeks i get a random package just left on the front of the door.I take the package and opened it.I first saw a note in there with my GF’s handwriting.Her exact writing is
Hey OP, Since our first anniversary coming up and you lost your phone recently.I was saving some money for something else but your situation is more urgent so i saved some money and my parents gave me some more money for it,Hope you like it
I look in the package and THERE WAS A IPHONE SE 2 IN THERE.I was beyond happy.I ran to my GF’s house and knock on the door like crazy.She opened the door and i hugged her just saying Thank you.Btw i wrote this whole thing on my laptop.While im waiting my laptop to tranfer all information from the cloud to my phone.EM is banned for life at the complex.CO and S apologised to me to this all happened and gave 100 TL both as apology present.
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Directed at EA Games

Thanks EA for rising to the occasion when everyone said Payback was the have now made Heat the worst (imo).
So I’m gonna start by offering advice on how to keep your playerbase then I’ll rant about how you messed up a potentially amazing game.
How to fix this (potentially): offer every player who bought the game (before the final update) the deluxe version or pass or whatever special stuff you do for the next game on launch to make up for this lack of content and care. It won’t fix Heat, but maybe it’ll save you guys from losing a vast majority of your playerbase.
Now to the complaining: maybe 5 people in this world are looking forward to crossplay...what a waste of time and talent to release this as the last update...thanks.
Three cars? That’s it? Three cars???
No custom Races?
No Speedwall?
No content of any kind for story continuation
No additional content directed at different race types
Horrible server system where your server shuts down at anytime (so dumb)
Horrible cop AI (if you know what to do, you can make it so you never get busted)
Horrible traffic AI (what’s with the turning cars just stopping in the middle of the intersection)
And I’m gonna say it and some may not agree, but catering to youth culture isn’t a sure fire way of making a relatable game. The story was pure crap, the characters lacked any substance yet you continue to parley the characters into everyday driving in the game (like I give a shit that those chicken burger things gave her diarrhea, funny the first time, annoying the next 7,372 times).
I’d be willing to bet a majority of continually active players have been playing NFS for over a decade and with each release that gets pushed out, the stories keep getting worse and worse and we are noticing. These stories need to be more involved if you are going to keep pushing narrative driven NFS titles. Or just get rid of the fucking story and do it like you used to within Shift and the older titles.
Now I did have fun with the game while the content was fresh but mother of god did it decline in fun or replayability(?) after about a month. The McLaren F1 was nice but not enough.
I hate to sound so negative over a game but I used to love the NFS series; y’all have broken my heart.
And to Criterion if you see this: stand up to EA and make the game you want, I have complete faith in you!! I’m
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Scarlet Spear Efficient Speedrun Guide

There's an event going on with amazing rewards, namely Scarlet Spear, so I decided to write a quick guide on how to efficiently speedrun it to optimize rewards (notably Arcanes). There are a few good Youtube guides on the same topic but also quite a few poor or incomplete ones, so hopefully this will be useful to the perfectionist.
Note that the info here is focused on pub game mechanics and specific to the PC version of Warframe - there are some minor differences on Console.
Feedback is appreciated! (Crosspost link)
[ 1. Introduction ]
There are two types of battles in this event, namely Ground and Space. You'll want to keep the ratio between these roughly 2:1 on your Flotilla to ensure the bonus payout with minimal time waste for everyone. Space missions grant rewards more rapidly (~15 mins per run) AND let you farm railjack Intrinsics, but only if there are enough Ground squads (~22 mins per run) to support you.
The event-specific currency you'll get is named Scarlet Credits. To optimize gains it's important to play each mission until its completion, meaning 17 Condrixes on the Ground or 5 Murexes in Space. This shouldn't be a problem unless you're quite new to the game (around MR <14), in which case you'll need some luck to be teamed with good players.
IMPORTANT: If a Flotilla manages to kill 100 Murexes, which always happens given enough time (between 60-90 minutes), you'll earn 3x Scarlet Credits up to 5000 earned. However, you'll get this bonus even if you leave the Flotilla, thus you should stay under 5k per Flotilla. Using this mechanic you can hop around and gain the maximum bonus on each. As a fully finished battle whether Ground or Space nets you 4k Creds, a single completed battle per flotilla is optimal if you intend to fully finish another battle afterwards.
[ 2. Equipment ]
Choose a good equipment loadout, keeping in mind enemies are Sentients so you'll want a nice spread of damage types, with Corrosive being significantly better and Blast worse than other types due to Sentients having Ferrite armor. If you're relatively new to Warframe, just bring your best and ignore this chapter!
Side-notes: Switching to Operator mode (5) to strip enemies of resistances using Void damage can be useful, though this doesn't work on enemies in Limbo's rift. Umbra Excalibur's Howl does, however! Also, an Ancient Healer specter can greatly reduce incoming damage both to frames and objectives.
Lastly, Corrosive Projection is still awesome despite the Revised update. Steel Charge works well if multiple players have Contagion Zaws, but I wouldn't bet on that in pubs. Same for Rifle Amp.
Note that Arcane Fury is very powerful on most melee weapons, which I highly recommend farming during this event (including for melee suggestions above).
[ 3. Railjack ]
Building the optimal railjack has been widely covered in other guides since it was added, but here are a few specific tips for this event:
[ 4. Gameplay ]
Now that preparations are in order, here's what you need to know to maximize clear times. First, wait for a full squad to greatly speed up the current battle.
  1. Simply run to the Condrix ASAP, then shoot the core. Kill the Sentients. Repeat 3x. If you have a good squad, one or two players should target the Condrix while the others clear the Sentients. This saves time.
  2. After the Condrix is defeated, set up defensive measures such as Limbo's Cataclysm (4) + Stasis (2) or whatever your team has.
  3. Deploy your OpLink from the gear wheel (ideally set up hotkeys first, like F1-F8). If you notice squadmates forgetting to do this, gently remind them.
  4. Presuming you're using good area defenses, keep in mind you don't need to stay in the area for the OpLinks to finish uploading. Ideally you'll want to move to the next Condrix spawn to avoid delays, as the spawn locations are predictable (there are 4, use the fullscreen map and remember the spawn ordelocations).
  5. Rinse, repeat; back to #1 above.
  1. P) As the railjack pilot, quickly drift-boost towards the Murex. You'll be able to get in range using a single long drift if built for speed, using the "catapult" effect when releasing the button to propel you to the objective. C) If you're non-pilot crew, stay close to an exit, fix up any damage, kill any boarding parties and skip to #3 below.
  2. P) After deploying the Satellite, fly into the Murex and park just inside either of its "arms", using the rib-like structure to protect against threats. Ensure Particle Ram is up. This step may not be necessary depending on your railjack and the enemy level.
  3. Jump out of the railjack and enter the Murex. Non-pilot crew should jump out early before parking, just after the Satellite is deployed. Ignore the boarding parties, but if there are Grineer on-board you'll want to keep an eye out during the OpLink phase as they can plant bombs.
  4. Use operator mode to quickly dash towards the objective.
  5. If you see an "Immunode" anywhere near the objective, destroy it, then place defensive measures and finally deploy your OpLink from the gear wheel. If you notice squadmates forgetting this, gently remind them.
  6. If the railjack is threatened after this, one squad member should Omni back to it, though this is a rare occurrence. If you're confident in your OpLink defense, return to the railjack at 7/9 killcodes to remove the red Vomalysts as detailed below.
  7. After the Murex is destroyed you'll automatically warp back to the railjack. P) The pilot clears the cockpit, collects the Satellite and heads to the next Murex. C) Non-pilot crew should focus on clearing the red Vomalysts disrupting the engines: One at the Forge (rear), one at the Sling (top) and one at the bottom center.
  8. Rinse, repeat; back to #1 above.
Lastly and this applies to both Ground and Space: If you see a blue Sentient with batteries around its waist, the Aerolyst, shoot the batteries to make it vulnerable. Catchmoon works well against them, as do rapidfire weapons.
That's it! If you're efficient and have enough real-life time on your hands, you can use this event to farm a full set of Arcanes for your favorite frames and some other knickknacks or a big pile of Platinum, so get goin'!
P.S. Adding this for reference: I managed to get 18k creds/hour including bonus payouts, calculated over a full 3-hour round with all sorts of problems along the way (players leaving, partial squads, people forgetting to place OpLink, flotillas not reaching 100 kills in the last hour etc). My goal wasn't to get a high score or show off, but rather to see what you can expect to get in awful pub matches as a fast leader with an optimized loadout. The first two hours gave ~22k each due to 100% bonuses, the last only 10k (so if you need a break, skip the last hour).
[ 5. Creddit ]
A small list of other players who helped improve this guide, in no particular order:
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The Basement, the Massacre, and Authoritarianism: Why Attack on Titan Resonates with Me

This is not a structured essay, but rather a collection of my thoughts that relate the experiences of my own life to AoT. Due to the nature of this post, there will be much unavoidable discussion of IRL politics—mostly that of Communist China—so turn back now if that’s not your cup of tea. Also, spoilers up to the end of Season 3.

Last year, when I finished the basement episodes and saw the Scouts reach the ocean, I felt something stir within me. Sure, it was immensely satisfying to see this part of the story finally animated, but that alone didn’t explain it. So, I did some introspection:
From my experience, early-to-mid teens is when a person starts to shed their childhood innocence and become wary of the ugly realities of their world. This is usually a gradual process, but sometimes it can be punctuated and accelerated by worldview-shattering revelations. For Eren and his peers, it was the basement reveal (along with various revelations leading up to it). For me, it was when my father revealed to me what had happened in Beijing on June 4th, 1989.
I’m not going to go into detail about the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre here. If you’re not familiar with it, read this. Instead, I’m going to briefly describe the environment in which I grew up:
I grew up in an authoritarian one-party state (the People’s Republic of China), but it’s not one that’s completely closed off from the rest of the world (as in Paradis or North Korea). Sure, censorship was incredibly strict: For instance, the internet within the PRC is walled-in by the Great Firewall and strictly policed. But we still had access to entertainment from around the world, among them being AoT. (Though I hear it’s been banned now.) Nevertheless, anything even slightly critical of the Chinese Communist Party[1] was strictly prohibited; state propaganda always laid the blame for China’s problems on domestic scapegoats or “foreign elements,” never on the Party itself. The education system was designed to instill conformity and loyalty to the Party, and as a consequence, discouraged critical thinking.
Growing up in that kind of environment, most Chinese citizens—including me—never seriously questioned a lot of things we were told, even if some of us didn’t like the government. One thing I took for granted was that, unlike the corrupt government, the national army (called the People’s Liberation Army) was a “people’s army” whose soldiers were like family to us ordinary folks. Back then, PLA soldiers opening fire on a crowd of Chinese civilians was about as alien and unthinkable of a concept for me as George W. Bush speaking fluent Mandarin.
Through King Fritz’s memory manipulation of his subjects after settling within the walls of Paradis, AoT demonstrates the potency of manipulating history as an instrument of control. In reality, authoritarian rulers don’t even need supernatural powers to erase the past; fear and draconian censorship suffice. Frankly, the Chinese Communist regime’s erasure of the Tiananmen Massacre from the collective memories of its citizens is a feat that would make King Fritz himself proud.[2] While there does exist an official government narrative of the Tiananmen Massacre that paints the military in a positive light, it’s almost never mentioned by anyone. The vast majority of the older generation choose to remain completely silent about the Massacre; those who don’t are either jailed or exiled. As a result, the younger generation, especially those like me who were born after the Massacre, have little to no knowledge of the event. It’s similar to how the older Ackermanns, despite being unaffected by memory manipulation, kept their kids ignorant of their world’s true history in order to protect the Ackermann clan from the royal government. My dad is a fairly liberal-minded person who had actually participated in some of the smaller local protests before the tanks rolled into Beijing; but up until the day he spilled the beans, I had never heard him utter a single word about what had transpired in the summer of 1989.
I can still remember the exact location and time at which I learned about the Tiananmen Massacre. In retrospect, I can’t help but laugh at how this “grand reveal” was delivered: My dad told me about PLA soldiers firing on protesting students with basically the same level of casualness as Reiner told Eren about his true identity. It was on the evening of June 4th in our living room, and my dad was telling my mom how he couldn’t believe that over two decades had already passed since “Six Four.” I overheard him and asked him what he meant by “Six Four,” and he just dropped the bomb on me with no warning.
While learning about the Tiananmen Massacre for me was nowhere near the existential-crisis-inducing mindf*ck the basement reveal was for Eren and co., it still shook me to the core. You know that feeling when you’re presented with a fact that either completely contradicts or makes zero sense in your pre-existing framework for understanding the world? That sense of shock and subsequent disorientation? I felt that in spades after realizing the PLA had mercilessly slaughtered their own civilians for peacefully protesting. If I were forced to pinpoint the exact moment of my “political awakening,” I would point to that day.[3] Remember Eren clutching his head in disbelief after realizing the Smiling Titan’s true identity? Feels kind of weird to say this, but that scene really resonated with me. In fact, I was feeling a sense of déjà vu throughout the basement episodes as I watched Eren, who at that point in the story was the exact same age as I was when I learned about Tiananmen, have his entire world flipped upside down by his father's memories.
(And for those of you wondering: No, I did not pull an Erwin. My dad is still alive and well.)
On a side note: Considering how much the Tiananmen revelation affected me, I didn’t actually react to it that strongly, at least not outwardly. (I’m very similar to Bertholdt in disposition. You can think of me as Bertholdt but without Bertholdt’s competence.) I’ve heard multiple stories of young people from mainland China who broke down in tears after seeing footage of the Massacre for the first time.[4] On the other hand, there also exists Tiananmen Massacre truthers who, in the face of overwhelming evidence, continue to parrot the government’s narrative and/or buy into conspiracy theories. I do feel a degree of sympathy for these folks: Falling back on pre-existing beliefs and heuristics when our worldview is challenged is a defense mechanism everyone has; it’s there to protect and stabilize ourselves mentally. Remember how some citizens within the walls were spreading conspiracy theories after the military publicized what they had learned in Grisha’s basement? Considering how jarring the truth must be from their perspective, I honestly can’t blame them.
I think what initially attracted me to AoT, aside from just being very entertaining, was young Eren’s frustration of being trapped within walls and deprived of freedom. As someone who went to boarding school at a young age, I was also constantly surrounded by three layers of walls—the physical walls of the school campus, the soft walls of political indoctrination and censorship, and the mental walls of a stifling curriculum that demanded little more than memorization and regurgitation. It frankly felt like living in a cage. While I didn’t share Eren’s scorching desire for freedom, there was a part of me that desperately yearned to be set free. Back then, I didn’t realize the true reason why I identified with Eren’s frustration so much: We both grew up in a nation ruled by an oppressive authoritarian regime.
In my opinion, an underrated aspect of AoT is the show’s recreation of what it feels like to grow up under authoritarian rule and to subsequently break free of its ideological chains through its setting and narrative. First, AoT presents the audience with a deceptively simple premise of humans vs. titans—a reality that’s already deeply ingrained in the psyche of most characters in the show. Initial impressions of the show—from the promotional material, to the lyrics and imagery of the first OP,[5] to the brutal first episode—serve to reinforce our belief that these giant man-eating zombies are the main antagonists. The audience, while acknowledging the awful things done by the government within the walls, are led to assume that the root cause of mankind’s problems lay with the titans—who are depicted as the external enemy, the foreign and monstrous “other.” The rulers of Paradis want everyone, including the audience, to fear and loathe these external threats so that no one would question their own brutal, unjust rule within the walls. It’s all for the survival of the race/nation, they say. Thus, by accepting this “humanity under siege” narrative at the beginning of the show, the audience are effectively brainwashed by the Paradis ruling class as if they were residents within the walls. (When we first started watching AoT, how many of us thought the human vs. titan conflict was going to be the entire show? I certainly did.) Then, as the Scouts gradually unravel the web of lies and deception that forms the foundation of this reality, both they and the audience start to second-guess many things about the world of AoT that they have taken for granted. Finally, the Scouts’ quest for freedom and truth culminates in a series of reveals that turns the setting on its head, recontextualizes the entire narrative, and forces everyone on both sides of the fourth wall to reconstruct their worldview from the ground up. Turns out the real culprits behind the enslavement of humanity was not the monsters beyond the walls, but mankind’s own monstrosity. Our protagonists are now free from the yokes of walls and titans, but their newfound knowledge is disorienting, cruel, and terrifying.
Similarly, growing up in Communist China, I was cognizant of the fact that our government was corrupt, and I became more and more aware of its amoral nature as I aged into my teens. Nevertheless, I rarely questioned the status quo or the official narratives of the government, believing that there were far more threatening evils to the peace and prosperity of China (foreign imperial powers, separatists, etc.). The Tiananmen reveal jolted me awake and made me realize just how ignorant I was of my own country and its history. In the years following the reveal, as I learned more and more about modern Chinese history from different sources and perspectives, I forced myself to critically re-examine everything I was taught growing up; and it was disturbing how much lies, manipulative half-truths, and political/ideological BS the Party’s education system shoved into my young mind alongside benign messages like “respect the elderly and care for the young.” It took me a long time to completely unlearn internalized beliefs and biases that seem utterly ridiculous and toxic in hindsight. Then, I started to open my eyes to absurdities around me that had been hiding in plain sight for my entire life, like the absolute farce that is the regime’s self-identification as a communist party following Marxist ideologies, or the disturbing undertones[6] as well as the unintentional irony[7] in the lyrics of the national anthem I had sung countless times growing up. All of this eventually led me to realize that my beloved motherland was a slave to an oppressive, imperialist, genocidal regime built on more than seven decades of terror and deception—a realization that is painful, frightening, and liberating all at once.
As young adults approach the end of their childhood, they open their eyes to a world that is far more complex and cruel than the one in their childhood imagination. I think the final episodes of S3 really captured that mix of awe, confusion, uncertainty, wistfulness, and resolve as they step out of their childhood cradles into the vast unknown; as they realize that a lot of things are going to be different now, and that there’s no going back to simpler times. And I feel like that was why watching those episodes last year—especially seeing Eren and his friends finally reach the ocean—touched me on a deeper, more personal level. (It’s also why T-KT is one of my favourite tracks of all time.)
I wonder if the Scouts post basement reveal ever think back on their previous lives—ones in which their whole world was merely the walls, the titans, and dreams about the vast lands and oceans beyond. For them, that must feel like a lifetime ago. Their world is still the same world—they weren’t thrown into some alternative universe—but after having everything they knew growing up turned upside down, it must feel like living in a completely different reality. I sometimes get that surreal feeling too when I think about how far apart my current worldview is from when I was a kid; it’s like my brain’s been completely rewired. And considering the huge paradigm shifts AoT has undergone from the beginning of Season 1 to the ocean scene and beyond, I bet the audience will be feeling plenty of that dissonance too, especially in the upcoming final season.
There are three things I’ve taken to heart about authoritarianism from both AoT and my own experiences:
  • All authoritarian regimes operate by suppressing or eliminating anything that they perceive to be a potential threat to their rule, including the truth, even if it means trampling all over innocent lives in the process. These actions are often justified with the rhetoric of “national security” or “social ordestability.” In truth, they are not accountable to anyone but themselves.
  • The most effective way to stabilize authoritarian rule is to brainwash the populace into believing a binary “good vs. evil” worldview—one in which the evil is always someone or something else, never the oppressive rulers themselves. This is done through strict control of information and manipulation of historical narratives. In other words, authoritarian rulers have a vested interest in keeping the populace as ignorant and their worldviews as black-and-white as possible. Critical thinkers like Erwin’s dad and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo are seen as huge threats to their monopoly on power—or in authoritarian-speak—“subversive and seditious.”
  • “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Propaganda aimed at covering up or distorting the truth are usually full of holes upon closer inspection. But when falsehoods are drilled into you repeatedly from a young age, you end up uncritically accepting them as part of your reality—like how you don’t bother to question why you were born with five fingers on each hand instead of four or six. When I first saw the Marleyan propaganda about how “Eldia committed genocide on Marleyans for 1,700 years,” I thought it was unrealistic that most mainland Eldians would believe that kind of nonsense—before remembering all the ridiculous IRL propaganda that I used to take at face value (-_-’) Which ties back to my previous point: Critical thinking is feared by authoritarian regimes and is a powerful tool with which to rebel against authoritarian control.
In my opinion, Isayama has created a seminal work among young adult fiction. Kids often have a black-and-white worldview, and there’s nothing wrong with that—it’s part of their childhood innocence. But more often than not, popular YA fiction, with narratives that don’t go beyond good vs. evil or friends vs. enemies, fails to challenge that kind of worldview as these kids age. This can not only potentially stunt their mental growth, but also fail to shield them from radicalism. (From what I understand, all radical, violent ideologies are built upon Manichean interpretations of our world.) Even if many of these kids don’t grow up to embrace radical ideologies, they don’t always outgrow that binary mode of understanding the world from their youth.
While AoT started off with a simple and straightforward premise, it gradually pulled back its layers of curtains to reveal a world uncomfortably similar to our own. The beautiful thing about my experience with AoT is that the show’s evolution over the years both mirrored and (to a degree) spurred my own mental growth from a naïve teenager to an adult with a more independent, holistic worldview. As I got older and as AoT’s story progressed, what started off as an “us vs. them” action thriller evolved into a complex, multi-layered narrative that satisfied my urge to see the world through a more nuanced and critical lens. In particular, the evolution of Eren’s worldview from the beginning of S1 to the end of S3 (and beyond) really resonated with me and was just a joy to watch. Revisiting S1 these days feels like watching a different show now that I’ve gained new perspectives on both the world of AoT and my own—perspectives my teenage self lacked as he cheered for the protagonists to rout all the big bad titans.
In other words, as Eren went through his character arc in AoT, I basically went through my own (much less dramatic and compelling) IRL character arc alongside him. Because of that, AoT will always hold a special place in my heart—not only as an incredibly compelling piece of fiction but also as an important part of my formative years.
Thank you, Mr. Isayama, and I cannot wait for the conclusion to your magnum opus!
[1] I use the terms “the Party”, “the ruling regime”, and “the government” interchangeably throughout this post. In the context of Communist China, they are one and the same.
[2] Another example of collective amnesia under authoritarian rule that I’ve come across: In the early 90s, after the fall of the Pinochet regime in Chile, a survey found that a lot of Chilean youths had never even heard of their democratically-elected former president Salvador Allende, or Pinochet’s 1973 coup that had overthrown and killed him. I’m sure there are many more similar cases of top-down “enforced amnesia” throughout human history.
[3] You could almost say that day was my “That Day” ...hahaha, get it? ......... thank goodness I cut this out of the main passage at the last minute -_-
[4] Example: Refer to the paragraphs above the black-and-white photo, but read the whole thing for another young Chinese person’s perspective on Tiananmen. It’s a well written piece that’s very much worth the read.
[5] Notice the chains over the walls starting from 0:10 of the OP. I personally think they are meant to represent not only the physical restrictions on freedom due to the titans, but also the ideological chains of authoritarian rule I was just talking about. Hats off to WIT Studio.
[6] The Party claims that China is a peace-loving country, but these lyrics invoke violence, carnage, and animosity towards “the enemies.” I can’t help but think that these lyrics are there to reinforce the “China is under siege by external enemies” narrative that has been abused time and time again by the ruling regime for their own self-serving agendas, similar to how AoT’s first OP serve to reinforce the Paradis government’s “humanity under siege by the big bad titans” narrative. In my opinion, the most powerful speech of modern China is Liu Xiaobo’s “I Have No Enemies” statement (English ver. of his full statement) during his trial by the state for subversion: “Hatred can rot a person’s wisdom and conscience. An enemy mentality will poison the spirit of a nation and inflame brutal life and death struggles, destroy a society’s tolerance and humanity, and hinder a country’s advance toward freedom and democracy. Therefore, I hope to see past my own ordeals as I appreciate my country’s developments and societal changes; I hope to treat the regime’s hostility [towards me] with maximum kindness; and I hope to dissolve hate with love.” (“仇恨会腐蚀一个人的智慧和良知,敌人意识将毒化一个民族的精神,煽动起你死我活的残酷斗争,毁掉一个社会的宽容和人性,阻碍一个国家走向自由民主的进程。所以,我希望自己能够超越个人的遭遇来看待国家的发展和社会的变化,以最大的善意对待政权的敌意,以爱化解恨。” First half of the quote translated by New York Times; second half by me.)
[7] While originally written in the anti-imperial context of the Sino-Japanese War of WWII, these lyrics can easily be reinterpreted as a call for arms to overthrow the current Communist regime. This will never stop being funny to me.
Closing Words
I jotted some of this down when I first finished S3 last year, but I didn’t have the courage to share it publicly until now. Writing this was a draining but cathartic experience for me; it feels great to finally get all of this off my chest, even if my political opinions will inevitably anger some people. As an ordinary Chinese guy, sharing my perspective on the Tiananmen tragedy is the least I can do to honour the thousands of brave souls who paid the ultimate price 31 years ago in their quest for our motherland’s freedom and democracy.
“星星之火,可以燎原” May you all rest in peace, my brothers and sisters. Now it’s up to our generation to carry on your legacy. Your unyielding desire for freedom lives on in all of us. #IRememberTiananmen
Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to both the youtubers Soul, Oceaniz, Dresrosa, and Aleczandxr for their thoughtful analyses of AoT and to likeminded fellow dissidents for continuing to bravely stand up to injustice. Thank you all for inspiring me.
Edit: formatting and wording; added English translation of Liu's statement
Edit2: Here's a full-length documentary on the Tiananmen Massacre if you're interested in learning more. It was more complex than simply "all government & military = bad, all student protestors = good"
Edit3: Added interpretation of chains imagery from AoT OP1 (see note [5])
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Respect Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill! (Animorphs)

Respect Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill!

Here's the situation: Earth is under attack by a race of parasitic slug-like aliens known as Yeerks. They slither into your head through your ear canal and fold over your brain, slowly taking control of you. Anyone and everyone you know could secretly be a Yeerk, waiting for the right time to infest you too. This nightmare was reality for the Animorphs, five young kids (and an alien) given Andalite morphing technology that let them absorb the DNA of animals and transform into them.
Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill, or Ax for short, was the token alien of the Animorphs. An Andalite - the same species that created the morphing technology - Ax already could morph before the rest of the team could. A trained member of the Andalite military, Ax often proves to be the most intelligent of the team, but at the same time the most socially inept. Uniquely, Ax's battle morph wasn't a morph at all. He fought with his primary Andalite body, his human disguise only being secondary.
Feats marked with [AU] are from an alternate reality where the characters never got morphing powers.









For tail speed, see above.






The power to morph is the ability to copy the DNA of an animal via touch, then turn into that animal. However, they cannot stay in animal form for more than two hours, or else they will be trapped as that animal forever. Transforming takes about a few minutes. They can telepathically communicate with others while transformed. They partially feel like an animal while morphed into an animal; for example, while morphed into a cat, Tobias feels a compulsion to chase strings and eat mice

Saved Morphs



Giant Squid


Other Morphs


Lost Morphs

Tyrannosaurus Rex


Other Morphs

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The state of Racing in GTA Online is just terrible.

Let me just state the following: I wouldn't consider myself a professional in racing in any video games. I am solely just a casual gamer, who's also really competitive in GTA Online races, among other video games. When I'm competitive, I'm serious and I find fun in that. If you would consider me a tryhard and if you think taking video games seriously is hilarious, I'll consider it as your own personal opinion.
This rather long thread / rant is mostly going to target the community, so if you're interested in it, sit back and relax. Also if you would like to give your opinion on the topic, feel free to do so.
Onward we go.
The way Rockstar created Racing in Online was intended for people to have fun and killing time in the game. I first started playing races in the good ol' X360 days, when all you had were regular on-road races. Back then the community was fresh, you'd sometimes run into a griefer who would just crash into you and that would be it; you'd eventually forget about the griefer during the next race. Lobbies were PACKED. You could EASILY enter a lobby with appx. 9-12 people and still have fun. Back then I was very creative and made a couple of races (and desthmatches) using the Creator.
Once GTA V hit, at the time, next-gen consoles, I stopped playing GTA Online and moved onto other games. After a couple of years, I got GTA V on PC and decided to hit memory lane and queue up for a regular, on-the-road race. I had trouble finding anyone to play a race with me and started wondering where people race these days. That's when I found out about the Cunning Stunts update, where I saw these ridiculous looking races, way high up in the air, etc. It was, without a doubt, a very different approach to the races I used to play back in the day. I mean, they became the new normal for me now. It took getting used to, but eventually got there.
What I didn't get used to, and still aren't, is the community who play these damn races.
Remember when you'd sometimes find A(!!!) griefer in a race? Well now, it's basically at most 3-4 people PER MATCH. It is incredibly infuriating when you're a competitive person in a video game, and at least one of the people in the match is fucking around just to ruin your experience. Like I said, I'm a competitive racer, so I find these things more infuriating than your Average Joe.
What I mean by people who ruin the experience for me, is, but not limited to people: - who are crashing into you, because fuck you, that's why, - who drive the wrong way, just to fuck up your time advantage or anything similar, - who rage quit and leave the race, because they're either last or can't take a loss; who leave because the rest are leaving as well and don't wanna race with a small group of people or any silly excuse (these anger me the most) and - who just stay in the middle of the course, AFK.
If you cannot, for the love of God, dedicate a fucking fraction of your free time in a race, why queue up in the first place? If you queue up for the race and you're at the racing strip, fucking race until you finish or DNF. Same applies if you're last. If you're in last place, that doesn't necessarily mean you're going to lose, except if you fuck up every turn you take. I've been racing for years, and while I'm not perfect at it, I've came from last place to at least the middle pack in races. Granted, that doesn't always happen, but when it does, I'm glad I made it there. I won't brag about my W/L ratio, because mine isn't something to brag about, anyway. Those who leave the race to follow another quitters footpath also infuriate me. Because I'd go from starting with 14-15-man lobby down to a measly 5-man lobby. It's just no fun quitting, because someone else already quit. Finish the damn race and leave afterwards when you get your money and RP.
If you cannot take a loss, don't queue up for Races.
Another thing that bothers me are the AFKers. There's two different types of AFKers: those who stand still at the beginning of the race and those who stand still mid-race in the middle of the track. For those at the beginning: If you have to go for a piss, then make it damn quick or hold it in and go later. Don't make me crash into you at the start at full boost speed and fuck up my chances of being at the front of the pack because you had to go piss or whatever else. For those mid-race: You have access to the whole damn map, so if you had time to race so far and if you have to go for a second, pull up to the side of the track and do your business. But if you have to go for longer than usual, just leave the race.
However, the absolute worst I've seen BY FAR, is the Open-Wheel Races on Xbox One.
When the recent OW Races dropped, I was absolutely stoked. I've always loved F1 races, and I have played F1 games since 2010. So booting up those races in GTAO was thrilling for me. The physics were meh, sounds of engines just as much meh, but for the first week, the people I played against were fine, up until recently.
As you may know, the OW races drop 3x the amount of cash as usual (as of 26th of April 2020), so I saw a massive money gain opportunity in that. So far, I've racked up to about $1.2 million from races ALONE, that's how much I've been playing them. But there hasn't been a shortage of griefers, at all. All the examples I've given you above about people who ruin the experience for me were happening. Today alone I've experienced multiple matches, about a dozen probably, where people were continuously driving the opposite way, crashing into others, resulting in you losing the majority of your vehicle's parts and possibly resulting in you ending up in a lower position on the LB. It's gotten to the point where about 4 people were crashing into me simultaneously (in a 16-person lobby) and me having to leave the race, because I couldn't move.
In the OW Races, I've noticed a spike of griefers driving the wrong way and crashing into you, just so you lose your vehicle parts and health, so you perform poorly. It surprises me how much time and effort these idiots put into crashing into other players, just so they finish with no cash. I wonder what they take away from each race they do this in.
Now, I understand that these are some bad apples in the community, but considering how many griefers I've encountered recently, I'd assume at least half of the GTAO community are bad apples. I'm willing to bet there's quite an amount of you who are exactly like me - like to race competitively, or just casually and DO NOT like griefers. It is absolutely ridiculous how Rockstar favours CoOL FlYiNg BIkEs over players like us or actually making quality race (and other) matchmaking and lobbies. The fact that I cannot sometimes get a single player join my race is upsetting and time wasting.
We're nearing a period where Rockstar will announce their new GTA series title. I am stoked about the next game in the series, but I honestly hope they can improve the matchmaking system in Online and not only focus on squeezing out every single cent out of our wallets. Currently, the matchmaking system is undeniably the worst I've ever seen.
A favorable system would be for quitters to be penalised for leaving the race prematurely. I doubt the "Bad Sports" system even works anymore, because back in 2013 it worked kinda okay. They need to add something just so competitive players will be matched together, or just someone who doesn't fucking grief to ruin someone's experience.
I understand I may get a lot of flack for posting this, but I've got on terms with that, anyway. Leave your feedback on this topic, or a similar topic below, if you want. I'll happily read it and maybe even respond. Have a great day / night.
TL;DR: I'm upset how many griefers there are in Races, I wish Rockstar would pay more attention to the matchmaking system, eliminating griefers' ability to ruin the experience for casual players and competitive racers.
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Fairgrounds Challenge

In the 1980's, IMSA, CART, and even F1 have each raced a handful of races running around fairgrounds or public parks throughout the US, mostly in Florida (Tamiami Park, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Dallas GP, you name it). Along with these, there are a few ovals that are located in fairgrounds, such as Nashville (Speedway), Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Greenville-Pickens. Obviously more racetracks than I bet you thought ;D
My challenge to you is to pick a fairgrounds somewhere in the US (or worldwide, if they have those I guess) and based on the roads and paths around and in the grounds, create a racetrack that would be suitable for IMSA, Indycar, or F1 cars.
Your track must:
-Meet all of the requirements of this subreddit (Start/Finish, Pit Lane, and Direction)
-be located at a fairgrounds
-be overlaying an aerial satellite view map (Google Maps, Bing Maps, etc)
-Mostly be wide enough for 3 street cars to sit next to each other (there can be slightly narrower sections if necessary
-Be at least 1.25 mi (2 km) in length
-go AROUND buildings and light poles
-include spectator areas/grandstands
-not ONLY be 90 degree turns. Have some variation and uniqueness
-Please note somewhere the length and number of turns in your view (this can be in a comment)
-Please do not use the same layout of a track that has already existed. If you do this without realizing it's alright, but it won't be counted. Just have some originality!!

You can:
-remove trees, medians, dividers, etc. (however as few as possible is ideal)
-create pieces of track that connect across grass, gravel, dirt, railways (that aren't too long). Now that I think about it, if you look at Tampa Fairgrounds, it works its way through the grass/dirt parking area, so anything similar can be an exception to this
-assume anything that appears to clearly be a path is/could be paved over to a racing surface
-USE PARKING LOTS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. These are free spaces that you can create any type of turn you want essentially, but avoid light poles

If you are having trouble finding a fairgrounds, I recommend searching "state fair" in the search function of your map website. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below. You can make up to 3 submissions on different fairgrounds. I've been thinking about this all day and I can't wait to see what you guys can come up with :)
EDIT: I forgot to say when the challenge ends. Oops. This IS the Month of May. The Indy 500 was supposed to be May 24th. So that's when it ends. The entry with the most upvotes as of May 24th at 9:00pm EST is your winner. Good luck y'all
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[Discussion] Doodles again! Im a bit obsessed with understanding their history and want to share some information

So, please don't hate this post but I want to share some information that I have found in the process of understanding this dog's history. Maybe this could help some determined potential owners to make the right choice. I found a lot of people here who absolutely wanted a doodle. So instead of them buying from a random breeder, this information could help them decide for themselves.
So most of us know about Wally Conron who started it all, and now it has gotten completely out of control (especially in certain countries due to its popularity). I have seen in this forum that a lot of them are concerned about the ethics of the doodle breeders and strongly oppose getting one from a irresponsible breeder. I am in complete agreement with this.
Before I speak about labradoodles, I want to say that any other mix like schnoodles, bernedoodles and so on is just not a healthy practice. These breeders are probably trying to make quick cash. The puppies may look adorable but we will never know how they will turn out to be in terms of health or temperament. Find alternative breeds instead of "fancy designer dogs". I read that cockapoos were more established but I am not sure whether this information is reliable.
Coming to labradoodles, when I looked up about this breed I came across a lot of confusing and conflicting information. There are so many types and every breeder claims that theirs is "pure". This is bullshit. Don't believe any of this because its incorrect. I don't think pure exists for this type of dogs. But there is some reliable information that we can use to verify if these dogs have any legitimate reason to be bred.
After Conron, two breeders in Australia (Rutland manors and Tegans Park), a mother and daughter duo started their own breeding program to establish a consistent breed. They tried to introduce 5-6 other breeds (Cocker spaniels, Curly coated retrievers) into the Labrador-Poodle mix. You can read all about it on their websites. A lot of breeders in the USA and Europe paid hefty amounts of money in the early 2000s to import dogs from them and start their program. However, there is a lot of controversy surrounding Rutland manors' breeding practice as some say it was a puppy mill and some say it was all a plot to steal their dogs. You can read about that as well and decide what to believe. I started looking up the pedigree and found the breed infusions (ex cocker spaniels or miniature poodles). Some of their dogs have unverifiable pedigree and this is a grey area. I cannot verify what happened here (if they were mutts or have a legitimate line). However, when I check the lineage towards present day, I find consistency in the pedigree and health tests upto some extent. Also, I looked up pictures of the dogs and there is not a very high variation in appearance. This was the Australian Labradoodle/ALD/ASD line. So we know that root lines of this breed should lead up to dogs from these two breeders in one way or another. You can check it for yourself at the doodle database.
Then, Rutland Manors started again in 2012/2013 to breed them but with a different name: Cobberdog. Tegans joined somewhere between and they registered with MDBA to establish a breed. They also infused the line with Irish Wheaton Terrier and this line was bred with therapy dog temperament. Most of the ancestors for these dogs are from their previous lines. Their website claims to have sent a lot of dogs for assistance and therapy.
Finally there are the golden doodles and the pure labradoodles with a cross between poodles/labs/golden retrievers. This is a very messy area for me because I cant find any reason for breeding and also I believe the unpredictability affects these dogs the most. Regardless of their generation, F1, F2b, F4 or whatever they are several generations behind the Cobberdogs.
I guess the best bet to have a reliable dog among the doodles would be to look for a Cobberdog breeder. However, we still need to verify the practices of this breeder. I am not sure what is the equivalent of therapy dog certifications in US or other countries. It probably varies a lot. Therefore, you need to verify that depending on where you live.
Some points one can look for in a breeder (especially doodles to understand their reason to breed) other than the ones already mentioned in the wiki of this group are:
- Maybe looking up Cobberdog breeder might be better than Labradoodle/Australian Labradoodle to start with. Go for a small breeder with 2-3 dogs.
- Try to look up the complete pedigree of your future dog. Go back as many generations as possible to see how far behind the poodle and labrador ancestors are. Also look for the infusions. Another way to verify is which Rutland or Tegan ancestor your dog has and work backwards from there. This way you know at what point it started (in early 2000s or early 2010s). The temperament will relatively be more consistent (not comparing the predictability with purebreeds).
- Verify the HD/LD scores, PRA and DNA test reports. If this is not provided then its not worth spending $2500 on the dog.
- Another factor is the number of litters. If they have more that 3 litters (max 4) per year then they are doing it mostly for the money.
- Try to be very strict with the minimum breeding age and number of litters each dam has/will have. If its too many then it's mostly for the money.
- 2 year health warranty is nothing since most health issues crop up afterwards. Don't rely only on this.
Whatever I have mentioned so far is based on my research to understand these dogs. If anyone wants to correct anything, please do. Suggestions are welcome as well. Thank you for reading!
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My house is a Costco showroom

Almost everything in my house are bought from Costco, here is a quick list: Warning long!!
Outside: 1. Mortgage through costco 2. Home and auto insurance through costco 3. 2019 Camry Car through costco + Michelin tires for old cars 4. Lawn grass seeds, fertilizer 5. Ashfault driveway sealer 6. Wooden Storage Shed
Garage: Shoe rack, 6. Garage door and opener 7. SafeRacks Overhead Garage Storage Combo Kit, Two 8. Upright GE freezer 9. Yellow top Storage bins 10. Vacmaster wetvac 11. Extension cords 12. Other tools,
Main floor Living room 8. 1 Sofa,2 accent chairs. 9. Coffee table 10. End tables 11. Dining table that chairs 8 + chairs 12. Lamps 13. Drinks cart 14. Entry way rugs 15. Runner rugs
Half Bath 16. 1 sink vanity 17. toilet and other accessories, light fixtures.
Breakfast room: 18. Round breakfast table and chairs 19. Rug under breakfast table 20. Mac desktop sits on breakfast room 21. Trash can 22. Air purifier
Kitchen: 23. KitchenAid Refrigerator, microwave, gas range and dishwasher 24. Aroma Rice cooker 25. Phillips Air fryer 26. Oaster Toaster oven 27. Hamilton Beach bread toaster 28. Sabatier knife set 29. Sabatier Utencils 30. Circullon pots and pans 31. Ninja blender 32. Kraus 32" kitchen sink 33. Hahn kitchen faucet 34. Brita water pitcher 35. Oxo paper towel holder 36. Mikasa bowls 37. Fruit basket + Mikasa vegge holder 38. The entire pantry are from costco, from honey to peanut butter, chips granola bars fruits and veggies, nuts, cheese, ice cream (kirkland super premium vanilla and mochi mochi for the win :D), finger foods, you name it 39. going through costco to change the kitchen counter tops, Cambria 40. Artika kitchen lighting. 41. kirkland SS pots and pans
Family Room: 41. 1 Sofa 42. 2 standalone sofa/chair 43. Samusng Ks8000 55" TV 44. Entertainment center 45. Bohemian rug 47. End tables. 48. standing Lamps 49. Yamaha soundbar
Upstairs Bedrooms and bathrooms: 50. 2 Queen Nova memory foam mattress 51. 1 King Nova memory foam mattress 52. 3 pair of end tables 53. Small trash cans for each bedrooms and bath rooms, bidets 54. Master suite: double vanity, toilet, Hansgrohe Faucets, water floss, Oral B electric toothbrush, manual toothbrush for guests, 55. 3 Bed frames with headboards
Study room: 56. three Dell 27 inch monitors 57. 1 X1 carbon Lenovo and 1 Yoga laptop 58. HP printescanner + spare inks 59. Power strips 60. Wifi extenders 61. Paper shredder 62. Uninterrupted power supply 63. Memory cards, 256 gb flash drive and 8 TB external hard drives 64. Wireless phone chargers 65. Panasonic 5 piece cordless hand set phones
Basement: 66. P-75 f1 vizio tv 67. wall mount 68. yamaha soundbar+sub-woofer 69. Entertainment center 70. Bohemian area rug 71. Apt2b sectional from costco 72. touch less trashcan. 73. extra countertop microwave oven 75. bookshelf 76. day bed 77. storage otomans 78. Party essentials, paper plates, cups utencils etc 79. 3 Collapsible picnic table 80. 30 steel padded folding chairs 81. Drop ceiling lights 82. Bathroom floor tile, vanity, lighting, faucets, toilet, bidets 83. Bedroom flooring, bed, furniture's and memory foam mattress.
Others: all house LED light bulbs, fiet electric celieng light fixtures, Furnace filter, fire extinguishers, Arlo security cams, other kitchen appliances, wemo smart plugs, washing liquids, Robo vacs deebot 950 and 920 (another roborock s4 was bought from amazon), Nest thermostats and smoke detectors, 2 humidifier, cushions, beauty rest pillows, Comforters, bed sheets, Hangers, Ironing board, Rowenta Iron, Laundry hampers, bluetooth speakers, boom box, Vornado fans, space heaters, dish heater, placement rugs, lawn solar lights, Bird seeds, garage organizers, bluetooth head phones, jeans, jackets, shoes, socks, undergarments, shark vaccum, cordless vacuum cleaned, hand held vacuum cleaner, IPADs, tramantina and other skillet sets, cast iron skillet, silverware, Cruise and vacation deals to Car rentals (going with the royal Caribbean in few weeks!!) etc.
Wished Costco carried these items: Ego lawn power tools, mower, leaf blower, hedge trimmer, edger, weed wacker etc, bought them from Home depot A good dash cam, Vanture N2 pro, bought from Amazon. Better 24/7 and cost effective video security cameras, wyze camera's and sensors. Didn't like simply safe subscription model from costco. HVAC system, Costco's Lennox has horrible ratings, went with Trane/American Standard. Built a custom desktop/gaming PC, not from costco. Electric Pole saw. Electric Pressure washer. Drills. Paint? went with sherwin williams Speed Queen TR7003 Washing machine, was very close buying LG3900 washing machine from costco. Herman miller aeron/embody or SteelCase Leap/Gesture. Bought the Wellness by design executive chair which was horrible, the seat leap always have feel of slipping. I ended up buying Steelcase Leap.
Thinking on buying: May be some solar panels.
These are all from memory, bet there are whole lot more.. ohh cant forget the hot dog, pizza, and costco gas!!
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Frozen 2's Storytelling Issues

If you like Frozen 2, that's great. It's probably why you're here in this sub. If you want to skip some criticism — definition 2, not 1 — then just go ahead back to the mainpage.
F2 is not without its storytelling issues. Neither is the original (which I'll call F1), nor any movie or book or insert-media-here. There have been some sporadic complaints about F2 here and in the movie critic reviews but no unified articulation. Here's an attempt at one.
This is not about stuff like perceived plot holes (e.g. the charge that King Runeard's plan makes no sense) or outtake songs that should've been in. This is about big-picture storytelling things.


What genre is F2?
F1 is easy. Elsa's story is a tragedy in the classic sense: something bad happens at the beginning and every attempt to make it better only makes things worse. Anna figures into Elsa's tragedy but also has her own separate story. From coronation day on, hers is a romantic comedy with heavy doses of the comic-action-adventure genre than many family movies slot into.
F2 has some of that comic-action-adventure quality too, but it also centers on mystery. Two mysteries, actually, but I'll get into that later.
Mystery and action can be an awkward fit together. It's hard to advance a mystery plot while doing action sequences. The place they most naturally fit together is spy stories, but there's no espionage in F2. The film made it hard on itself from the start because it is shifting back-and-forth between genres that don't mix well without the clean breaks of shifting between characters in different places doing different things.

Two Mysteries

There are two separate but related mysteries in F2.
One: What's the deal with the voice/the source of Elsa's powers?
Two: What happened to the forest and how can things be set right?
The answer to One is that there are elemental spirits, and they rewarded Idunna for saving her enemy Agnarr with having the Fifth Spirit as her first child. The parents' backstory contains the solution.
The answer to Two is King Runeard's treachery with the dam and killing the Northuldra leader angered the spirits, who closed off the forest, and destroying the dam will make things right. The grandfather's backstory contains the solution.
Those are two separate issues, but they melt together because Runeard killing the leader triggered the fight that required Idunna to save Agnarr. It doesn't help that Elsa finishes finding the answer to One (that she's the Fifth Spirit) and the answer to what caused Two (Runeard's act of murder) in the same place at roughly the same time.
The effect is that it can feel like the movie is treating the two mysteries as a single one when they're not. I think this is why some critics felt the plot was hard to follow: they kept thinking that two related but different mysteries were supposed to be one and getting confused when they persist in being separate.


One complaint I've seen about F2 is that it has no villain. That's not true. It does have a villain: Runeard. It's just that he's been dead for 34 years, 5 months, and 22 days by the time our heroes make it into the forest.
Most stories don't try to pull off having the villain be long dead with the characters in the present being forced to deal with the consequences of his actions. It's fairly representative of how conflict works in the real world all the time, but it makes telling the story harder.

Prequel and Sequel

That F2 is simultaneously trying to tell the story of the dead Runeard, Idunna, and Agnarr as well as the present-day Elsa and Anna and friends makes it sort of a weird hybrid. It's kind of both a prequel and a sequel to F1.
They came up with the "water has memory" device to deliver exposition that no living person knows, and it works about as well as anything could. It's certainly more visually interesting than finding a series of suspiciously well-preserved written documents. The movie only went to that well once, fortunately.
It's just another way that F2 ramped up its own level of difficulty from a storytelling standpoint.


F2 leaves me with the feeling that it doesn't trust the audience to keep up with everything it's trying to do. It doesn't even feel like it trusts that the audience has seen F1.
There are references, flashbacks, and glimpses of F1 all throughout F2. Charades, the argument about whether Elsa goes to the forest alone, Olaf's recap, shots during "Into the Woods", the image dome during "Show Yourself", the snow figures after "Show Yourself". There's a lot F1 showing up on screen, including multiple jokey references to the iconic airplane arms section of "Let It Go". The snow figures after "Show Yourself" are the most justifiable from a plot standpoint — Ahtohallan is a river full of memory, after all — but it's just strange to see a sequel have so much direct imagery from its predecessor.
Another example is how much "All Is Found" comes back in lyric form.
Its parallel in F1 is "Frozen Heart". Its melody returns over and over as a musical cue but never are the lyrics reprised. It's there in haunting low instruments after Elsa's powers strike Anna, but no voice repeats that you should beware the frozen heart.
The lyrics to "All Is Found" are heard no fewer than five times during F2. There's Idunna singing it originally, Anna singing it to Elsa, Elsa and Honeymaren singing and commenting on a line, a couple lines integrated into "Show Yourself", and Idunna's voice singing the "not to far or you'll be drowned" line as Elsa follows Snow Runeard into the chamber where she freezes.
The last of those really put it over the edge. That should've been left as an instrumental cue. We heard it the first time. We heard that line when Elsa and Honeymaren sang it and then wondered about lullabies having warnings. Yeah, we got it. We don't need to hear it a third time.
I think this kind of thing is what the critics were talking about when they said it felt overly focus-grouped. Focus groups give multiple kinds of feedback. What's good and what's bad, yes, but also what's confusing (and boring, and other things).
I'll bet the use of Idunna's voice instead of just the music cue when Elsa is going to the final chamber was their attempt to solve the problem of prerelease viewers getting confused as to why Elsa freezes solid in there. And it doesn't even solve the problem, by the way. It's still confusing because it doesn't make sense why Elsa should have to die in order to learn the information that will save the forest (this is not about alleged plot holes, this is not about alleged plot holes, this is not about...).
The film tries to overcome its degree of difficulty with hand-holding, and it does it a bit too much for adults. It's probably different for 5-year-olds though. F1 only did that a couple times with single lines from Olaf, the character who acts the youngest and is most likely to state the obvious, so it pulls it off effortlessly. Meanwhile in F2, Olaf is wandering around overtly stating the theme in ways that are so obvious that you wonder if the person who taught him to read assigned him the task of discerning the theme of the movie.

Solo Solos

Finally, the songs of F2 have generally come in for praise. They are, as songs, a stronger overall set than what F1 had even none were a big radio hit like "Let It Go" was. Four months on, I'm still processing what an achievement the team made with "The Next Right Thing". No hyperbole here: that song will literally save lives.
But here's the thing: five of the seven songs are solos. (Idunna does eventually duet with Elsa in "Show Yourself", but it's largely an Elsa solo.) And not only that, but the characters singing are physically by themselves when they do those songs. Yes, with caveats: Sven is with Kristoff for "Into the Woods", but he's not a speaking character, and Idunna isn't with Elsa in corporeal form for "Show Yourself".
This means the movie has to physically separate the characters from each other in order to have those solo solos.
The moments like "Show Yourself" and "The Next Right Thing" are worth it, but there are prices to pay for them.
The main characters are supposed to be close. Very close. So close that they don't regularly spend time apart and certainly wouldn't choose to do so during an important high-stakes adventure. So, the movie has to work to come up with reasons for having five songs where one character is not around the rest. Some work better than others, and you feel like you can see the strings with the less successful ones.


F1 is a movie that doesn't require you to come to it with anything beyond maybe a general knowledge of fairy tale tropes. It can land fully on its own because it's about the two main characters first and foremost, and it gives you reasons aplenty to care about them. They experience relatable emotions and feel like real people (magic powers aside).
F2 requires you to be bought into the sisters and Arendelle already to achieve its full effect. It is about the sisters, yes, but a lot of it is about the history and politics of the kingdom too. Its theme — change and transformation — is universal, but it's also less specific than F1's theme of love conquering fear. If you only care about Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven as a family but not really the kingdom or broader setting, it will fail to connect with everything it has.
This is a weird situation, because F2 goes to such lengths to catch people up on F1 as though maybe a viewer didn't see the predecessor film. Sure some number of viewers saw F2 without seeing F1, but it's got to be a tiny number and it's well established even in family franchises that sequels don't have to reestablish everything.
It all comes down to the decision of why make a sequel. Lee and Buck swore up and down throughout 2014 that they wouldn't make another movie just to make one as a cash grab. There had to be a reason.
Lee has said in F2 interviews that the reason they agreed on was to explain the origin of Elsa's powers. F2 does that, but the answer they came up with heavily leans on events from the past. The movie can't or won't be the kind where it tells two stories from two different timelines in parallel. It has to have a lot of exposition sequences for the characters and audience to learn things, and it has action and/or comedy sequences in between to spice things up before the next slow scene of people learning stuff by carefully inspecting things.
So, you get a movie with competing mystery and comic-action-adventure genres. Where there are multiple, related mysteries about the past that can be hard to keep straight and separate. Where the villain can be a dead man. That is both a prequel and sequel to its predecessor. That is insecure about its intended audience handling all it has at once.
F2 benefits from repeated viewings, and kids do love to rewatch movies over and over. That helps it out, though I don't think the filmmakers' intent was to make something specifically for repeated viewing. That's too much to ask of single-digit aged children. Films that include them in the target audience need to work the first time.
For what F2 is, there isn't a way to overhaul it to be as elegantly simple as F1. To give the solutions it has to the question it wants to answer, it has to be a more complex entity. It would have to have a different reason for being, or have a completely and utterly different rationale for where Elsa's powers came from, to be something radically different than what it is.
It is on balance a worthy effort with more good than bad, but it will always be a bit uneven due to its major storytelling issues.
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How To Put An Each Way Bet

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