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I Can Make You Hot!: The Supermodel Diet (by Kelly Killoren Bensimon) -- Part Two

I hope you all have taken full advantage of the past 48 hours or so to regain some sense of normalcy after our adventures through Part 1 of Kelly Killoren Bensimon's I Can Make You Hot! Without further ado, Part Two:
I resume my journey through the truly incomprehensible mind of Kelly Bensimon with a chapter entitled, "Thursday: Tricks of My Trade." Now that we've learned about the basic building blocks of hotness, Kelly promises to share even more hard-earned advice to help us really kick things up a notch. And, as she reassures us:
I'm actually glad for the mistakes I've made because anyone who doesn't make mistakes doesn't learn, and if you don't learn, you're boring!
And if you're boring, you're not HOT! I think I'm starting to get the hang of this!
One of Kelly's most important life lessons came at her first horse show, when she made an unbelievably devastating misstep: "I decided to have an egg on a bagel from the food-service van." What kind of unimaginable ripple effects did this poor decision set off? I continue on to learn that Kelly "did all right in the competition." And…that's literally the whole story. Kelly legitimately refers to this as "one of my biggest lessons," as it taught her "to never eat more than I normally would." If life-changing breakthroughs were this easily sparked in my own life, I can't even begin to imagine how self-actualized I would be at this point.
At this point in my reading, I have reached the book's first insert, which contains about a dozen glossy color photos from various phases of Kelly's life. Unfortunately, I am far too preoccupied by this picture, in which a carefree, wind-swept Kelly clenches her infant daughter under one arm with all the grace of an NFL wide receiver, to pay the rest of the spread much mind.
We continue on as Kelly introduces new dimensions to the basic tips she's previously introduced. For example, you may have had some vague idea that water was important, but Kelly -- always there to help us learn and improve -- digs into the specifics to make sure we're up to date on the HOTtest tricks of the trade:
Staying hydrated is important no matter what you're doing, so I always try to drink eight glasses or about a liter of water a day. Soda isn't water. Coffee isn't water. Water is water. Drink throughout the day; don't try to get it all down at once. You wouldn't drown an orchid, so don't drown yourself.
I am putting in my formal request for a Public Service Announcement in this format, but using the last line of that passage. Also, Kelly clearly does not know how poorly I tend to my houseplants.
The next page informs us that, "hot isn't just caliente; it's also spicy and sultry." Kelly promptly launches into yet another list of miscellaneous grocery items, this time focused specifically on "red-hot foods." Except it includes entries like "popcorn with sugar and cinnamon," and "Mike and Ike candy," so I'm not convinced Kelly didn't just lose track of the thread entirely by the time we got a few items in. However, this does seem like an appropriate time to introduce this picture, from the book's second photo insert, which clearly depicts the sleep paralysis demon that has haunted my dreams for the past several nights. We're also treated to this chapter's first "hot button issue" panel, in which Kelly pulls back the curtain on the shadowy, pro-salt cabal trying to control us all with their anti-sodium legislative agenda:
We keep reading about how bad sodium is for our health, but if you eat fresh foods that you prepare yourself, you can determine and control the amount of salt you want to use. I, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, am perfectly capable of deciding how much salt I want to put on my food. I don't need anyone else to salt my food for me. I know that the amount of salt I choose to sprinkle on my food is not going to hurt me.
I read on to find a two-page spread in which Kelly expounds, in rhapsodic praise to rival that of Song of Solomon, upon her ardor for her beloved dehydrator -- "I though I was in love with coffee, but now I think my dehydrator is my truest love." Most of the passage is taken up by an unstructured list of the various things Kelly has attempted to dehydrate ("cucumber," "mangoes," "avocado") but she does manage to squeeze in a few infomercial-ready lines -- "Really, you should buy one; I promise you won't be sorry."
Since repetition is the key to reinforcing new concepts, I appreciate that Kelly's next list (of "a few more lean tricks I've learned along the way") repeats a note she originally relayed to us just a few pages ago:
Drink water throughout the day (not all at one sitting).
She's also been thoughtful enough to provide a list of resources for us to use as we soldier on along the perilous journey to HOT. After all, as Kelly says, "I don’t expect you to carry this book wherever you go -- as much as I would love that." As someone who has never before ventured into the wild world of cyberspace, I really appreciated Kelly introducing me to so many fun, useful websites that I might want to check out! In case you, too, just haven't figured out how to navigate this whole Internet thing, I've included a few examples below:
One-stop shopping for just about any book, periodical, or product you might want to read or buy in order to get HOT.
Everything you need to know to stay up to date on any sport.
Useful, up-to-date, trustworthy information on medical and health issues.
Claims to have "every recipe in the world"
Can't wait to check these out later! That Amazon one sounds super cool!
I'm reminded quickly just how inelegant the transitions in this book are as we move directly from that list into the following:
I suggest that you take a picture of yourself every day…Some days when you're feeling your fattest, you may be surprised to see that you really look great.
Okay, so fat is NOT HOT. Except being comfortable in your body is HOT. And trying to be skinny is NOT HOT. But being skinny is HOT. Thank goodness I still have a few more chapters to go -- I clearly still have a ways to go before I truly understand the logic of HOTness. As it stands, I must admit that I'm a bit baffled.
Of course, returning to the previous bit of advice, Kelly doesn't actually have to worry about taking her own pictures like us plebeians -- "Having been photographed so often has provided me with a permanent retrospective catalogue of my life." The chapter closes with these words of wisdom:
The best kind of vanity is being vain about what you put in your body.
Friday's chapter promises to introduce us to the world of "Hot Couture," and I am excited to see what tips and tricks Kelly has managed to accrue over her lifetime in the cutthroat world of modeling . But first, we abruptly transition to a story about Kelly meeting Madonna shortly after both women had given birth. Kelly had "gained a healthy fifty pounds," which I am led to believe, from the context of the anecdote, is NOT HOT. Madonna, on the other hand, was "flat-stomached" and therefore "HOT and cool." Of course, Kelly reassures us hurriedly that she lost all the weight within the following six weeks and was "actually thinner than I'd been prepregnancy." I am at an utter loss as to what the point of this story could possibly be, but -- blessedly -- Kelly is gracious enough to explain:
So what's the lesson here? That Madonna had personal trainers and chefs to whip her back into shape, and I didn't -- and still don’t. I shouldn't have been comparing myself to her in the first place. My advice to you is: don’t compare yourself to anyone else, only to your own personal best.
This is a perfect example of something Kelly does throughout this book, which is to present a completely reasonable piece of advice (don’t compare yourself to others), but couched within such a bizarre and logically disorganized narrative that by the time I reach the ultimate moral of the story, my brain feels like it's been run through a series of meat grinders, and I'm reduced to just nodding along in bemused acceptance.
We get a "Kelly's Cardinal Rule" reminding us to "let your body be what your body is and be happy with what you've got." I'm starting to wonder if there is some sort of Dr. Jekyll / Mr. Hyde thing going on behind the scenes here, in which two versions of Kelly are frantically grappling over control of the book's body-positivity dial. I'm literally don't even have to flip the page to see Kelly commiserating with us that "we all have days or occasions when we feel fat" and quipping about her "go-to fat outfit." But also:
Stop praying for what you don't have and be grateful for what you've got.
This amount of cognitive dissonance is truly proof that Kelly contains multitudes. Or has recently acquired some sort of debilitating short-term amnesia. Nevertheless, we continue:
But whatever your shape, show it off. Don’t try to hide it. Hiding is not hot.
Kelly next walks us through figuring out which "season" we are, based on the wisdom extolled in "Color Me Beautiful, the groundbreaking book that was so wildly successful in the early 80s." It's no surprise to me that Kelly, who earlier encouraged us to make our lives easier by using our PDAs, finds this to be an exciting new trend to share. Also, in case you weren't aware, "hair color is also important. You can lighten it or darken it or cover the gray." Lighten it or darken it? The boundaries of my mental universe are truly expanding.
Some more fashion tidbits:
Scarves are hippie chic, cool, and always HOT.

If you're narrow, show off how narrow you are with a monochromatic palette.

Ankles are the new cleavage!
Narrow ankles only, I presume. Kelly's selfless, giving nature is highlighted yet again in the following passage, in which she explains:
All these celebrities have stylists who pull the clothes, accessories, and shoes that make them look the way they do. They charge a lot of money for what they do, so why not get some free advice based on my experience.
And what, pray tell, is this coveted advice that Kelly is so lovingly sharing with her readers, free of charge?
  1. Save sweatpants for the gym.
  2. Save PJs for the bedroom.
  3. Dress as if you were the boss.
  4. Remember what Carrie Bradshaw says: "Nothing is casual anymore, even when it says so on the invitation."
  5. Manolo Blahniks are a girl's best friend.
Okay, so far be it from me to complain about the quality of free advice. But. Out of the five pearls of wisdom that make up the "KKBStyle Rules," two of them are rudimentary instructions to wear somewhat-situationally-appropriate clothing, and the other three are the kind of cute sayings that you would find on a piece of poorly bedazzled wall art in the clearance aisle of your local TJMaxx. I'm not impressed.
Kelly next tells us how important it is to eat well and exercise, even "when you're premenstrual or having your period." That way, as she continues on, "you'll feel better because your endorphins will be flowing while your body is sloughing off unwanted endometrium and mucus." To be fair, Unwanted Endometrium does sound like a sick band name.
Thankfully, the mental image of Kelly's mucus slough is promptly booted from my mind by a careening diatribe about the color red (HOT!):
I even painted my nails red the minute I started writing this book. I wanted to see my short red nails tapping away on my Macbook Pro. Almost every red dress is smokin' HOT, and I've never met a guy who doesn't think a woman in a red dress isn't hot. He's a liar if he denies it.
To repeat, Kelly says she's "never met a guy who doesn’t think a woman in a red dress isn't hot." Poor dear got a bit carried away with her negatives, but I'm sure she'll redeem herself in no time:
When I was sitting in the front row of a Marc Jacobs fashion show a few years ago, I wore a full, red short skirt, a tight red sweater, and red open-toed shoes. One of the editors from The New York Times was sitting across from me, and as we were waiting for the show to begin I kept crossing and recrossing my legs to make him laugh.
Sure, Kelly. To make him laugh. I can only assume she must have written some kind of hilariously clever joke on the gusset of her underwear to have had this editor so tickled pink red.
It was a long wait and after a while some guy I didn't know who was at the other end of the row, leapt towards me and screamed that he was obsessed with my feet. How crazy is it that red open-toed shoes and red toenails could create such a reaction. Red is HOT, even stalker HOT. Yikes!
I'm not clear where "stalker HOT" fits into this whole complex web, but it's reassuring to know that a wise soul like Kelly has such a nuanced appreciation of all of the different ways to be hot. She also gives us some "HOT tips for heating up your image." Like,
Put on a pair of jeans and a white tee shirt.

Put your hair in a ponytail.

Put on a pair of hoop earrings.
And also
Wear your jeans a size smaller instead of a size larger.
For some reason not entirely clear to me at this moment, wearing jeans in your actual size does not seem to be an option.
The chapter continues with a reminder to "remember what's on top of your head!"
There's nothing hotter than a HOT head of hair (unless it's a hunky bald guy).
Kelly follows up by offering a list of what she calls "HOT healthy options." Based on the preceding paragraph, you might assume that these tips would have something to do with haircare and hair styling. However, you would be wrong. Instead, we're instructed to:
Enjoy as much watermelon as you like.

Pack a picnic lunch of dehydrated fruit, chamomile iced tea, and mini pizzas made with corn tortillas, cherry tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. Eat your picnic in the park.

Come up with something fun you want to try and do it!
Personally, it seems like a bit of a cop-out to make one of the items on your list of fun things to do "make up your own fun thing to do." But who knows? Maybe cop-outs are HOT!
Before my faith in our fearless leader starts to waver, however, I read on through the end of the chapter, and my surety is promptly restored:
Besides my hair and my legs, the one thing people always ask me about the way I look is how I keep my teeth so white. And yes, that's also a matter of genetics. I'm blessed with the whitest teeth on the planet, and, no, I've never had them professionally bleached.
The weekend begins as I turn the page to the penultimate chapter -- "Saturday: Heat Up Your HOT Image with Healthy Options Today." Saturdays, as Kelly tells us, are for fun activities. For example:
If you're in the mall, go to different stores and figure out which looks will make you HOT. Ask other shoppers for advice.
Parks are great for people-watching. Who looks fit and healthy?
I sincerely hope that any and all of my friends would give me a stern talking-to if I informed them that my weekend plans consisted of going to a park and…pointing out people I think aren't healthy enough?
Kelly then warns us against overindulging on late-night snacks or alcoholic beverages, lest we wake up Sunday feeling "bloating, sluggish, and with deep regrets." Presumably, Kelly then proceeded to rail a massive line of cocaine and hammer out the following frenetic spiel:
You're not going to get fat from having a few drinks a week. You will get fat if your routine is to drink, eat late, and then lie around watching television the next day, eating and making bad food choices. Going out is fun, but when you sacrifice the next day, it's never fun enough. Don't have regrets; enjoy every day. This is a life plan, and yesterday isn't coming back ever again.
The chapter comes to a close with a reminder to "wrap up every day with a great big bow and be ready for your next adventure. But before we close out our week of HOT, we're provided with what I anticipate will be an incredibly useful reference material for us all, the "KKBfit HOT Quiz." If you'd like to take the quiz yourself, you can find it here. However, I'm not entirely sure I would classify it as a "quiz," since it seems to be mostly a set of questions followed by Kelly's feedback on various possible responses. For example:
  1. How Kelly Green are you?
I had a Kelly Green Juice -- Wasn't it yummy?
I had a smoothie from the health food store with a splash of spinach -- Great choice!
I had kale chips, spinach, and quinoa for dinner last night -- I bet you woke up feeling great this morning!
I presume that the lack of response after the "Other?" choice is supposed to represent Kelly staring at me in deranged disappointment for a few painfully protracted seconds. Some questions, like the one above, don't seem to have any wrong answers at all. In contrast, other questions have clear wrong answers, which Kelly wastes no time in making apparent:
  1. Are you getting enough protein? How many days did you eat chicken, fish, or meat for at least one meal?
I had a grilled chicken salad for dinner on three different days -- That's good, but I wish you'd get a little more adventurous in your choices.

  1. How KKBfit are you?
Haven't had a meal since last night, but I'm going to skip breakfast and go on a run. I won't eat anything until lunch. -- Sorry, but starving your body is not KKBfit.

  1. Are you drinking enough?
I drink when I'm exercising but that's about it -- Not good enough! Try harder next week.
The quiz ends, leaving me entirely unsure of whether or not I've actually made any forward progress towards my HOTness goals, but the next page does promise help for those who "still need more inspiration." Here, it seems that Kelly has compiled a loose assortment of quotes, most of which (I have a sneaking suspicion) were found by searching the keyword "hot" on Also, this masterpiece from Kelly's ex-husband, noted fashion photographer Gilles Bensimon:
It is not about the look,
It is not only about the charm,
It is the perfect combination:
Sweet and tough,
Sexy and reserved,
Fragile and powerful,
And definitely smart.
-- Gilles Bensimon
Move over, Rupi Kaur! I hope with every fiber of my being that Gilles Bensimon has published his collected poetry in some kind of volume that I could purchase, read, and have, I'm sure, nothing but positive things to say about. After about a dozen similar quotations, Kelly continues:
Now, as you get ready for Sunday Funday, take a few minutes to think about how you define HOT. Has your definition changed or evolved since you started reading this book? If so, I'm doing my job.
In all honesty, my definition of HOT has definitely been…affected by this experience. So we'll call that a win! Kelly tells us a few stories about times when her friends and family members have come to her for guidance on how to be hot. She explains:
I'm not the food police, but I've made myself the Sven-arbiter (as opposed to Svengali) of what's HOT and what's not.
Case in point:
It's just not hot to belong to the clean plate club.
The chapter closes with a list titled "Why Don't You," which I believe is supposed to be a list of fun activities we can try during a Sunday Funday. Or possibly a list of terrible life hacks for stoned college freshmen:
Use an electric teapot as a clothing steamer.

Make grilled cheese sandwiches or press wraps using a hot clothes iron.
There are very few things sadder to me that imagining someone taking Kelly up on this last bit of advice as a fun way to liven up what must be the most preternaturally boring existence possible. If your idea of fun is white bread and Kraft Singles getting slowly warmed over on your clothing iron, I can only imagine the fit of hysterics that you'd be thrown into by a passable Minions meme.
And that brings us to the end of the week. But not -- lucky you! -- to the end of this book. Au contraire -- the remaining 100 pages or so of I Can Make You Hot! feature dozens of unique recipes from the culinary mind of none other than the indomitable Kelly Bensimon herself. In her intro, however, she makes it clear that
No one on earth would ever call me a chef.
Of course not, Kelly -- they'd call you a cook. Otherwise, it's creepy.
This portion of the book begins, reasonably enough, with Breakfasts. These include such thoughtfully named delicacies as "My Favorite Cereal" and "My Favorite Pancakes." The recipe for the latter begins with the following introduction:
I'm not the greatest pancake maker, and I probably never will be. But what I am very good at is thinking of unusual things and doing them.
Frankly, I can't argue with that. As she continues:
When in pancake doubt, have fun, add fruit, and see if pancakes can be a vehicle for creating great memories for your family.
Next time I'm in pancake doubt, I'll know just what to do! We move right along into the Soups and Salads section, and are promptly introduced to Kelly's "Jimmy Achoo's Chicken Soup." Which is apparently a play on Jimmy Choo and also described by Kelly as "filled with veggie exploitation," which sounds terrifying. Of the next recipe, "Rich and Skinny Cauliflower Soup with Kale Chips," Kelly reflects:
I adapted this recipe from one I found on the Internet. I wish I could tell you exactly where, but I can't.
The recipe calls for kale chips, which Kelly goes out of her way to inform us can be purchased "at health food stores and many well-stocked supermarkets." We also get a few general "HOT salad tips" that can be applied to many of the recipes throughout this book, such as
There are so many different types of lettuces available today! Try different ones to see which you like best
When you order a salad in a restaurant, ask for the dressing on the side. You're a grown-up and you should get to decide how much you want to use.
With that under our belts, the grown-ups among us move on to "Meat, Chicken, and Fish." In her recipe for "Grilled Rib Eye with Herbes de Provence", Kelly tells us about meeting the famous chef who inspired this dish:
When I met Eric, who was still in his thirties at the time, he still had dark hair. I was caught off guard because I thought all chefs were older, had gray hair, and smelled like garlic.
So perhaps Bethenny should have taken it as a compliment? Kelly continues,
He's since invited me many times to go into his kitchen and cook with him, but my fear of losing a finger by being overzealous has prohibited me from accepting.
It's unclear to me exactly what this means or why Kelly would even be particularly worried about this possibility. Does she have habit of excitedly snatching vegetables out from other people's knives? Does Eric have a reputation for slicing anyone who dares to get in his way? Before I make any headway with this particular mystery, we're introduced to the next recipe, the "Pencil-Thin Skirt Steak." As we learn, "Everyone looks slim in a pencil skirt, so it's only fitting that skirt steak is one of the leanest cuts of beef you can buy." We get a recipe for "Sultry Roast Chicken" in which Kelly shares with us that "in fact, chicken without ginger doesn't taste like chicken to me anymore." This would be more believable if we weren't, a mere two pages later, introduced to a notably ginger-free recipe for "Second-Chance Chicken." As Kelly explains,
I hate the idea of leftovers. To me, eating leftovers means you're too lazy to start over, and I've never wanted my girls to think that we weren't starting fresh.
In the introduction to the recipe for "Bad Girl Wings," Kelly gives us yet another poignant insight into her life as a mother:
These chicken wings are Sea's favorite. I'm sure she loves them because she knows I love wings (she's a cutie like that).
It would obviously be ludicrous to assume that Sea actually enjoys chicken wings authentically. Much more likely that she just loves them because Kelly does. HOT! In a segment labeled "hasta la vista taco bell," Kelly recounts a traumatic experience in which she "discovered that my favorite food choices [at Taco Bell] added up to 580 calories." To me, this seems like a perfectly reasonable amount of calories for one daily meal out of three, but according to Kelly, I am embarrassingly off the mark. Rather, she sighs, "I guess that means my Taco Bell days are over -- unless I decide to chance [sic] Sunday Funday into Fatso Food Day." Not HOT.
Kelly tells us about the creative process behind the development of the next recipe, "Spicy Sultry Shrimp and Mango Stir-Fry" (which, for the record, is the second recipe to have the word "sultry" in its title).
This was one of the first dishes I made when I started to cook -- as a science experiment. My "method" was to think of foods I loved and which ones I thought would go well together.
Fascinating! Think of ingredients you like and combine them into a dish that you will then likely also like! The next recipe, for "Kelly's Kalamari," features the following introduction:
I still love fried calamari, but it doesn't love me. Whenever I eat it, it goes right to my stomach and makes a little pooch -- eww!
As a reminder, this is the same Kelly Bensimon who told us that loving our bodies is HOT and dieting is die + t. But also, eww!
We trek along into the next portion of the recipe book, succinctly titled "Pizza, Pasta, Potatoes, Grains, Vegetables, and Sides." We get a recipe for "Pizzzzzzzza!," which instructs the reader to obtain pizza dough, pizza sauce, mozzerella cheese, salt and pepper. Spread out the dough, add sauce and cheese, and cook! This is yet another time I'm glad Kelly told us early on in this book to take detailed notes -- these kinds of nuanced culinary creations can only come from the mind of a true master.
The same kind of true master who would, as we soon learn, conceive of this particular travesty -- "Pink Pizza." Imagine with me, for a moment, that a dear friend invites you over to their house for dinner. I'm making pizza! they implore you. Come over -- we'll hang out, have a couple beers, catch up on old times! Excited for a chance to relive the glory days, you eagerly accept, only to be met -- upon your arrival -- with this abomination. I thought you said we were having pizza? you sputter nervously. This is pizza, your friend intones, as their eyes slowly fade to black and their hands reach out to wrap themselves around your throat.
Kelly goes on to share a recipe for an "Asian-flavored noodle dish" that she has christened (and it truly pains me to type this), "Me Love You Springtime Noodles." Somewhere, the last ember of hope for humanity quietly fizzles out.
The following recipe, for "Pasta with Oddkavodka Sauce" begins with a warning:
When you make this (especially for children) just be sure you cook off the alcohol so that you aren't serving vodka to minors or have to assign a designated driver for your guests.
This seems like reasonable and conscientious advice. Until I read on and learn that the recipe calls for 1/8 cup vodka, and makes four servings. If your guests need a designated driver after consuming a half-tablespoon of vodka each, I would strongly encourage them to seek medical advice forthwith.
I am reminded once again how different Kelly's and my worlds are with the following exclamation:
Try using quinoa in this recipe instead of the rice -- I call that having your cake and eating it too!
Oh, to live a life in which your most selfish indulgence was quinoa. I suppose this should have prepared me for a few pages later, when Kelly remarks:
Both hummus and guacamole make great toppings for steak or fish. They're my version of béarnaise sauce.
I love hummus. Hummus is great. But there is no possible existing parallel universe in which hummus and béarnaise sauce are interchangeable. One of the final recipes in this section is cryptically titled "Have an Impromptu Pepper Party" and instructs the reader to scoop out the insides of a bell pepper and stuff it with "whatever ingredients suit your fancy." Again, I feel like this fails to meet the definition of an actual recipe, per se, but it is supposedly "quick, fun, and satisfying."
We're nearing the book's end (for real this time) with a section on "Breads and Desserts." This includes an inspirational passage in which Kelly shares a personal anecdote:
On Season 4 of the Real Housewives of New York City, I made a mixed fruit pie for my kids with what was left over in the fruit bowl…Don't be afraid to try new things, make mistakes, and have fun doing it.
I can only hope to someday be brave enough and fearless enough to make a mixed fruit pie.
Blessedly, the final section , titled "Beverages", looks like it might have exactly what I need in the aftermath of finishing this book. The "GIN-Ginger Beertail," for example, which "was originally made with gin, but I don't like serving gin drinks because I think it makes people mean." We also get a recipe for something called "Babylove," which (thankfully) seems unrelated to another of my favorite reality TV cesspools.
It only seems appropriate to share the final recipe of I Can Make You Hot! with all of you. I will definitely be downing approximately seven of these tonight, and I hope some of you will be joining me in spirit. Cheers:
Gummi Bear Martini
If you don't have a paper umbrella handy, Gummi Bears are a great way to put more fun in your drink.
Makes 1 Drink
2 parts orange, grape, or other-flavored vodka
1 part Triple Sec
1 part white grape juice
Splash of cranberry juice
Gummi Bears, as many as you like
Combine the vodka, Triple Sec, grape juice, and cranberry juice in a tall glass. Add ice and fill the glass with Gummi Bears.
ETA: I am so disappointed in myself for forgetting to include that Kelly has a ceviche recipe that instructs you to marinate raw fish in lemon juice for exactly two minutes before serving. In the interest of food safety, perhaps it was for the best that this nugget momentarily slipped my mind, but sharing this information with you all is the burden I have been cursed to bear. 🙏🏼
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Because this season we have had some problems with people deleting threads and because of the size of our sub and threads we need more split game threads.
What are these threads?
The threads listed here are ones posted by CFB_Referee or the mod team. You'll notice not all of the FCS playoff games are here - those threads are still available to grab as normal in the game thread generator.
What time zone are we in?
Eastern. At least CFB_Referee is. So that's the time zone for the threads.
Simply put, the mod team and many users start to have problems with threads lagging or not working at all once we get past 10,000 comments. It isn't that Reddit shuts down the thread at that point, just that the threads become much harder to use at the rapid pace of a game thread. Yes, your system may be able to handle it, but a lot of people's cannot.
The dark times of the offseason begin.
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Week 2 Watch Grid: THE 17-HOUR SATURDAY

If you're just now joining us, the Watch Grid is my (hi! it's Jason Kirk) best guess at the most entertaining viewing experience of each college football weekend. It's only partially based on team quality, and in fact, will at times reject the very concept of quality. You'll quickly see what I mean.
(I also send this out on the Read Option newsletter, usually Thursday of each game week.)
(Also slide these tables to the right, if you're on mobile.)
ET WATCH THIS Maybe watch It’s football
8 Wake Forest at Rice, CBSSN
William & Mary at Virginia, ACC
9 Marshall at #24 Boise State, ESPN2
10 Sacramento State at Arizona State, Pac-12
After the 317-day festival that is Week 1, it's fitting that Week 2 usually punts on weeknight activity. See if Marshall can make Boise work for it (remember: each time slot features one WATCH THIS game, which sometimes means intentionally overrating one game at a time), but otherwise, go outside.
ET WATCH THIS Maybe watch It’s football
11 a.m. wtf Ohio at Pitt (brunch factor), ACC
Noon Army at #7 Michigan, Fox Cincinnati at #5 Ohio State, ABC Bowling Green at Kansas State, FSN
#21 Syracuse at Maryland, ESPN Charleston Southern at South Carolina, SEC
Vanderbilt at Purdue, BTN Old Dominion at Virginia Tech, ESPNU
West Virginia at Missouri, ESPN2 Rutgers at #20 Iowa, FS1
Kennesaw State at Kent State, ESPN+ UAB at Akron, CBSSN
Southern at Memphis, ESPN+
12:30 Western Carolina at NC State, ACC
1 NIU at #13 Utah, Pac-12
2 USF at Georgia Tech, ACC Fordham at Ball State, ESPN+
2:30 Tennessee Tech at Miami (Ohio), ESPN+
3:30 #12 Texas A&M at #1 Clemson (for the punts), ABC #25 Nebraska at Colorado, Fox CMU at #17 Wisconsin, BTN
Southern Illinois at UMass, Flo Charlotte at Appalachian State, ESPN+
Illinois at UConn (think of the memes), CBSSN Grambling at Louisiana Tech, NFL
Southern Miss at Mississippi State, ESPNU Richmond at Boston College, ACC
Eastern Illinois at Indiana, BTN
4 Western Illinois at Colorado State, local New Mexico State at #2 Alabama, SEC (Thank you so much for making me list this game. Very important. Great idea)
Murray State at #3 Georgia, ESPN2
UTSA at Baylor, FSN
4:15 San Diego State at UCLA, Pac-12
5 Northern Colorado at #22 Washington State, Pac-12
ULM at Florida State, ACC
6 North Carolina A&T at Duke, ACC Gardner-Webb at East Carolina, ESPN+
Maine at Georgia Southern, ESPN+
7 #18 UCF at FAU, CBSSN South Dakota at #4 Oklahoma, OU PPV and Sooner Fan Feetcast
Furman at Georgia State, ESPN+ Jackson State at South Alabama, ESPN+
Wyoming at Texas State, ESPN+ WKU at FIU, ESPN+
North Texas at SMU, ESPN+ Tennessee State at Middle Tennessee, ESPN+
BYU at Tennessee, ESPN Eastern Kentucky at Louisville, ACC
Coastal Carolina at Kansas, ESPN+ McNeese at Oklahoma State, ESPN+
7:30 #6 LSU at #9 Texas, ABC Nevada at #16 Oregon, Pac-12 UT Martin at #11 Florida, ESPNU
Tulane at #10 Auburn, ESPN2 Buffalo at #15 Penn State, Fox
Arkansas at Ole Miss, SEC WMU at #19 Michigan State, BTN
Liberty at ULL (think of the memes), ESPN+ Eastern Michigan at Kentucky, SEC
Stony Brook at Utah State, Stadium
8 Miami at North Carolina, ACC Prairie View at Houston, ESPN+
UTEP at Texas Tech, FSN
9 Tulsa at San Jose State, ESPN+
10 Arkansas State at UNLV, Stadium
10:30 Cal at #14 Washington, FS1 #23 Stanford at USC, ESPN
Minnesota at Fresno State, CBSSN
10:45 Northern Arizona at Arizona, Pac-12
Midnight Oregon State at Hawaii, Hawaii’s Facebook page
The Watch Grid has exactly one outlook on life: every college football weekend is a good college football weekend. And every competitive game has a chance to be an entertaining game, especially if something weird is going on.
As an example, look no further than Ohio-Pitt kicking off in the morning, local time, for reasons I don't even want to know. The Steelers aren't home this week! The game is on Pitt's conference network! Regardless, I can think of no better way to ease into a 17-hour Saturday than watching quite possibly the two most average teams in FBS lock horns.
Something silly will happen in the noon slot. One impressive historical trend says it'll be a flexbone service academy giving a hell of a time to a big favorite yet again.
In the big middle game, let's see if Braden Mann can punt the Aggies into contention against Clemson ... also yet again.
LSU at Texas should be good and heartfelt. Little bit of jawing! It's as if the Tigers are happy to be playing transitive rival for the Longhorns and Aggies. At And The Valley Shook, I pitched in on the newly written rules of throwing Horns Down, not that LSU fans need any advice on spicy hand gestures.
In the late spots, let's watch Cal-Washington and Stanford-USC race to see which game cracks 10 points first, Minnesota continue its Why The Hell Did You Schedule That Team gauntlet of frightening non-powers, and the Rainbow Warriors reach 2-0 in the Pac-12 at 4 a.m. ET on (with minor, roundabout Storylines of the Season ramifications).
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[Method] How to feel more motivated and better every day: Here are 17 Habits that take 10 minutes or less (giving you no excuse to not do a single one of them) that will benefit you throughout the entire day

Most people want to be better.
Buy that new car because it’ll make you look good. Get that new phone because you oh-so need it.
Here’s what most people won’t do though: actually make sure they live a life in which they can achieve that.
Most people are dreamers and talkers, not doers and walkers. And that’s a shame. Because it’s actually really easy to go from a dreamer to a doer.
One of the most basic things you need to do in order to become a doer is to put great habits in your life. Habits that benefit you as a human. Habits that make you be more grateful for the things you do.
Because being grateful will lead to being happy. And being happy will lead to living a better life. And living a better life will lead to you actually working on the things you want to accomplish rather than being mad/sad/angry about the fact you haven’t accomplished them yet.
So, here are 17 habits that only take less than 10 minutes. I advise to not immediately put all these habits into your life. See, building great habits is about picking up 1 good habit and then after 14 days adding another one because you feel good about the first one. And then 10 days later - another. Another 14 days later - another.

Why take up habits that take up less than 10 minutes?

Alright, let’s be real. The reason I have these habits in my life or have had these habits in my life is because they don’t take much time.
See, we all have 10 minutes in our day to make ourselves feel better. And even if you don’t think you have 10 minutes, I bet you 100% you do. So at the end of the list, I have added some activities that you are most likely doing but of which you can spare just 10 minutes in order to improve your life (because when you improve your life, you also improve how you do the other things you do during the day).
Again, I do not advise to take up all these habits (at once). Instead, find one that seems to fit your current lifestyle and just start doing it today - right after you read this article. Just take 10 minutes or less and start working on it right away.

1. Write to someone who is your hero/mentor - takes 5 minutes

Alright, so no matter what field you are in, whether you’re in college or work full time, we all have people we look up to.
The people that have been extremely successful. Those who are our idols. People that we believe are legends.
Here’s a little secret about those people: they’re actually just like you and me. See, most of the successful people that we know and look up to used to live a life that wasn’t as good as it this today. Most of them actually got their drive from the fact that their life was a lot worse in the past.
These people are human, like you and me. No matter how legendary they may look in your eyes.
And it has never been easier to reach these people - it’s extremely easy nowadays.
Think about a person that has really helped you in your life. Whether it’s an NFL player, writer, entrepreneur, athlete, no matter who it is. Think about HOW they have helped you. And think about WHY it benefited you.
Then take those two together, the how and why, and write a short message. Then send them that message, either by email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, comment on their blog, anywhere.
A short message of gratitude. A message that shows them that something they did in the past - something they may have even forgotten about - that has truly benefited you in your life.
This has real benefits for yourself, but also for them. For you, it’s a great way to see how someone that you may have never met - or only met shortly - can have a huge impact on how you live and have lived your life. And it’s a good reminder of a good personality trait or habit that you picked up.
Secondly, people love it when someone is grateful for something they have once done or said. See, it’s only a simple message. You’re not asking them for an autograph, for a friend request, for something in return - except 99% of the people that reaches out to them actually does this). No, you will be that 1% that is actually making them feel good, that can put a smile on their face that day.
After reading Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday, I sent him a short email thanking him for writing the book. I told him what chapters resonated with me most and why they resonated with me. That’s it, no questions for him, no ‘please love me’ statement, nothing at all. And he sent me a short email back.
I now made it a habit to do this at least once a week, usually after reading something online, listening to a podcast or after finishing a book. It’s just a small gesture that shows them you respect what they have to say and can help them to find that extra boost today to do something worthwhile for others.
Sometimes I get a reply, sometimes I don’t. But I know with 90% certainty that they read it.
And maybe, one day, when you meet them (again), they will remember you. Great conversation starter.

2. Meditate - takes 10 minutes

Yes, here we go again.
I know, you’ve probably read it on every blog, in tons of books, heard it on the radio.
That old hippy activity that makes you a Buddhist after doing it once: meditation.
But meditation is actually something way different than trying to think yourself towards a Buddhist life. It’s an activity that helps you to just sit down, and think about many things or nothing at all.
Eyes closed, no focus on anything but your thoughts. Meditation is one of the greatest habits in my life and I do it every single day.
When I first started to meditate I would just sit there. Thinking what the hell I was doing. Thoughts flashing back and forth in my mind. My thoughts were going everywhere.
And that’s ok. That’s what always happens when you start something new. You just have no idea what you are doing and how to do it well.
Then I discovered HeadSpace, an app that helps you meditate (and also really focuses on the benefits of meditation). I used it for a week, found out how to do it, and then downloaded an app called Calm to continue meditation in my own way.
At first, I would just sit still and let thoughts pass through my head and observe them. After a while, I found that I got all the benefits from it that I wanted and turned to transcendental meditation. This is a practice in which you repeat a 1 or 2 syllable word during a period of 10 minutes.
By doing this in the morning, I help myself to prepare for the day mentally. And when I don’t meditate on a day, I notice it in the other things that I do. I have better and happier days when I meditate and am planning to do it for a long time.

3. Journal - takes 2x 2.5 minutes

Man, if there’s one habit that I can highly suggest putting into your life then it’s journaling.
The benefits of this habit outperform those of any other habit. Journalling is a fantastic way to start and end the day.
For a long time, I would sit down in the morning and just write down my thoughts. I’d write short stories (more about this in the next habit) to get clear my mind in the morning.
Then, after listening to the Tim Ferris Podcast, I discovered the 5-minute journal. It’s a pretty simple concept.
Every morning, right after you wake up, you answer 3 simple questions:
I used to write this on a notepad with a pen, every morning. But then I ended up ordering the book called 5 Minute Journal, which is basically a nice looking version of a notepad with the questions and a good quote at the top of the page. I think it’s about $20 online.
Then, at night, you answer another 2 questions:
It’s a great way to reflect on your day and to see what you have done today to benefit yourself or others. By doing this every day, you have a great book filled with information about your day to day life.
Now, there are tons of others ways to journal, and it’s obviously up to you on which one you choose to do daily. Find one that you believe fits your personality and lifestyle best and just keep doing that every single day.

4. Write a short story - takes 7-8 minutes

During a period where I was homebound for a few weeks, I’d wake up every morning and just write some short story to clear my mind in the morning.
I’d write about any topic that came up in my mind the second I started writing. About how grain has been one of the most insane foods in how humans have lived their lives (from 10,000 years ago to now), how having a cold is a terrible experience, how we remember people in the past from the wars they fought but remember people today from the greatness they have achieved.
It didn’t really matter to me what the topic was, I just wanted to write something down and get my head cleared before I started the day. By writing for just 10 minutes, I had the opportunity to just put any thoughts I had on paper and before I jumped in the shower my head would just be calm.
The short time that I focused on writing helped the random and impulsive thoughts in my head to stop and allowed me to just sit still for a few minutes. And I benefited from this throughout the whole day because those random and impulsive thoughts wouldn’t appear in my mind as much as they would before I had that period of writing.

5.Have a good and healthy breakfast - takes 10 extra minutes

You most likely already know this, yet a lot of people either skip breakfast or just put some sugary cereal with high carb yoghurt into a bowl and eat it. Which is a terrible way of starting your day.
See, by just putting a little more thought and effort into your breakfast, it’s a lot easier to start your day off right. Let’s say you now put 5 minutes into preparing and eating breakfast. If you just take 10 more minutes, you allow yourself to make a breakfast that is a lot healthier and contains way more nutritions than your current breakfast.
In 15 minutes, you can easily prepare and eat an omelette with some veggies, meat and other ingredients that have high benefits for your health and contain the necessary amounts of fat for your brain to function well (fat, by the way, is not bad for your health. You need fats, your brain won’t function without it - it’s just important that you know what types of fat you need to eat).
There’s this thing called the Bulletproof diet. Now, I don’t follow that diet (or am in any way an expert to tell you that you should) but I did learn a lot about healthy fats and the foods that contain them. I can highly suggest to look it up on Google and learn more about the foods that you can eat during the day that will benefit your body but especially your brain.

6. Read 4-5 pages of a book - takes 10 minutes

Here’s probably one the best habits you can put into your life: reading.
See, we all like to read more books, especially books that allow us to be better at whatever we are trying to be good at in life. And it doesn’t always take reading an entire book to get a lot of knowledge from it. Most books contain so much information that a quick read of 4-5 pages will already allow you to move forward.
Now, I highly recommend reading more than just 10 minutes a day. It’s one of the most beneficial things you can do in life. But if you don’t have much time to read, it’s better to just get that 10 minutes daily. 30 x 10 minutes a day is 5 hours a month. That’s about 120-150 pages. Depending on the book, you can easily finish half of it without dedicating a lot of time to it.
Here’s a good trick if you want to read more books. I’ve tried this for a while and can truly say I got a lot of it. I just stopped using it because it mainly worked with books that I had no interest in reading entirely but still wanted to get some important elements from. There’s an app called Blinkist that is perfect if you want to read books quickly. I think it’s $17 a month. This allows you to put just 10 minutes in a day to read 1 book. That’s 30 books a month.
Blinkist summarizes thousands of really good books. Books that seem interesting to you but you might not want to own, spend the $20 on or spend 2 months reading. Because the books are summarized, it’s way easier to find the important parts of the book without worrying that you need to read all the extra paragraphs and sentences around that information.

7. Make a plan for the next day - takes 3-5 minutes

If you’re not doing this right now, I can highly recommend that you start doing it. See, by making a good plan the day before you allow yourself to be a lot more aware of the things that are coming up.
This means you are less stressed by all the things that come onto your path the next day, simply because you have already established a schedule for yourself in which you have noted when you are going to do the things that are on the to-do list today.
And it’s extremely easy to do this. Just take a few minutes at night, right down the things you need to do the next day and then schedule them throughout the day.
Every day, I now write down when I’m going to get up, when I eat breakfast, when I go to the gym, when work starts, when I write articles, etc. This never clogs up my mind since I can dedicate the time that I work on an activity on that activity rather than stressing myself out that I have so many other things to do that day.

8. Get a night routine - takes 5-10 minutes

You most likely already know this but haven’t put it in your life yet: a good night routine.
See, night routines are essential to having a good night of sleep. You will sleep far better and have fewer worries once you have a night routine in your life. It allows you to settle down for a bit before you actually go to sleep.
This habit shouldn’t take too much time of your day and is extremely beneficial. Just take 3-4 short activities that make you sleep better. For me, it’s drinking some camomile tea, grab my clothes for the next day, brush my teeth and write in my journal. After that, my head is empty and I can easily fall asleep within a short amount of time.

9. Track your progress in life - takes 2-3 minutes

By just putting 2-3 minutes a day into tracking your life you allow yourself to see the progress that you have made.
It’s easy to underestimate the progress you are making if you are just looking at it every day. Because where you stand today, is not where you will stand in two weeks. Yet, most likely, you will still feel the exact same.
By using apps like Momentum, Today or [HabitBull]( you can track your progress every single day and see how well you are doing on that streak.
These apps allow you to basically track anything. Which means you can just set your own goals, how many times you want to do that habit every week and then note down when you have done it.
Sure, the first few days won’t be that impressive. But, after a while, you will quickly realize you’ve been doing some specific habit for a few weeks now. It also keeps you motivated to do that specific activity daily, as you won’t allow yourself to lose a 30-day streak. Highly motivating and it just takes a few minutes a day.

10. Send a message to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while - takes 5 minutes

There’s a high probability that you have friends that you haven’t talked to in a while that kind of just disappeared out of your life. But, unless you decided to not hang out anymore because you got into a fight together, the relationship is still pretty decent.
And that’s exactly why you should put time into contacting them. Not only is it a nice reminder of the good times you shared with each other for yourself, it is also a great reminder for them. And a lot of times, good conversations will follow from sending this message.
Whether it’s a quick “What’s up?” or the fact they just got a new job, got married, got a kid, it doesn’t matter. In your lifetime, you will have many experiences in front of you. But never forget about the ones in your past - the good memories that eventually made you the person that you are today.

11. Look up a question you want an answer to on Quora - takes 5-10 minutes

This is one of my favourites and has since then inspired me to also be a contributor to Quora.
See, Reddit is a great place, especially when it comes to the self-improvement subreddits (like this one, but also the ones in the sidebar). Problem with Reddit is that you mostly will check out the top posts of today, this week or this month. But sometimes you are just looking for advice on something else.
Quora is a great place to just search for a question that you want to have some solid advice on. The people there have one interest: to make sure the question gets answered in the best way possible. Which means there’s a ton of free content there that you can read in order to get the best advice on any matter (alright, it’s not always the best advice, but usually the questions you have are answered in a great way or at least link to articles that will answer that question).
Either install the Quora app or just go the website and search for questions you need advice on right now. Whether it’s how to tell better stories, how to clean your snowboard, where to find specific items, whatever it is.
It’s a great place to get a lot of knowledge in short blocks of text and has helped me in the past to find a lot of new and interesting information that I wouldn’t have found looking through dozens of blogs that contain way too much extra information.

12. Listen to Motivational Speeches on Spotify - takes 5-10 minutes

We all know it: even though those motivational speeches may sound insane from the outside, that stuff actually works when it comes to getting yourself pumped up to do something.
Whenever I take a cold shower in the morning, I listen to these speeches in the background. It’s a great way to get some motivation in the morning and also helps myself to push myself to actually feel that cold water.
My favourite thing about these speeches is the background music along with it. It’s the vibe the music gives me that really pushes me to do the things I need to do in the morning.
Most of these motivational speeches are targeted at entrepreneurs but I believe the advice is solid for many others as well. It’s a great way to just get that extra motivated feeling every single day, no matter where you are in life.
Here's one of the playlists:

13. Watch commencement speeches by successful people - takes 10 minutes

It’s important to realize something: successful people are usually the people that went through tough times in life - whether they were young or old - and have found a way to cope with it and push themselves to do more through the benefits from the fact they got through that experience.
Which is why watching commencement speeches is such a great way of learning how they did it. It’s someone who - in other people’s eyes, and sometimes not even their own - have reached a point in life that is very inspiring. And, being at that point, they tell a crowd of graduated students on how to go on in life now that they’ve finished what most consider is the hardest thing they have done until that point in life.
I can highly suggest watching these speeches at 1.5x speed on YouTube. You can still hear what they are saying and it’s a great way to speed things up. Speeches by Steve Jobs, Arnold Schwarzenegger and dozens of other people that are at the top of their field gave speeches like this and these are extremely inspiring. Take some notes on the things they say, I still read many of the notes I took when listening to these speeches.

14. Create something of value for the world - takes 10 minutes

If we’d all do this, the world would be such a better place.
But, sure, most people won’t do this because they don’t believe they have the time for it or just feel like they have other priorities - and that’s totally fine. Just know that when you do something of value for the world, you create something of bigger value for yourself.
See, what most people don’t realize is that you will be a lot happier and satisfied in life if the things you do are making other people better. Hence me writing this article; even if it only helps one person, I am fully satisfied with the results.
The world is too big to be selfish and it’s so easy nowadays to create something of value that many people will see. Just working on things that matter to yourself is a good way to start in life but at one point you gotta realize that the things that make you a great person are things that can be extremely inspiring to others.
Take 10 minutes every day and just work on something that creates value. Write something for your Facebook, think of a motivational quote and make an image of it, make some art. It doesn’t have to be finished on that same day, even if it takes 6 days (which gives you an hour) you will at least create something of value.
Those who create value for others will get value in return. Maybe not right away but definitely in the future.
Again, our world is too good for everyone to be selfish. For everyone to just make decisions that only benefit themselves. Find ways of creating value and you will not just help yourself but will also inspire others to do the same.

15. Drink coffee/tea and just sit still for 10 minutes to relax - takes 10 minutes

You will most likely recognize this: you get up, grab some coffee and drink it while doing something else in the meantime. Check your phone, looking at emails, replying to your latest texts.
While doing that, you are not giving your brain even a second to just relax. You’re filling your head with external information that isn’t necessarily important at that moment. What is important is that you often take time for your brain to relax.
Imagine if you were an athlete. And every time you finished a 30-minute run and are resting to take another 30-minute run you just keep running. Have you ever seen a runner do that? Have you ever seen someone lifting weights and in between sets they didn’t take a rest but rather just got different weights and kept lifting?
Your brain is your most important aspect of yourself. You’re nothing without your brain. Luckily, we all have a brain. Yet we never give it the rest it needs. Rather we just constantly fill it with information.
So, next time you grab that cup of coffee or tea, just sit down and relax for 10 minutes. Just think about life. Think about what else you’re going to do today. Just let the thoughts run through your head - it’s not going to kill you. Give your brain some time, take care of it, because you’re going to need it for the rest of your life.

16. Take your vitamins and/or supplements - takes 1 minute

Now, this one isn’t for everyone but I do believe it’s important to take some supplements in the morning.
For example, I live in a country where the sun doesn’t come out much - if we’re lucky we have about 3 weeks of great weather during the summer (although we’re expanding on that thanks to global warming).
This means I have a high lack of Vitamin D in my life, there’s just not enough sunlight during long periods and my body will not produce any Vitamin D because of it. So, every morning, I take some vitamin D to make sure I get enough of it in my body. A lack of Vitamin D is linked to feeling bad, more depressed and just not functioning well.
Along with the Vitamin D, I also take some Omega 3, 6 and 9 supplements. Just 2 pills a day gives my brain those extra fats that I need for it to function at its best. Rather than having to eat a bunch of fish every day, taking those two supplements is a great alternative.
Again, this takes about 1 minute a day and is one of the best ways to make yourself feel better. It’s the third thing I do in the morning and I always highly notice the difference in a day when I take my vitamins.

17. Take 6 deep breaths - takes 1 minute

Alright, so here’s my favourite one and I only recently heard of this while listening to the episode of the Tim Ferris Show with Aubrey Marcus
We all know the saying “Just take a deep breath”. Yet, as you may have noticed, usually that single breath isn’t really helping you to feel any better.
Rather than just taking one, it’s better to take six. Because when you take six breaths, you will actually feel the difference. Just count them while you are breathing in and out -breathe in- 1 -breathe out- 1 -breathe in- 2 -breathe out- 2, all the way up to 6.
Now, this works with pretty much any emotion. It’s just not going to take that anger, anxiety or whatever it is away. But it will take the edges off. And once the edges are gone, you can allow yourself to do the things that build upon the deep breaths that result in feeling calmer.

Yes, you definitely do have 10 minutes to spare every single day

Well, you made it all the way to the end of the article.
And as I promised, I will tell you why you do have 10 minutes to spare in order to at least pick up one of these habits in your life.
See, what most people don’t realize is that they are not doing this because they feel busy.
Here’s a little secret: people that think they’re busy all the time aren’t actually busy, they just tell themselves they are busy. Their brains are filled with things they believe they need to do and are constantly in overdrive which leads them to feel like they can’t just take 10 minutes to do something like meditation.
If you feel like you don’t have time to do any of these, you should definitely do one of these! Because they will make you feel so much calmer in your head that you won’t feel like your brain is on overdrive all the time.
So, here are several things that you can skip in order to spend 10 minutes on any of these, so you can no longer tell yourself that you don’t have time for it:
submitted by 10MinuteMotivation to getdisciplined [link] [comments]

[OC] Forget Draft Grades, here are the Draft Rankings of R1

The last thing the internet needs is more draft grades from amateurs like myself, but I'm going to try and adjust that trope slightly and rank every single pick.
To do that, I'm going to award points based on three qualities: the overall talent of the pick, the value of the pick (relative to my draft board, not ESPN), and the fit of the player on his new team.
I did this exercise last year and ranked Reuben Foster at # 31 the best pick of R1, which is a great reminder that we really don't have access to all the information that these teams do, and shouldn't take our opinions too seriously on these matters. That said, it's still fun to do anyway!
(1) QB Josh Rosen, Arizona: 14 points
pick: # 1 on my board, pick # 10
points: 5 for talent, 5 for value, 4 for fit
My board is weighed for positional value, so a "good" quarterback like Josh Rosen tends to edge out a "great" running back like Saquon Barkley. And with Josh Rosen, that's the reason he's my top QB: he's the one that I trust the most to be "good." He's got the prerequisite size and physical talent, along with an extremely advanced skill set for his age. Landing him at # 10 seems like a steal of epic proportions.
The "fit" here in Arizona appears to be solid, with Sam Bradford being able to hold down the fort while Mike McCoy develops Josh Rosen behind the scenes. McCoy has been criticized for having too complex of a playbook in the past, but that shouldn't be a problem with two high football IQ players like Bradford and Rosen.
Although little advice to my buddy Rosen...? It's not a great look to bitch about only being drafted in the top 10 and not top 3; doesn't help you shed the "entitled" reputation.
(2) DB Derwin James, L.A. Chargers: 13 points
pick: # 8 on my board, pick # 17
points: 4 for talent, 5 for value, 4 for fit
If not for an injury that derailed his sophomore season, we may have been talking about Derwin James as the consensus "best overall talent" in this draft. He's a hugely impactful player and a potential Pro Bowler if he stays healthy.
In general, I like the Chargers' decision to go for a "win now" approach as well. Their defense is getting scary, and may provide Philip Rivers with his best chance to win a Super Bowl in a decade.
(3) LB Roquan Smith, Chicago: 13 points
pick: # 5 on my board, pick # 8
points: 5 for talent, 4 for value, 4 for fit
I freakin' love Roquan Smith as a football player. He may not have great size, but force = mass X acceleration and he's got the acceleration part down pat. He flies to the ball like he's a magnet on the opposite polarity.
I also think he's going to be a great fit for Vic Fangio's defense. Smith's leadership was evident at Georgia, and here in Chicago he'll be that war general like Fangio had with Patrick Willis in San Francisco. (Although given their playing styles, more like C.J. Mosley in Baltimore.)
(4) DB Minkah Fitzpatrick, Miami: 13 points
pick: # 4 on my board, pick # 11
points: 5 for talent, 5 for value, 3 for fit
After being considered an elite talent early on, the excitement and buzz about Minkah Fitzpatrick appears to have died down some. But hey, the Dolphins will happily let him fall into their lap. He was a standout starter from day one (as a true freshman) at Alabama, and I don't see any reason that shouldn't continue in Miami. I wouldn't call this their biggest need, but coming away with a surefire starter is always a good way to spend your day at the draft.
(5) OG Quenton Nelson, Indianapolis: 12 points
pick: # 6 on my board, pick # 6
points: 4 for talent, 3 for value, 5 for fit
Positional value lowered Quenton Nelson some on my big board, because in terms of pure guard talent he's as good as anyone that I've seen in years. He also fits a need for Indianapolis on the field and in terms of their identity as well. Andrew Luck thrived behind a power line at Stanford, and it's about time the Colts started to build the same for him in Indy.
(6) RB Saquon Barkley, N.Y. Giants: 12 points
pick: # 2 on my board, pick # 2
points: 5 for talent, 3 for value, 4 for fit
It's fitting that Saquon Barkley ended up ranking around the same spot as Quenton Nelson, because they fit a similar profile here: the top talents in a vacuum at positions that aren't as important as others.
Barkley really is a transcendent talent, even more so than Quenton Nelson. People grumble when I say this, but he's absolutely the best RB prospect I've seen since I've been watching football in the mid 90s. He has EVERYTHING you'd want: power, speed, lateral movement, receiving ability, durability, character, etc.
The only knock on this pick is that he's not a quarterback; if the Giants had fallen in love with one of the signal callers, then that would have made more sense. But without that? Enjoy Barkley, because he's going to be one of the best in the game in a short matter of time.
(7) LB Rashaan Evans, Tennessee: 11 points
pick: # 19 on my board, pick # 22
points: 3 for talent, 3 for value, 5 for fit
Usually I knock players for breaking out late in their college careers, but it's more understandable at a powerhouse program like Alabama. When Evans did play, he showcased a versatile skill set that showed he could thrive as an ILB or even as a rusher.
I also love when teams give their new coaches players that match their strengths. Clearly, Mike Vrabel will appreciate Evans and be able to utilize him in a variety of ways. He fits an immediate need at ILB, and perhaps can shift outside when Brian Orakpo slows down. Based on interviews, he also comes across well and should fit into the locker room culture the team's trying to create.
(8) DE Bradley Chubb, Denver: 11 points
pick: # 3 on my board, pick # 5
points: 5 for talent, 4 for value, 2 for fit
Here's our first case of an elite talent that perhaps doesn't land at a perfect fit for his skill set. To me, Bradley Chubb's about as pure of a 4-3 end as you'll find, landing on a 3-4 team that's had a lot of success with that formula. Presumably, the Broncos are just admitting that every team plays the same defense these days: a nickel package. In that context, Chubb and Von Miller are going to be terrors.
(9) QB Baker Mayfield, Cleveland: 11 points
pick: # 7 on my board, pick # 1
points: 4 for talent, 2 for value, 5 for fit
Baker Mayfield wasn't my top QB (that would be Rosen) but he was a legitimate top 10 talent given the positional value. All QBs are a gamble to some degree, but you can at least fall back on the historically great production here (11.0 yards per attempt, 70% completion).
I also like the fit with Cleveland; Baker Mayfield has that natural confidence and swagger that should galvanize the team. I don't think Tyrod Taylor is going quietly into the night, but Mayfield should have every opportunity to take the reins here. He'll be the hero of every kid in Cleveland and every undersized and "system" QB going forward; his success or failure will make a major impact on the drafts to come.
(10) DT Da'Ron Payne, Washington: 11 points
pick: # 12 on my board, pick # 13
points: 4 for talent, 3 for value, 4 for fit
Based on production (1 sack, 1 tackle for loss last season), Da'Ron Payne shouldn't be sniffing the first round. That said, he passes the "eye test" with his power and mobility. He's also a bluechip high school recruit with more production left in the tank. His best football may still be ahead of him. I believe he'll be a huge boon to this Redskins defense, along with his old buddy Jonathan Allen who will be back from injury.
(11) DE Marcus Davenport, New Orleans: 11 points
pick: # 11 on my board, pick # 14
points: 4 for talent, 3 for value, 4 for fit
I'm judging these based on the pick itself, and not the trade to land there, which is the biggest difference with a team like New Orleans which sacrificed a 2019 pick to jump up here. The trade...? Eh. Questionable.
The pick of Davenport...? A little questionable (given some raw aspects to his game), but overall worth it. He was the clear # 2 DE prospect in a thin class. If that's what the Saints wanted, then it makes sense to secure him here.
(12) LB Tremaine Edmunds, Buffalo: 11 points
pick: # 16 on my board, pick # 16
points: 3 for talent, 3 for value, 5 for fit
I'm not hugely high on the 19-year-old Tremaine Edmunds' -- I don't see the same type of instincts with him that I do with Roquan Smith. Given that, there's some "bust" potential here.
That said, I absolutely love his landing spot in Buffalo. Not only do the Bills have a mammoth need for a speedy LB, they have a coaching staff that should be able to develop him as well as anyone.
(13) CB Jaire Alexander, Green Bay: 10 points
pick: # 21 on my board, pick # 18
points: 3 for talent, 3 for value, 4 for fit
18 feels a tad high for Alexander, but he was my # 2 cornerback in the class so it's hard to quibble with this pick. I expect him to be a good starter by Year 2, and a valuable member of Mike Pettine's defense going forward.
(14) OL Isaiah Wynn, New England: 10 points
pick: # 24 on my board, pick # 23
points: 3 for talent, 3 for value, 4 for fit
The Patriots are another team (like the Saints, Chargers, and Giants) that said "F the future, let's win now!" And given Tom Brady's still playing at an MVP caliber level, it's hard to argue with that.
What Brady needed more than anything is some help on the line after Nate Solder left. The shorter Wynn isn't a perfect replacement there, but his versatility (he should be able to thrive at guard, or hold his own at tackle) makes him a solid pick to me.
(15) CB Denzel Ward, Cleveland: 10 points
pick: # 9 on my board, pick # 4
points: 4 for talent, 2 for value, 4 for fit
I really love Denzel Ward as a talent, so he's only dinged here for going that high at # 4. A trade-down felt like the better play for Cleveland. That said, it's really hard to go "wrong" with the best cornerback in the class.
(16) QB Sam Darnold, N.Y. Jets: 9 points
pick: # 10 on my board, pick # 3
points: 4 for talent, 2 for value, 3 for fit
Most pundits will give the New York Jets A+ marks for landing Sam Darnold at # 3, but I'm mixed on the marriage. When the priest asks "does anyone object?" I don't raise my hand, but I quietly murmur under my breath.
I can see the obvious upside with Darnold, but I can't help but notice the flaws as well. He's a split second slow with his recognition skills and a split second slow with his release; that combination leads to a lot of turnovers. Darnold often makes one read and then runs to to improvise, which can lead to some big splash plays but a lot of mistakes as well.
Basically, Darnold needs time. If he's afforded a year on the bench with a good coaching staff, he can thrive. If not...? He may struggle, and ruin his confidence in the process.
So the question here is: will Darnold get that time on the Jets? In theory, Josh McCown can hold down the fort. The problem is: McCown is a 38-year-old QB who's never been able to play 16 games before.
Jets fans won't like this comparison, but I'm getting flashbacks to Jared Goff on the Rams and Mitchell Trubisky on the Bears. Both were quarterbacks who weren't entirely ready, sent to a coaching staff on the rocks. Those kids saw the field early, and didn't show enough to prevent the axe from falling. Honestly, I'd predict the same here. Darnold gets rushed onto the field, struggles some, and Todd Bowles gets fired as a result in favor of an offensive-minded coach who will be tasked to come in and salvage the ship. If there's any consolation to that scenario, it's that Goff turned out well, and Trubisky may as well. Perhaps the Jets should get credit for thinking long-term as opposed to 2018.
(17) OL Billy Price, Cincinnati: 9 points
pick: # 28 on my board, pick # 21
points: 2 for talent, 2 for value, 5 for fit
After that Darnold rant, maybe I should speed things up here. # 22 feels too high for Billy Price to me, but he's a good safe "plug and play" starter at a position of need.
(18) OT Mike McGlinchey, San Francisco: 9 points
pick: # 15 on my board, pick # 9
points: 3 for talent, 2 for value, 4 for fit
Again, McGlinchey came off the board too high for my liking, but he's still a prospect and still a fit that I believe will work out in the end. McGlinchey may not have the stellar athleticism and movement skills you'd want in a Pro Bowler, but he has such a great attitude and leadership traits that it's hard to see him failing in the NFL. I'd bet on him being a long-term starter.
(19) DT Vita Vea, Tampa Bay: 9 points
pick: # 14 on my board, pick # 12
points: 3 for talent, 3 for value, 3 for fit
Vita Vea fans can blast me for ranking him lower than the far less production Da'Ron Payne, but I don't see quite as much upside in the big man here. He's 23, compared to 20 for Payne. I have to imagine Payne would be dominating college too if he stayed for 2 more years. As for Vea, I think he's a safe but slightly boring pick. He should be able to occupy some space and help Gerald McCoy and JPP in that way, but I don't see him being able to translate his pass rushing stats to the next level.
(20) DT Taven Bryan, Jacksonville: 9 points
pick: # 23 on my board, pick # 29
points: 3 for talent, 4 for value, 2 for fit
The rich get richer. The Jaguars are basically like a billionaire playboy; he doesn't need a new Porsche, but maybe he can squeeze it in between the Ferrari and Lamborghini anyway.
Honestly, there aren't a TON of holes on this Jaguars roster unless you want them to replace Blake Bortles. Given their pick slot, that would have been hard to do anyway. I can't really blame them for building strength on strength. The more d-linemen you have, the less snaps they have to play and the more effective they can be.
(21) OT Kolton Miller, Oakland: 9 points
pick: # 22 on my board, pick # 15
points: 3 for talent, 2 for value, 4 for fit
Based on his frame and athletic profile, Kolton Miller should be more of a standout than Mike McGlinchey. That said, he doesn't have quite the same instincts and grit. (In a way, it's like the Roquan Smith vs. Tremaine Edmunds debate at LB.)
What I do like about this pick is the "fit." RT has been a problem area for the Raiders for a while now, and Kolton Miller should be able to slide right in there sooner than later.
(22) WR Calvin Ridley, Atlanta: 8 points
pick: # 32 on my board, pick # 26
points: 3 for talent, 2 for value, 3 for fit
I've always thought Calvin Ridley was overrated early on in the draft process, and would have blasted a team for actually taking him in the top 10. To me, he's a solid route runner who projects as a good # 2, but he simply doesn't have the freakish talent that a true # 1 does.
And hey, lookie here, he'll end up alongside a true # 1 in his Crimson Tide colleague Julio Jones. In theory, that should help take some pressure off Julio and make this offense even more dangerous.
(23) WR D.J. Moore, Carolina: 8 points
pick: # 34 on my board, pick # 24
points: 3 for talent, 2 for value, 3 for fit
I didn't think any WR in the class justified a top 25 pick -- I had D.J. Moore, Calvin Ridley, and Christian Kirk all stacked close to each other in that 30 range. Still, it's hard to bash this pick. D.J. Moore seems like a solid need for this Carolina team. I like his complementary skill set to the possession receiver Devin Funchess.
(24) OC Frank Ragnow, Detroit: 8 points
pick: # 36 on my board, pick # 20
points: 2 for talent, 2 for value, 4 for fit
Frank Ragnow was a late riser so perhaps that's not reflected well enough on my big board (which was set a few weeks ago). Overall, I'd lump him in with the Billy Prices and James Daniels (Iowa) of interior linemen prospects who probably should have gone in the 25-30 range, but will almost certainly turn into solid starters inside. Low risk here.
(25) LB Leighton Vander Esch, Dallas: 8 points
pick: #26 on my board, pick # 19
points: 2 for talent, 2 for value, 4 for fit
You have to root for the small town kid LVE, but there are some causes for concern here. Among them: that he was a "one year wonder" starter. For a player at Boise State, that's more concerning than someone like Rashaan Evans at Alabama.
The secondary concern is some rumors of a back/spinal/neck condition that's still murky right now. Given the issues the team has with Jaylon Smith, that may be a gamble not worth taking.
(26) TE Hayden Hurst, Baltimore: 8 points
pick: # 42 on my board, pick # 25
points: 2 for talent, 2 for value, 4 for fit
Like Vander Esch, you root for the personal story of Hayden Hurst (as a former baseball player), although you can't ignore the elephant in the room either. For him, it's the fact that he's 24 (and turning 25 in August.)
On the ESPN broadcast, the announcers dismissed the concern by pointing out that tight ends can play into their mid 30s. And while that's true, that's not really the point. The point is a 24 year old has a big edge in college playing against 20 and 21 year olds. Hurst looked like a two-way stud in college, but the playing field is about to be evened out in a big way.
On the plus side, he fits a huge need here for the team. I went back and forth between giving that a "4" or "5," which would have vaulted him up several spots.
(27) CB Mike Hughes, Minnesota: 8 points
pick: # 29 on my board, pick # 30
points: 3 for talent, 3 for value, 2 for fit
I like Mike Hughes (who was a top 3 CB to me), but it's hard to see a huge need for him here in Minnesota after they selected the similar Mac Alexander. While teams do play 3-4 or even 5 cornerbacks these days, it's not quite the rotational system you'd see with a player like Taven Bryan in Jacksonville.
(28) QB Lamar Jackson, Baltimore: 8 points
pick: #49 on my board, pick # 32
points: 2 for talent, 2 for value, 4 for fit
I'm firmly a Lamar Jackson "skeptic." I don't see the arm talent and accuracy that his defenders do, which makes him reliant on his legs. And when that happens for a 210-215 pound QB, injuries are sure to follow.
That said, you have to be intrigued by the "fit" here in Baltimore. Mediocre Joe Flacco simply wasn't getting the job done. Even if he's limited, Lamar Jackson can provide a burst of energy and excitement that may be enough to jolt this team to the next level. Overall, I'd make this prediction: Lamar Jackson eventually takes the job, looks electric and amazing for 1-2 years, and then eventually regresses or gets hurt. Personally, that's not a ride that I'd sign up for myself, but there's obviously huge upside here if it works out.
(29) QB Josh Allen, Buffalo: 7 points
pick: # 38 on my board, pick # 7
points: 2 for talent, 1 for value, 4 for fit
I feel similarly about Josh Allen that I do with Lamar Jackson. That is: I don't really trust them as R1 talents, but I'm intrigued by the "fit" here.
One reason for that is that I'm actually a A.J. McCarron defender. I believe he can be a solid starting QB, which may buy Josh Allen the time he needs to develop his game and unleash his massive upside. That said, it's still a big risk, which at # 7 feels too rich for my blood. The fact that Josh Rosen (my # 1 QB) was still on the board at the time makes it more damning.
(29) RB Rashaad Penny, Seattle: 7 points
pick: # 51 on my board, pick # 27
points: 2 for talent, 1 for value, 4 for fit
I'm not a huge fan of taking runners in R1 unless they're super-prospects and uber-men like Saquon Barkley, so this feels decidedly like a reach to me. Penny should be able to be a solid starting RB, but that's something you can usually find in R2 as well. I'm not going to quibble with Penny > Derrius Guice (whom I had ranked higher) because I can see an argument for that, but it's more a matter of the high pick.
(31) RB Sony Michel, New England: 7 points
pick: # 39 on my board, pick # 31
points: 3 for talent, 2 for value, 2 for fit
Similar logic applies here. I really like Sony Michel as a player; he can be electric in a rotation. That said, you don't use a R1 pick on a rotational runner. The fact that the Patriots have managed to find solid runners in the scrap heap (like Rex Burkhead) makes it an even odder fit in my mind.
(32) DB Terrell Edmunds, Pittsburgh: 7 points
pick: # 48 on my board, pick # 28
points: 2 for talent, 2 for value, 3 for fit
I don't like the fact that Edmunds ranks dead last here, because I'm not wildly against this pick at all. I wish there was a surefire "bust" that I could beat up instead. Rather, we just have to nitpick instead. And there are some nits to pick here. Edmunds is a great athlete, but I'm not sure he has the instincts and cover ability to stand out as a safety. With a few other safeties I like more on the board (like Wake Forest's Jessie Bates III) it felt like a clear "reach" to me.
An interesting wrinkle may be if the Steelers' actually view Edmunds as a nickel linebacker, which would take advantage of his athleticism and possibly help replace the speedy Ryan Shazier. If the team thinks Edmunds can be a movable chess piece in that way (as opposed to a traditional safety) then I'd like this pick more.
the bottom line
As mentioned before, these exercises are fun for me, but I don't claim to have any expertise and hope no one takes offense. I'd be more curious to hear your own thoughts and favorite picks as opposed to telling me what a moron I am; that part's implied!
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Welcome to /r/CFB! Here is your 2017 Rules Refresher and a brief announcement about our Pre-Season Schedule

Brent Musburger You are looking live at /CFB
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Houston Nutt Are you new here?

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There are countless CFB teams across the nation to support. Wherever you are in the country (or even some parts of the world), there is a college football team close by. Choosing a team can sometimes be hard and really the best way is to just start watching. You'll quickly pick up on who is the most popular team or who is the best. Read /CFB and you'll learn about the different conferences and their apparent biases with ESPN.
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A Hungry Cougar in the Rain What happened during the offseason?

The off-season is dark and full of terror. Thankfully, most of us have survived (RIP ou77-am0) and the season is almost upon us. Still, there were quite a few interesting things/shitposts that happened during the off-season so if you weren't around here's a brief summary of what you missed:
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Touchdown Rule Refresher

Here at /CFB we have some pretty simple rules but here are some of the important ones to keep in mind.
No flair based downvoting
While there is no way for us to check this, we would still like to bring it to attention. The downvote button does not exist to put down teams you don't like, people you don't like or opinions you don't like. Instead, use it to get rid of trolls or bad content. Downvoting just because of flair makes Coach Snyder sad. Don't make Coach Snyder sad.
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No racism, homophobia, sexism, or other bigotry
Seriously. Discussing college football should never lead to this. Remember, this is a place to talk about football, that's it. One of the great things about /CFB is that it isn't the ESPN or comment sections - it's a welcoming place for fans of all teams, regardless of who you are.
Tweets must be made as self-posts
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Kirk Herbstreit Weekly Threads

Now that the season is beginning weekly threads will be back up. We have at least one thread each day. Here is the schedule...
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Monday Complain About Your Team Thread 11:00 AM
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CFP Rankings 9:30 PM
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Thursday User-Friendly Bet Thread 10:55 AM
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ESPN's College Football Gameday Thread 9:00 AM
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Featured Game Threads Varies
Sunday Weekly Wind Down 8:30 PM
AP Poll 2:00 PM
*These threads are run by users and are not scheduled
Due to volume of submissions, the threads for the AP Poll, and CFP Rankings will be posted automatically by CFB_Referee. The Coaches Poll however is open to being posted as links. Whoever posts first, wins. Please be sure to link to the official websites for each poll. Duplicates will be removed. When the CFP Rankings come out a weekly thread will begin devoted to "True Discussion" of the rankings. This thread will allow users to discuss them without jokes or other unrelated content.
New this year
Dear CFB - This thread will be posted on Fridays and is for you to ask for advice or recommendations when you're travelling to different areas/stadiums/games.

Goldy Social Media

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If you are at a tailgate or game, tweet a photo of it tagged with #RCFB and we will retweet them! This season we are trying to get a nationwide look into college football each Saturday.
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Utah Ball Preseason Schedule

New this year, we're modifying how we're handling our regular Weekly Threads in the lead up to the season. The big difference here will be that we're splitting up the Prediction Thread into 8 different threads. There will be 1 thread for each P5 conference, 1 for the G5, a "BOLD" prediction thread, and finally 1 for overall season predictions like who will make the playoffs or win the Heisman. We are also going to limit the number of Depth Chart posts to a single thread where you can post and discuss them all to your heart's content. Additionally, the other Weekly Threads will have their own pre-season counterparts posted on their typical days. Here's what the Pre-Season Schedule will look like:
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Sunday 8/20 Pre-Season Complain About Your Team 10:55 AM
G5 Prediction 11:00 AM
Monday 8/21 MS Paint Monday 10:55 AM
ACC Prediction 11:00 AM
Tuesday 8/22 B1G Prediction 11:00 AM
Wednesday 8/23 Dear CFB 10:55 AM
Big 12 Prediction 11:00 AM
Thursday 8/24 Season-Long User-Friendly Bet Thread 10:50 AM
Pac-12 Prediction 11:00 AM
Friday 8/25 Pre-Season Freshman Friday 10:55 AM
SEC Prediction 11:00 AM
GAMEDAY BOLD Prediction 10:55 AM
2017 Season Prediction 11:00 AM
Image, Video, GIF Thread 11:30 AM
Monday 8/28 2017 Depth Charts Discussion 11:00 AM
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Lee Corso Final Thoughts

This season will be the busiest season in /CFB's history. We continue to grow and push our outreach even farther. Remember, /CFB is built by you, the user. Without the daily content submitted or the thousands of comments, /CFB would be a barren place. We hail ourselves as being the best subreddit on reddit and we are doing our best to keep it that way. With so many users, there are bound to be a few bad apples. Don't let them steer you away. Let's do our best to welcome new users and educate them on the sport we all know and love. Here is to more touchdowns, more fans, and another amazing season on /CFB.
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Idiots Guide to Soccer
Last week I found myself trying to explain the layout of the different soccer (football) leagues and competitions to a friend who told me he just didn’t understand soccer. This article is for those who relate to being that friend.
Bare with me I am going to try to outline it as simply as humanly possible, it is a lot to learn so if you need to take a break I certainly encourage it. Feel free to skip to the sections that interest you. IF you are here looking to choose a team to root for this is not going to be for you. With that said let’s get going. Below this is a rough outline to get you started, it will lay out the topics I will cover so you can finally at least understand what those guys talking soccer mean.
Stop and imagine a world which the NFL had a competitor. Yup I know it is hard, but imagine the Mexican and Canadian Leagues had worthy competition of the NFL. The Tijuana Tigers had won the Mexican League and now are trying to beat their chests, they think they are better than the New England Patriots. Same goes for the Canadian League Champions, the Saskatchewan Eskimos. Now all of North America is divided (not by walls) but by different leagues and levels of competition. The fans in Canada think that their defense would silence Brady. Oh shit, now New England is picking up their shovels and ready to go to war. Only so long can this go forward without male bravado needing to be played out. Thus the Champions League is born. A league for the best of the best to compete and decide who the true undisputed #1 champion is.
  1. Champions League (UCL)
    1. This is for the top tier teams of the European leagues where they square off to receive the ultimate crown.
  2. Europa League
    1. The little brother of Champions league.
  3. League Play
    1. Premier League (EPL)(England)
    2. Bundesliga (Germany)
    3. La Liga (Spain)
    4. Serie A (Italy)
    5. Ligue 1 (France)
  4. World Cup
    1. Divide all the players by their nationality to represent their countries and see which country has the most firepower (Don’t get me started on Fra(ud)nce).
  5. Other Competitions
    1. Irrelevant until you have been watching for a season if we are being honest.
Champions League (UCL)
We are starting with this due to the coincidental timing of the article publication and with the hype surrounding this competition. These are the games that seem to be populating that time slot on TNT where you were hoping to rewatch The Dark Knight for the 20th time. As outlined above, we got here by different countries in Europe proclaiming that their top team was the best in the world. This was founded in 1955, originally titled the European Champion Clubs’ Cup. Certainly didn’t roll of the tongue. Had a quick rebranding in 1992 and now we are at the UEFA Champions League, a round robin, ultimate champion decider.
How do you qualify?
For the long drawn out explanation, give a peep to the Wikipedia page here, there is a whole piece on mathematical coefficients (fuck that). But for those looking to understand it on a fundamental level, if you are in a top league the top few teams in the standings would qualify. Semi-similar to the College Football Playoff system that was recently established. As of this year, the top four leagues were La Liga, Bundesliga, EPL, and Italy in order. Each of those four leagues had their top 4 teams qualify for this tournament. France’s Ligue 1 is currently on the out looking in with their top 3 teams qualifying. Then the tournament is rounded out with play-in rounds, as any good competition should.
Format (Group vs Knockout stages)
This one is pretty simple to grasp as a concept. We start off with group drawings, 32 teams in total. Then from there it is a double round-robin. Eight groups are split into four teams, and each team will play each other twice. Below is an example from this year’s tournament. Top two teams from each group will advance into the knockout stage. The third place team will be placed into the Europa League which is covered later. The knockout stage differs from most American sports in one specific way, so let’s jump over to that.
Check out the example of a Champions League table (formatting issue when I tried to insert it)
In the knockout rounds, each team will receive a draw (again a little complicated process, but just know that number one seeds are not pitted against each other to start). There is a home leg and an away leg, with the score being aggregate. Quick example for those back home:
This year Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain played in the knockout round. First game we have PSG taking it to Man U in Manchester, final score 2-0. Then in the second game, which is played in Paris(important), Man U wins 3-1 over PSG. For those keeping score we have a 3-3 tie, right? Wrong. Manchester United upsets PSG and advances. The first tie-breaker is away goals. So with 3 away goals Man U beats PSG’s 2 away goals.
The UEFA Champions League Final DOES NOT have 2 legs. Played in a neutral site, the two teams play, winner takes all.
Quick Q&A:
When does Champions League start? And how often are games played? Why so long?
The Group drawing occurs at the end of August. This past year was August 30th, in Monaco. The first set of game was played on September 18th-19th, with the second set on October 2nd-3rd. The reason there is a decent amount of time between games is because teams are deep in their league play and the players are already stretched thin as it is.
How important is it to be in Champions League?
Considering the fee the team receives just for being in the group stage is €15,250,000 it is pretty important if you want your club to hang around with the big boys.
Isn’t it just Real Madrid, Man U, and Barcelona winning all the time?
Well, yes and no. Real Madrid’s rich history can not be argued. They are sitting atop the championships table with 13 UCL trophies, but Milan, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Ajax, and Inter Milan are all above Man U so the field is a little more open than you would think.
Europa League (UEL)
The formation of this competition is a bit convoluted, so lets make some sparknotes.
With Europa League since it is meant to play as the little brother competition to the UCL, you will find a vast spectrum of teams participating in it. Yes, teams like Arsenal and Chelsea are in it but so are clubs like Slavia Sofia, or Prishtina. 10 points if you can name the country either of those clubs plays in without Googling it. This is important as it can give exposure to smaller clubs all around Europe and give them a chance at glory, or even just to be seen by some of the talent directors of those big clubs. The big clubs are perpetually on the lookout for talent they can rip out of the clutches from these smaller clubs. That is how the game is played for better or worse and is actually one of the ways smaller clubs can build themselves into relevancy with the money they receive for these players. Enough about that though, this competition is aimed to provide a platform for even more soccer to be played in these months and decide who the “best of the rest” is in Europe.
League Play (English Premier League)
OH BOY. If you are still reading I have to give you credit for being persistent I will do my best to keep it flowing. Starting off with the most lucrative individual league in the world, the English Premier League (EPL). Wikipedia has them listed as the 4th highest revenue generating league in the world. Over the NHL and under the NBA (EPL has 10 less teams than the NBA).
In 1992 the FA Premier League was founded. This was to secure one hell of a TV rights deal, isn’t it always? In 2013-2014 the rights were sold for £1 billion per season. Currently the Premier League is the most-watched sports league in the world.
With 20 teams in the league, each team plays each other twice. Yes as you can see there is a slight pattern in soccer with the home and away legs of these matchups. A total of 38 games per team are played, a win is three points, a tie is 1 point, and it goes without saying but a loss is none. At the end of the season the standings are FINAL. There are NO playoffs. Just a table staring you in the face and having to accept the effort your team put forth during the season is all you will have to your name.
Is there a punishment for the bottom teams? Funny I should ask myself that, yes there is. The bottom three teams of the EPL are banished (the technical term is relegated) to the EFL Championship. Don’t let the title fool you all it is is the EPL’s second tier. There are 4 main leagues in England and teams will bounce up or down according to their play every season.
These are the games you see on TV on Saturday mornings. Post Super Bowl this is my favorite time of the week for sports. All I can recommend to you is that you pick a team. Eventually I will write an article on which team you should support and why but for now Buzzfeed can probably do it better. Once you have picked that team just follow it. Understand that sometimes they are playing in the UCL, UEL, or EPL and although this may be confusing at first a natural understanding comes with time. You will hear the announcers discuss their current form (whether they are hot or cold) and talk about the general landscape of the league.
League Play cont. (Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1)
We are going to group these together for my sake and your sake. Honestly if you are someone reading in the US your options to watch these games can be quite limited and daunting to try to line up with the time differences. Right now if you are an ESPN+ member I recommend checking out the Serie A, Bundesliga I believe runs pretty frequently on FS1, but I struggle to find La Liga or Ligue 1 games for the most part. I am going to run through the leagues sort of similar to Europa League, lets just spark notes it all.
La Liga Santander (One hell of a sponsorship to actually name the league!)
Serie A
Ligue 1
To give you some perspective these are the 2017-2018 revenue totals from the top leagues in the world. Displayed in millions of Euros.
  1. National Football League - €11,394
  2. Major League Baseball - €8,957
  3. National Basketball Association - €6,271
  4. Premier League - €5,340
  5. National Hockey League - €4,119
  6. Bundesliga - €3,810
  7. La Liga - €3,363
  8. Serie A - €2,267
  9. Champions League - €2,089
  10. Formula One - €1,830
  11. Ligue 1 - €1,644
Thanks for reading, I hope you learned a thing or two as you went through this. My best advice if you truly want to give soccer fandom a try, is to pick a club, research just a tiny bit about the tradition behind the club, research its top 3 players, then just watch a game and see if it sticks. If you are lucky and have friends to argue with about it then it will become just another sport to uselessly yell over with good friends. Best of luck to you.
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