Top 10 Online Gambling Companies in the World | Market

SwC Poker: #1 Bitcoin Poker Site

SwC Poker is the largest Bitcoin online poker site in the world.

KingCasino this is the world's largest cryptocurrency casino, which offers a variety of online games and sports betting. The platform is a completely transparent system-all transactions are saved and anyone can check the progress of all operations on Etherscan. In KingCasino all bets have a winner.

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[Sports] - World's largest online betting firm created with TSG takeover | Guardian

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[Sports] - World's largest online betting firm created with TSG takeover

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Scientific Games Launches Online Sports Betting Platform For Szerencsejáték Zrt., Hungary's State-Owned Lottery And Largest Gaming Provider

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Do you do online sports betting? What was the largest amount you've won?

Also did you have any problems withdrawing your winnings or cashing he checks?
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Easy reading breakdown of DKNG as it soars

Disclosure: This is not a comprehensive breakdown, and it's not meant to be. Just some key points and context that I thought you'd find interesting.
DraftKings is technology stock meets gambling
Three main products: Daily fantasy sports or DFS, Sportsbook, iGaming
DFS is OG DraftKings. Fantasy sports are where players make fantasy teams and battle each other to win money. However, sportsbook is where the money is: betting actual money on actual sports against the house. iGaming is basically an online casino with some online games you can gamble on, in addition to the classics like blackjack and Russian roulette.
In addition to DraftKings, there’s also SBTech, the online gambling technology company that had an arranged marriage as part of the DKNG merger.
Landmark Case
In 2018, the Supreme Court knocks down the federal law prohibiting sports gambling throughout the United States. Pandora’s box is open. Each state has to decide what it wants to do with gambling on its own.
The Path to Legalization
Map of Sportsbook legality
DFS legality is more widespread
Currently, 36% of the USA population lives in a state with some form of legal gambling and 24% in a state with legal online gambling. The population living where DraftKings is live or going live is only 13% of the country. There’s a lot of ground to cover.
NJ is the posterchild for sports betting legalization at the moment, and it’s DraftKings promised land. Generating 30% of DraftKings total revenue, it is a testament to the money waiting to be made if sports betting is made fully legal.
The Risks for DraftKings
Regulation: Gambling is a money-maker, but it’s also a social disease. States will want to cash in with taxes of 6.8 to 36% but it will be a tough battle to make it happen. And that battle will unfold state by state. Just like with the marijuana industry, the fate of the market is undeniably shaped by how legalization unfolds. It could end up being a niche hobby in select states, or it could end up like gambling in the United Kingdom, where there’s a gambling shop on every corner. Or there could be a huge gambling market, but one that is monopolized by the States exclusively. If they’re going to allow gambling, why not take all the profits, right?
Competition: FanDuel and DraftKings once considered a merger before the FTC played tough. Now, together they own 95% of the DFS market in the USA with a slight majority going to DraftKings. However, there will be fierce competition as new states open up, and missteps could be stifling for either company in the early stages. The lifeblood fueling this battle? Cold hard cash burned up in advertising and incentivizing dollars. Maybe it’s not as bad as Uber since gambling has a chance at being profitable, but if you don’t like to see money burning, think twice about entering the online sports betting market over this coming decade.
Technology: The hardware of gambling is a liability. Paying for the bandwidth needed at the exact moment of a match when everybody checks their bet is expensive. Payment processing, user validation, server hosting, sports data, app store placement: these are all areas of vulnerability and cost that you can minimize but can’t eliminate. With SBTech in the fold, having complete vertical integration is the aim and strength of DraftKings.
The House Always Wins…Usually: Writing bets means risk. Thankfully, the DFS is player versus player, so DraftKings always wins, taking something like EDIT: up to 15% of what players put in. It's a bookkeeper's wet dream. But Sportsbook and iGaming have classic gambling risks which should be fine over the long-term.
The Good Side (and Oh God They’re Beautiful)
Growth Potential: It’s a technology stock. The PE Ratio is over 600. When you buy DraftKings, you’re buying the dream of an America where gambling is as American as the Ford F150. A matured Sportsbook market in the USA would be around $20 billion, about $85 per adult. It’s a beautiful untapped (and non-existent) market with lots of money waiting to be taken. With Coronavirus, the slice of the sports betting pie that goes digital is bound to be more than ever before, if the sports happen
COVID19: The only thing that can stop a sports betting company from making money is getting rid of sports. Thankfully, new sports like Table Tennis, eSports, and a host of other betting topics have allowed DraftKings to get by. With lots of cash on hand ($450 million plus) and a monthly burn of $15 million, there’s enough to weather the storm. And if sports reopen with empty stadiums, fans may turn to online gambling to get their authentic sport experience.
Turnaround Time: The largest expense that DraftKings has is conquering new markets. Every time a state opens up, it’s a massive investment. That’s why analysts and executives don’t think DraftKings will run net positive for years to come. However, DraftKings experience in New Jersey has shown an average turnaround time of about two years is all it takes to recoup their initial investment when entering a new market. Some pretty tasty data to have coming in.
The Numbers
Revenue was up to $323 million in 2019 from $226 million and $191 million the years prior. NJ made up $86 million of that, growing by 8.5x after sports betting legalization in late 2018 to make up over a quarter of revenue in 2019.
Net loss however was $146 million in 2019 from $76 million and $73 million the years prior. Cost of Revenue was $103 million, Sales and Marketing was $185 million, Product and Tech was $55 million, and General and Administrative was $124 million of that. DraftKings has never been in the green. They attribute the accelerated burn in 2019 to growth in new markets so whether its aggressive or reckless is up to you. To be fair, if you’re investing in this stock, you should be expecting them to burn every single dollar they get at this point.
Average monthly unique players was up to 684k in 2019 from 601k and 574k with the average revenue per monthly unique player up to $39 from $31 and $28. As of March 31st 2020, there were 720k monthly unique players with average revenue of $41 per. So continued growths in the midst of the early Coronavirus pandemic. Q2 will be revealing for certain.
The stock just skyrocketed to $34+ yesterday meaning a market cap of over $10 billion and a PE ratio of over 600. Take it for what it’s worth to you.
Some Quirks
DraftKings revenue is seasonal. Q4 is the best when the NFL and NBA coincide, with Q3 and Q1 being roughly equivalent, and Q2 basically being garbage. With COVID mainly taking out Q2, perhaps there’s hope for sports by Q3 and Q4 to hit those high-earning months?
Controlled Structure: You get 1 vote for 1 stock, but CEO and Founder Jason Robins gets 10 votes for each stock. So whatever you do, he has 90% of the voting power. Good for long-term growth in a highly reactive landscape, but being powerless is never a fun feeling.
SBTech offers B2B solutions for other gambling companies looking to offer online sports betting and iGaming, so there’s that added benefit. In fact, the share of B2B has been growing from 1% in 2018 to 5% in 2019, so some diversification is happening.
DraftKings’s ticker symbol DKNG reminds me of Donkey Kong
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[PHO Sunday] - Aleph-Bet games Exchange & Update, Summer 2012

♦ Topic: Aleph-Bet Games Exchange & Update, Summer 2012 In: Boards ► Games Silicon_Lily (Moderator) Posted on May 31st, 2012:
With termination of some experimental programs (see Murderhall, in subsection below), the data exchange for the summer cycle will revert back to prior limits. In the video game category, there will be 200GB of content sent, 200GB of content received. Games were selected with an eye to cultural value, popularity, and keeping to the allocated bandwidth restriction.
Prime your mouse & WADC!
Lonely Knowing (50G) - The surreal and emotional game voted 1st by Earth Bet gamers, a cultural landmark, Lonely Knowing was written and created by a tinker construct, the A.I. Bitter Tuna, who was in turn created by PRT tinker Root.
Protea Southeast (50G) - Created by a South African game company, Umkhoba, Protea Southeast was created in homage to Japan and is subtly rooted in Japanese styles. Described by some as a more focused Earth Aleph style game, with a defined 20 hours of narrative and less sandboxy action, it will be interesting to see how Earth Aleph responds to it.
Gameswheel (45G) - A collection of over 100 smaller games from competitions and development circles, released outside of the subscription structures and channels. Due to subscription and rights issues, they will be made available to Earth Aleph for only a limited time.
Opera of the Void (27G) - Annual update for OotV. Update brings cross-compatibility to other games from PRT Games, including Murderhall, Ahriman, and Conversations. Success and development in one game now offers some limited benefits in other games in the same network. Update includes ship and crew art from PRT Type-C swipe cards: swipe your favorite parahuman's card for a ship skin or to give your crew member a color scheme. Update also includes support and game modes aimed at children as young as 6; game's tinker aspects now better model and structure behavior, crisis management, anger management, addiction, and non-neurotypical thinking for younger minds, with recent tests suggesting behavior improves by 12 to 33%. Talk to your doctor before playing.
Murderhall (26G) - Summer update for Murderhall. Patch notes below. There's a lot going on, so we're covering it in a separate heading.
Ransack (2G) - Content patch for Ransack. There will be no inter-world Ransack tournament this year. Statement [here.] Content patch adds Whiterock, Ancient City, Lantern Town, Black Swamp, and City Under Siege overlord packs. Adds Temptress, Electrician, Raider, and Arbalester classes, play to unlock constituent parts. Tuning allows specific Ransack leagues to adjust the game's auto-balance feature to competitive, innovative, and explorative directions.
Receive: Monte (90.6G) - The labor of 15 years of love by a company of 20. What appears on the surface to be an isometric adventure game unfolds to reveal the largest hand-crafted world ever created. The file size sadly gives away some of the experience. Earth Aleph players in 2011 started playing what seemed to be a small and simple game executed beautifully, that gradually unfolded and expand without any apparent limit, filled with personal touches and deep lore.
Clay Dawn: Beneath (37G) - The DLC and packet of updates for Clay Dawn, released Fall 2011 and sent to Bet in Winter 2011. A 4x civilization game that puts players in the role of a god creating a new fantasy race and society. Opens with an inter-player auction for qualities, strengths, and features, and then moves into the very beginning of that race's existence, making choices as nuanced as type and style of language or writing system, art, and style of politics, with the possibility of truly asymmetrical gameplay. CD:Beneath adds the caverns underground, possibilities for underground races, and Deep Mythos, for races that may want to gamble with digging too deep.
Obligitare (30G) - A controversial choice, Obligitare may be the first game designed specifically with the intention of qualifying for the data exchange on cultural grounds. Created by Aleph Evangelicals, called 'the best Christian game ever', this ethereal and intense action game puts the player in the role of the unnamed Martyr, fighting their way through a dark world with close parallels to biblical imagery (Example: a central figure hung by rope instead of crucified). Not for kids.
Pact: Devils and Details (21.9G) - Based on the more adult-focused series spun off from the Maggie Holt YA novels, an atmospheric adventure game that received a lukewarm initial response after the company's initial hit, but has received much warmer feedback in recent months. A modern update to the adventure genre, take the role of a young man who inherits his grandmother's house and her trove of dark magic. This comes packaged with the Mirror DLC, for a co-op (or competitive, depending on your mindset) play experience, best played online.
Rot & Rue (15G) - Chosen in answer to last season's game from Bet ('Dead End') after a marketing campaign. After the nomination, the developer was quoted as saying: "Zombie games reflect our anxieties about the future and the state of society. I do not believe the world is going to end or that things are as dire as Dead End portrays them. Rot and Rue dwells on somber questions of politics and compromise, and the questions we have to ask when things get bad'. An intimate game centered around a settlement in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, with meaningful decision trees and high-stakes combat where one mistake can mean the loss of anyone (or everyone) in your settlement.
Urban Animals (1.1G) - 21st on the popularity rankings, this indie game puts players in the role of anthropomorphic animals in dead end jobs, dealing with gangs, shut up in their rooms, or dealing with disabilities and other mental health issues. Stylish and provocative, this game gives the player a different 'animal' each time, with a unique personality and life circumstance. A 'social deckbuilder' that asks you where and how you want to allocate your mental resources or use the nuances of your personality to get through your days.
Remainder: various patches for other games. For details, click [here.]
After frequent server outages and issues with the tinkertech game's maintenance from across the Aleph-Bet portal, the James administration of the US government of Aleph seems to be discouraged with the 'Murderhall' experiment and do not plan to continue the program.
For the time being, the US-Bet military, police, PRT, and sports teams continue to enjoy access to the full game, and all of the cognitive and teamwork-building benefits it confers. The PRT acquired the tinker, who remains anonymous, and they continue to monitor and screen for any issues. With the election later this year, there's a chance the new administration will block free access to the game and potentially even exclusive access to the game. For the time being we can expect the Summer and Fall updates to the game (backdated 6 months; the winter and spring updates for the full release) to be released to the public as usual.
To counter rumors, the PRT stated:
There are no plans to release the restrictions on data gathering. The evolving game may evolve more slowly and less specifically to you as a player as a consequence, but we will continue to comply with ESAA rules on data collection.
The summer update brings faster turnaround on changes in game content, to respond to the user. Optional 'red mode' optimizes teamwork for groups that play regularly, improving coordination, response times, interpersonal intuition, and empathy by a further 6%, but steeply reduces effect and may cause minor difficulties or confusion if games are not played at least every three days. Also featured is PRT Type-C swipe card functionality, with avatar and weapon skins themed after your favorite parahumans.
See a doctor before playing Murderhall.
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The Wrong Package

Walking down the hallway of my apartment, I notice three brown boxes on the floor in front of my door.
“That was fast!” I say, talking to myself.
My amazon order was just placed yesterday, the bastards sure are getting fast. Thank god for Amazon Prime, or I would have to wait awhile to replace my computer parts. I opened the door and without looking, I brought all three packages in. Setting them on the table I waste no time in opening them. Box one had the memory card upgrade I so desperately needed. Box two has my new keyboard, it is supposed to make online gaming even easier. The final and third box is not mine, but I don’t realize it. It actually belongs to my next door neighbor Sara, but in my excitement, I open it without checking the address.
Inside and discreetly packaged under some bubble wrap are three glass objects. I pick them up examining them, unsure exactly what they are. I grab the box, look at the label and see Sara’s name and address on them.
“Oh shit!” talking to myself. “I know what these are!” a big smile on my face.
I’m looking at three glass butt plugs. It must be a starter set. All three are different sizes and weights. The largest look’s like a challenge, the small one looks too tiny to even feel good. A big smile still remains on my face, which soon fades to a horror shock. I now realized I just opened Sara’s package, which is a dick move. I also happened to open a package with sex toy’s inside, not just a package with printer ink, or kitchen cutlery. No! It had to be sex toys. Holding the large glass plug, I can not stop looking at it, wondering how it will fit in Sara.
Sara is my next door neighbor, she moved in six months ago. We really don’t know each other well outside of the casual hello’s we have said in passing. Sara moved in with her boyfriend, but I have not seen him around much lately. Sara is mid twenties and of average height. She has a hourglass figure and some thicker thighs, while her upper torso is slim. She has long brunette hair, and I mean long. I saw her once with it completely down, hangs down to her ass.
I stand at my table and start to think, I can’t just walk up and knock and tell her how sorry I am for opening up her butt plugs.
“Here Sara, I accidentally opened your box of butt plugs. Sorry for the confusion.” I mockingly say aloud.
That would sound so stupid. The thought of her using these is turning me on so much, I begin to grow hard. I begin playing different scenarios in my mind of me using these on Sara, or her asking me to help her with them since I obviously know what she ordered. All a fantasy in my mind of course, see I’m not exactly Sara’s type. The few men I have seen her with are polar opposites of me. I’m a chubby overweight guy, with glasses and a gut. The only sport’s Ive played have been in video games, and even there I am awful. Before placing the plugs back in the box, I hold the large on in my hand. I open my mouth, shoving the plug in my mouth. I suck really hard on it, making it a tight fit, the same feeling Sara’s ass will have when this goes in her at some point. I repackage it all up nicely and try to tape it so it looks sealed. I leave the package outside Sara’s door, hopefully she will never know.
A week or so pass’s by and I am at my computer screen. I hear arguing coming from Sara’s apartment. Sound’s like her boyfriend, and they are arguing loudly, my thin walls do little to hide the fight. They fight for close to a hour, then a loud door slam outside in the hall, followed by silence. Sitting at my computer, I get an idea. One to make Sara feel better, and make up for what I did to her. Plus it sounds like she is single, so she may really like it.
I pull up a sextoy website and begin browsing. I know nothing of what females like and don’t like, Ive fucked maybe 3 women, all short lived and of little excitement. I go solely off user reviews and come across this little purple viborator. Women claim it is a game changer, and how after you purchase the device, you won't even need a man. Maybe all my ex girlfriends bought these I think to myself. I type in my purchase information, give Sara’s name and address. I send the item as a gift, so my name won’t be attached to it. I hit order, and my cock twitches, the thought of Sara using her butt plugs and the viborator I bought her excites me. I pull up some porn and spend the next hour of my night jerking my life away to the thought of Sara.
A few days later the package arrives outside her door. I wait patiently all day for Sara to get home. I can’t help but wonder what she will think, and wonder how she got another toy. A few hours later I hear the opening and closing of the door, Sara is home. I peak my head outside and the package is gone. I hope she uses the toy tonight on herself.
Around midnight or so I am deep in a World of Warcraft game, I played 3 hours straight and needed a break. I take my headphones off and walk to the bedroom to grab my phone charger. Through the wall I hear slight moaning. I put my ear directly on the wall and hear the moaning louder and what sounds like her viborator, perhaps Sara is using my toy! I wish I could hear more, but her moans are quiet, and conspicuous. I pull out my cock, and begin masturbating to the sounds of Sara. Using my imagination I imagine the butt plug in her ass, and me using the viborator on her while she is pleasured. I cum too soon and release myself in my hand, a good orgasim at least.
I wait another few weeks before the urge to buy another thing for Sara rushes over me. I go back on the sex site and look again, for the perfect toy. I find a nine inch, thick dildo that vibrates. It has stellar reviews, and women talk about how it really opens them up. This will be perfect. I order and send it to Sara, just like before. I also include a pair of lacey black see through panties, I hope the size is correct. Before I hit submit I see I can include a message with the delivery. I pause for a moment thinking hard about my next actions. I decide to send a message. “I hope you enjoyed the previous gift, as another gesture of kindness please enjoy this additional toy for your enjoyment - A Unknown Friend.” I hit send and begin to wait.
Like the package before, it is not long before it arrives. Sara brings the package in yet again. Every half hour I walk to my bedroom to see if I can hear anything. Around 11 that evening, my patience pays off. I hear Sara’s soft and quiet moans through the walls, I bet she is wearing the panties, and has them pulled to the side with her plug in. Using her new dildo to pleasure her pussy. Wondering who her new friend is. I masturbate again, this time even quicker. The excitement of sending Sara these toys is really hot to me, and I love doing this.
A few days later I am walking to my apartment, in the hall I see a small manila envelope on my doorstep. The envelope is light, with no writing on it. I bring it inside and open it immediately. Inside of a sandwich baggy is a pair of lace see through black panties, similar to the ones I bought Sara. I open the bag and smell, the aroma of vagina is evident and hit my nose with such delight I almost fall over. I take them out of the bag quickly, holding them in my hand. The crotch is used, white crust flakes on it. These are the ones I bought Sara, but how would she know? A small Post-It note is in the manilla envelope. The note has a smiley face, today’s date and a time of “11:00 on the deck”. I rush to the bedroom to masturbate, smelling the panties as I jerk myself off thinking of Sara.
At 10:45 that night I open my deck slider and sit on a patio chair. Our apartments have small patios, us being on the third floor we have some privacy from below. Our patios face each other directly. At 11:00 exactly I hear Sara’s patio door open, she walks out in a full robe covering her whole body. She sits on her lounge chair, which she adjusted to lean almost all the way back. Sitting down in the chair with her robe she smiles at me. It's tough to see outside with no moon in the sky and little light. Sara’s light from her apartment helps me see her just enough.
“You know, maybe next time you should be more sneaky when ordering random girls sex toys.” she says to me.
“Well it was my first time doing this.” apologizing to her.
Sara unties her robe, and opens the fabric up revealing herself. “It’s okay, I enjoyed them. Plus I’m single now, so I need all the toy’s I can get.” Saras breasts are exposed and are parted naturally. Her petite upper frame revealing a respectable B cup breasts. Her thick thighs are hiding her most intimate parts, but she looks amazing.
“How did you know it was me?” I ask
“I called the website and gave them the order number, I told them my boyfriend bought the toy but no receipt came with it.” she says laughing. Sara spreads her legs apart, revealing her Vagina and a small circular ball underneath. Sara has a plug inserted into her ass. “Now shut up and allow me to say thank you.”
Sara reaches down with her hand and begins to massage her labia, stimulating her clit. She uses her other hand to squeeze tightly on her right nipple. Sara bites her lip and closes her eyes. She pleasures herself as if I am not even there. Not too long into the pleasure session, Sara pulls out the dildo I bought for her from a pocket on the robe. She places the head of the dildo in her mouth, then begins to use it on her vagina. She pleasures herself, moving the dildo in and out of her with ease. She has no struggles when pushing the dildo inside her all the way. I sit watching in pure amazement, I’m truly wondering if I am dreaming or if this is really happening. Sara is not moaning as loudly as normal, probably cuz of the neighbors down below. Sara pleasures herself for close to 20 minutes. I can see she is getting close to cumming, her face is rapidly twitching, she is fucking herself faster. I hear her finally let out a loud moan, she removes the dildo from her and I see her pussy twitching. The butt plug is pushed out of her as she orgasms.
Sara lies there a moment, composes herself. Standing up, she covers herself once more. She opens the slider door, before leaving she turns to me
“Thanks for the toys, can’t wait for the next one.” she says smiling.
Sara disappears into her apartment, shutting the drapes. I finally go back to my apartment in disbelief of what happened. Watching Sara pleasure herself was the most erotic and beautiful thing I have ever seen. I rush to my computer and pull up the sex toy page, It’s time to place another order!
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Take aways from FansUnite Webinar with CEO and Directors. B2B & B2C revenue streams, aggressive M&A, and international expansion

$FANS is operating both B2B and B2C revenue models of the business and is pursuing an aggressive M&A strategy. In saturated markets $fans will be offering their underlying betting platform to existing companies. #B2B Explicitly stated a goal of adding two b2b partners/quarter.
Where opportunity exists $fans intends to gain footholds through M&A. Recent example is the acquisition of Mcbookie, the largest online sport book in Scotland. This is how they intend to spread globally with another acquisition said to be coming in the next 120 days.
$FANS is also looking to break into the already saturated sports betting #US market through the b2b software side by offering existing large stakeholders #Fans software. This negates the large marketing spend and other costs it would take to establish their own large stakeholder.
#US presents some challenges for $FANS because regulations and licensing vary between states but directors indicated they were looking towards New Jersey and Colorado to be the first points of penetration in the US using Esports betting capabilities to give them an edge.
$FANS has 18 months of runway! By which time they expect to be revenue positive meaning they do not expect to do any major financings any time soon. With multiple revenue streams, aggressive M&A, and a plan for continued international expansion, money should be pouring in soon.
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Cineplex (TSX: $CGX)
Another great medium risk but high potential return stock. The stock has taken a beating because of Covid19 & movie theater closures.
Investors think Cineworld's C$34/share buyout offer will be cancelled, yet Reuter's reported, "Cineworld Says No Change In Co's Position On Cineplex Takeover Since March" on April 7. That's double your money at C$11.69 (at post) if it goes through.
Investors also think Cineplex will cancel their monthly $0.15 per share dividend in their next ER that they delayed until June 29, 2020.
Investors are discounting Cineplex's possible rise of online movie rentals to offset their onsite losses.
The odds don't get better than this but do your Due Diligence before investing.
The Motley Fool described Cineplex as having a "virtual monopoly" over the cinema market in Canada.
#StockPick $CGX -- #ShakingTheTree with #Shorts hitting all the #Bulls #StopLoss down. Easy double or triple opportunity here. Do your #DueDiligence. Good luck to all.
#StockPick #CGX $CGX $CGX.TO


52 Week Range:
Low: C$6.30 (Coronavirus Crash)
High: C$34.39 (Buyout Offer)
CGX Stock Performance
Cineplex Inc., formerly known as Cineplex Galaxy Income Fund and Galaxy Entertainment Inc. is a Canadian entertainment company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Through its operating subsidiary Cineplex Entertainment LP, Cineplex operates 165 theatres across Canada. The company operates theatres under numerous brands, including Cineplex Cinemas, Cineplex Odeon, SilverCity, Galaxy Cinemas, Cinema City, Famous Players, Scotiabank Theatres and Cineplex VIP Cinemas.
  • Cineplex Odeon
  • Galaxy
  • Famous Players
  • SilverCity
  • Colossus
  • Coliseum
  • Cinema City
  • Scotiabank Theatre
  • Cineplex Cinemas
  • Cineplex VIP Cinemas
  • Cineplex Entertainment LP
  • Player One Amusement Group Inc.
  • Famous Players LP
  • Galaxy Entertainment Inc.
  • Cineplex Media
  • Cineplex Digital Media Inc.
  • Canadian Digital Cinema Partnership (78.2%)
  • Topgolf-Cineplex Canada LP (75%)
  • SCENE LP (50%)
  • Cineplex Entertainment Corporation
  • World Gaming Network Inc. (80%)
  • Alliance Cinemas
2019-present: Proposed acquisition by Cineworld
On December 16, 2019, Cineplex announced a definitive agreement to be acquired by the British cinema operator Cineworld Group, the second-largest film exhibitor worldwide, pending shareholder and regulatory approval. Cineworld would be paying $34 per-share—a 42% premium over Cineplex's share price prior to the announcement, valuing the company at CDN$2.8 billion. Cineworld planned to pay US$1.65 billion, and to fund the remainder by taking on debt.
The sale was approved by Cineplex shareholders in February 2020. Activist shareholder Bluebell Capital Partners called for the Canadian government to block the sale, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. which in turn led to the temporary closure(s) of all Cineplex movie theatres across Canada since March 16, 2020, and up until further notice.
Cineplex Store
Browse from over 8500 HD movies including the latest releases and earn SCENE points every time you rent or buy. Watch online or look for the Cineplex Store.
ESPORTS: WorldGaming Network (WGN), formerly Virgin Gaming (now owned by Cineplex), is an online video gaming platform that hosts head to head matches, tournaments and ladders for consoles and PC gamers. WorldGaming has had over 3 million gamers register for its platform worldwide which makes it one of the most robust and dynamic global eSports communities. There have been over 6.7 million matches played over 20,000 tournaments held on since 2010.
Newzoo: Global esports will top $1 billion in 2020, with China as the top market (Feb 25, 2020):
Global esports revenues will surpass $1 billion in 2020 for the first time — without counting broadcasting platform revenues, according to market researcher Newzoo.
Globally, the total esports audience will grow to 495.0 million people in 2020, Newzoo said. Esports Enthusiasts (people who watch more than once a month) make up 222.9 million of this number.
In 2020, $822.4 million in revenues—or three-quarters of the total market—will come from media rights and sponsorship.
“As the esports market matures, new monetization methods will be implemented and improved upon,” said Remer Rietkerk, head of esports at Newzoo, in the report. “Likewise, the number of local events, leagues, and media rights deals will increase; therefore, we anticipate the average revenue per fan to grow to $5.27 by 2023.”
On September 13, 2018, Cineplex announced that it would acquire a stake in VRStudios—a Seattle-based provider of virtual reality installations, and utilize its equipment for as many as 40 VR centers across the country.
Playdium is a family entertainment centre chain owned by Cineplex Entertainment through its subsidiary Player One Amusement Group. The flagship location in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada launched as Sega City @ Playdium near Square One Shopping Centre on September 7, 1996. The 11 acres (480,000 sq ft) centre cost CA$17 million to build and included an arcade, batting cages, go-karts and mini-golf. A partnership with Sega GameWorks, it featured many arcade games from that company such as Daytona USA, and eight-player racing setups for Indy 500 (as Virtua Indy) and Manx TT Super Bike. Indy 500 remains available today. In 1999, the centre was renamed to Playdium. The company opened up two more locations in Brampton and Whitby in late 2019.
The Rec Room
The Rec Room is a Canadian chain of entertainment restaurants owned by Cineplex Entertainment. First opening in Edmonton in 2016, its locations feature entertainment and recreational attractions such as an arcade, driving simulators, recreational games, and virtual reality, as well as restaurants and bars, and an auditorium with a cinema-style screen, which can be used for concerts and other live events.
The Toronto location features The Void virtual reality attraction. In July 2018, Cineplex announced that it would become the exclusive Canadian franchisee of The Void and add additional locations (such as the Mississauga and West Edmonton Mall locations).
SCENE (loyalty program)
SCENE is a Canadian loyalty program established in 2007 by Cineplex Entertainment and Scotiabank.
The main reward is a free movie ticket, starting at 1,250 points for a regular or 3D ticket. Over the years, the program has expanded to include a greater variety of rewards, including restaurants and sporting goods.
Cineplex has an Outtakes (French: Restoplex) restaurant in 94 theatres, some which replace previous restaurant partners (Burger King, KFC and New York Fries) and others which introduce restaurants at locations which did not previously feature one. VIP Cinemas and some Xscape locations feature a licensed lounge with more premium offerings compared to Outtakes. Poptopia is a flavoured popcorn restaurant offered in a full-service format at 22 locations. Other Cineplex theatres may feature Poptopia at the concession stand, but only in the caramel corn and/or kettle corn flavours.
Ice cream at Cineplex locations debuted with Baskin-Robbins and TCBY. Beginning in December 2007, Yogen Früz became the preferred partner. On January 1, 2014, Cineplex acquired a 50% stake in Yoyo's Yogurt Café. As of January 2017, 77 Cineplex theatres feature Yoyo's restaurants, while Yogen Fruz is still available in 23 Cineplex theatres while TCBY is available in 16 locations. Cineplex also manages Melt Sweet Creations, an in-house dessert bouqtiue brand targeted at women ages 19-35 debuted in December 2017 at Cineplex Cinemas Queensway and VIP. Melt is available at 13 locations.
Beverages are available in both cold and hot formats. Cold beverages include the Coca-Cola lineup, which replaced the Pepsi lineup used at locations formerly owned by Famous Players. 12 locations feature Coca-Cola Freestyle. Hot beverages include Starbucks as the incumbent provider with 105 locations, all which offer Pike Place Roast coffee (regular or decaf) and Tazo tea. Select locations also offer premium drinks such as caffè mocha or caramel macchiato. Tim Hortons is available as a full-service restaurant in five locations,[75] with Brossard being the only location to offer both Tim Hortons and Starbucks.
In most theatres, Cineplex offers sale of alcohol to 19+ guests in Ontario (18+ in Alberta) similar to the VIP theatres albeit from a selection of beer or cider beverages.
If Aurora Cannabis (ACB) & Cineplex (CGX) partnered up to offer CBD & THC infused Cannabis 2.0 edibles in movie theaters, especially the IMAX & 3D ones, it should do very well. Canadian Cannabis Industry stocks should also do well as I posted earlier Cannabis Stocks Opportunity.


Cineworld to buy Canada's largest movie theatre chain in $2.8B deal (Dec 16, 2019):
Cineplex’s stock had been trading close to the Cineworld offer price of C$34 per share through early 2020, but has since plunged 40% following the virus outbreak.
Cineplex could lose a potential lifeline if its outstanding debt exceeds more than $725 million. As of December 31, 2019, the debt level was $625 million. The debt might balloon past the threshold with a further lockdown extension.
Cineplex shares fall after short seller raises concerns about Cineworld deal (March 5, 2020):
Cineworld Dives After Cineplex Activist Urges Rejection of Deal (March 16, 2020):
Cineplex closes locations, provides Cineworld acquisition update (March 17, 2020):
Cineplex Inc. cuts salaries of full-time employees after part-time layoffs (Mar 23, 2020):
P/T employees laid off in Canada & USA. F/T employees take reduced base salaries & senior executive team takes 80% reduction in pay.
Cineworld halts dividend and says will 'monitor progress' of its buyout of Cineplex (April 7, 2020):
Staggered seating, nostalgic films: Cinemark offers a look at movie going post-coronavirus (Apr 15, 2020):
Cinemark, the third-largest movie theater chain in the U.S., hopes to reopen at least some of its doors to the public in July.
With no major movie release until mid-July, theaters could play “library” movies, which are movies that have already previously been released in cinemas, for several weeks.
If social distancing restrictions are still in place the company said it would either sell every other reserved seat in the theater or suspend reservations and just sell 50% of the tickets per theater.
“Even at peak periods of time in a normal environment, our occupancy levels range from 20% to 30% and we can operate profitably during those scenarios...” - CEO Mark Zoradi
He added that Cinemark has seen attendance as low as 10% and still was able to turn a profit.
North Vancouver's Park & Tilford Cineplex permanently closed (May 20, 2020)
The company closed all 165 theatres across Canada in March due to COVID-19, but the 1,382-seat Brookesbank Avenue location won’t be among those reopening, Cineplex has confirmed.
With Cineplex closing its Lower Lonsdale theatre in 2019, it leaves Park Royal as the only place to catch a big screen flick on the North Shore.
“We thank the community for their patronage over the years, and look forward to welcoming them at neighbouring Cineplex Cinemas Park Royal and VIP,” said Sarah Van Lange, executive director of communications. “I’ll note that our intent is to repurpose the Park & Tilford theatre space, which we’ll have more details on at a later date.”


Why Amazon’s Rumored Buyout of AMC Entertainment Makes Sense (May 12, 2020):
If Amazon can buy AMC, they can most certainly by CGX & dominate & control most of North America's movie theaters. Amazon would then control Hollywood! Why stop there, they should buy Cineworld too.
AMC Entertainment Surges 56% on Report of Talks With Amazon (May 11, 2020):
Alert: Cineplex (TSX:CGX) Could Be Acquired by This Incredibly Unlikely Source (May 12, 2020):
Despite Cineworld maintaining its commitment to buy Cineplex, the market has a different opinion. Remember, Cineplex agreed to be acquired at $34 per share. As I type this, the stock trades at $14.44. There’s no way the spread would be that wide, unless investors were writing off the acquisition completely.
Fortunately for beleaguered Cineplex shareholders, a new suitor could very well come along — one virtually nobody sees coming.
Although I think there’s potential for a private equity group or some other deep-pocketed investor taking a run at Cineplex’s cheap assets, there’s a much more interesting suitor on the horizon.
That acquirer is (NASDAQ: AMZN).
AMC says it will no longer play Universal Studios films (Apr 28, 2020):
“AMC believes that with this proposed action to go to the home and theaters simultaneously, Universal is breaking the business model and dealings between our two companies,” AMC Chief Executive Officer Adam Aron said in a letter addressed to Universal Studios Chairman Donna Langley.
Universal added that the company looked forward to having “additional private conversations” with AMC but was “disappointed by this seemingly coordinated attempt ... to confuse our position and our actions.”
Cineworld joins AMC in banning films from Universal Studios (April 29, 2020):
Cineworld, the world’s second largest cinema chain, has followed its rival AMC in banning Universal Studios films from its cinemas when they reopen, after the Hollywood film-maker released Trolls On Tour direct to streaming platforms.
“There is a certain system of windows which are a custom in the market and this sets the time difference between the theatrical market and other ancillary markets, among them streaming. Any movie that will not respect this window will not be shown in Cineworld group,” Mooky Greidinger, Cineworld’s chief executive, said on Wednesday.
Odeon bans all Universal Pictures films as studio skips cinema releases (Apr 29, 2020):
AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc.
AMC Theatres (originally an abbreviation for American Multi-Cinema; often referred to simply as AMC and known in some countries as AMC Cinemas or AMC Multi-Cinemas) is an American movie theater chain headquartered in Leawood, Kansas, and is the largest movie theater chain in the world. Founded in 1920, AMC has the largest share of the U.S. theater market ahead of Cineworld and Cinemark Theatres.
Cineworld Group PLC
Cineworld is the world’s second largest cinema chain, with 9,518 screens across 790 sites in 11 countries: the UK, the US, Canada, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Israel, Hungary, Czechia, Bulgaria and Slovakia. The group’s primary brands are Regal (in the US), Cineworld and Picturehouse (in the UK & Ireland), Cinema City (throughout Europe) and Yes Planet (in Israel).
And Action! All the Movies We Can't Wait to See in Summer 2020 and Beyond (May 22, 2020):
Fingers crossed that it’ll be safe to step into a theater this summer. If they open, there will be plenty to watch. “Summer hits are the popcorn movies,” says film historian, author and podcast host Leonard Maltin. “They can be the biggest box-office hits of the whole year.”
Rest of 2020:
  • To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar - VIP (Jun 1)
  • Unhinged (Jul 1)
  • Tenet (Jul 17)
  • Mulan (Jul 24)
  • Summerland (Jul 31)
  • Random Acts Of Violence (Jul 31)
  • The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run (Aug 7)
  • Sound of Metal (Aug 14)
  • Wonder Woman 1984 (Aug 14)
  • Fatima (Aug 14)
  • The One And Only Ivan (Aug 14)
  • The New Mutants (Aug 20)
  • Bill & Ted Face the Music (Aug 21)
  • Antebellum (Aug 21)
  • Monster Hunter (Sep 4)
  • A Quiet Place Part II (Sep 4)
  • The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (Sep 11)
  • The King's Man (Sep 18)
  • Candyman (Sep 25)
  • Tom Clancy's Without Remorse (Oct 2)
  • BIOS (Oct 2)
  • Death On The Nile (Oct 9)
  • The Witches (Oct 9)
  • The French Dispatch (Oct 16)
  • Halloween Kills (Oct 16)
  • Snake Eyes (Oct 23)
  • Lord And Miller Connected (Oct 23)
  • Everybody's Talking About Jamie (Oct 23)
  • Come Play (Oct 30)
  • Black Widow (Nov 6)
  • Clifford The Big Red Dog (Nov 13)
  • Deep Water (Nov 13)
  • Godzilla Vs. Kong (Nov 20)
  • Soul (Nov 20)
  • Happiest Season (Nov 20)
  • James Bond ‘No Time To Die’ (Nov 25)
  • Free Guy (Dec 11)
  • Dune (Dec 18)
  • Untitled Coming To America Sequel (Dec 18)
  • West Side Story (Dec 18)
  • Top Gun: Maverick (Dec 23)
  • Untitled Tom & Jerry Film (Dec 23)
  • The Croods 2 (Dec 23)
  • News Of The World (Dec 25)
  • Escape Room 2 (Dec 30)
  • Mortal Kombat (Jan 15)
  • Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (Jan 15)
  • 355 (Jan 15)
  • Chaos Walking: The Knife of Never Letting Go (Jan 22)
  • Rumble (Jan 29)
  • Cinderella (Feb 5)
  • Nobody (Feb 26)
  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Mar 5)
  • Raya And The Last Dragon (Mar 12)
  • Sony/Marvel Morbius (Mar 19)
  • The Boss Baby 2 (Mar 26)
  • Reminiscence (Apr 16)
  • Ron's Gone Wrong (Apr 23)
  • Shang Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings (May 7)
  • Spiral: From The Book Of Saw (May 21)
  • Cruella (May 28)
  • F9 Fast & Furious (Apr 2)
  • Bob's Burgers (Apr 9)
  • Infinite (May 28)
  • Space Jam 2 (Jul 16)
  • Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (Jul 16)
  • In the Heights (Jun 18)
  • Minions: The Rise Of Gru (Jul 2)
  • All This Victory (Aug 7)
  • The Woman in the Window (TBD 2021)
  • Blithe Spirit (TBD 2021)
  • The Personal History of David Copperfield (TBD 2021)
  • Greyhound (TBD)
& MUCH, MUCH MORE MOVIES than listed coming to the big screens.
THE 65 MOST ANTICIPATED MOVIES OF 2020 (May 20, 2020):
Nothing beats watching a great movie on the big screen in premium format:
  • Prime Seats
  • IMAX
  • UltraAVX
  • D-Box
  • VIP Cinemas
  • 4DX
I'm sick of the congested internet & buffering of online movies & services during Covid19. They need to upgrade the internet infrastructure to 5G & Fiber Optics before it can really grow in my opinion -- especially buffering 4K & 8K movies & future tech that will only require more bandwidth going forward.
Younger people are not afraid of Covid19 like the older crowd. When theaters open, they will rush in to see their favourite movies.
Betting that people won't want to go to movie theaters when they re-open, is like betting the same against live sporting events or music concerts.
No home movie theater can match a real movie theater, even the smaller discount ones, unless you're Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos etc.
With Cineplex's Canadian Monopoly & diversification into other entertainment arenas like eSports & Virtual Reality, as long as they don't go bankrupt & social distancing restrictions are loosened, the stock should increase 2 to 3 times by end of 2021 in my opinion -- especially if the Cineworld Buyout goes as planned or another company like Amazon buys them out for a strong presence & control in Canada.
If a Coronavirus Vaccine is discovered sooner than later, then this stock will rebound accordingly & rapidly -- especially if they don't cancel or even if they do, resume Dividend payments in the future. At current prices, Dividend yield is about 13% per year.
Social distance cinema: drive-in theatres boom – in pictures (May 5, 2020):
We are all social creatures & want to go to movie theater as a social activity, to see & be seen; otherwise, why would Drive In Movie theaters boom during Covid19?
If no one goes out to be seen anymore, then all the Vanity Goods & Services will go under too & we will all dress in sweat pants & T-Shirt -- no need for designer suits & dresses working & staying at home. LOL ;p
Internet Bandwidth Requirements:
Online streaming remains the biggest source of 4K content, led by Netflix and Amazon’s growing selection of original series. But many consumer broadband connections aren’t fast enough to allow reliable 4K streaming.
Home Theater Movie Resolutions:
  • 4K (UHD): 3,840 x 2,160 pixels
  • 1080p (Full HD): 1,920 x 1,080 pixels
  • 720p (HD): 1,280 x 720 pixels
  • 480p (SD): 640 x 480 pixels
  • 8K: 7,680 x 4,320 pixels
For comparison purposes, 70mm film - still considered by many to be the gold standard - is roughly equivalent to a 12K resolution in digital terms, so digital's still got some catching up to do on that score.
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Online gambling legislation and regulation. Starting your own gambling product.

Online gambling legislation and regulation. Starting your own gambling product.

Mobile gambling
If you plan to develop an app with the ability to deposit and withdraw real money, then such a product automatically falls into the category of gambling and you will need to license your business for successful operation.
Mobile and Web Based Apps
So let’s talk about the different kinds of online gambling apps available on web and mobile. We’ll be covering both free-play gaming apps and real money casino app games you can find for iOS, Android devices and web browsers.
Mobile gambling is more common for poker, casino, bingo, and skill games. They have advantages in terms of a low barrier to enter the market, instant liquidity, product knowledge, and marketing expertise, minimal infrastructure costs, and the ability to bring a brand to the market quickly. Consequently, this form of gambling does not sit neatly with jurisdictional boundaries. Multiple gambling opportunities are available, including betting on various events and markets, in a relatively simple format. Gambling products can also be integrated into betting on television shows or virtual racing and sports games as well as offering lotteries, bingo, poker and casino games.
Most Popular Gambling Apps
Sports betting, casino, poker and lotteries are the most popular forms of online gambling. However, other forms are available too. These include the following: Bingo, slot machines, different card games, roulette and other game of chance. One of the best things about online gambling and betting apps is the number of choices you have.

Sports Betting

Betting means making or accepting a bet on the outcome of a race, competition, or other event or process, the likelihood of anything occurring or not occurring, or whether anything is or is not true. Today most sports betting is done via mobile-friendly sites and apps.
Today most sports betting is done via mobile-friendly sites and apps.
The introduction of live betting for sports like soccer and tennis means that bettors who are sitting inside stadiums watching games can now pick up their mobile devices and find real-time betting value with the best sports gambling apps. This has really unlocked a door to the future of sports gambling and the popularity of online gambling apps.


Many sites offer free poker, where no real money is wagered, although in some cases players can accumulate credits that can be exchanged for prizes. This is the case why people are going to play for real money. There is an ongoing debate over whether poker should be classified as a game of chance or skill. The parameters of legal poker playing are still unclear and differ between jurisdictions. Since you are not gambling with money, I’m pretty sure under the law it’s just a video game for now.


Blackjack is the game of choice to many high-rollers and do you know why? Because blackjack is a challenging, logic and skill-based game where your thinking, strategy, and calculations determine the outcome of the game.


Bingo is one of the most popular and socially accepted games in the world. Bingo is a traditional form of gambling that has seen considerable innovation in recent years. It is also the only form of gambling recognized in the Gambling Act that does not have a specific statutory definition, the Act providing simply that “bingo” means “any version of that game, irrespective of by what name it is described”. Bingo must be played as an equal chance game. For game to be classed as “bingo” it must meet the Act’s definition of “equal chance gaming” (as opposed to casino gaming). Thus, it: must not involve playing or staking against a bank, and must be a game in which the chances are equally favorable to all participants in the sense that each ticket or chance has the same probability of success as any other.
Licensed bingo is a well-regulated and socially responsible form of gambling that takes place in a safe environment. Many sites offer multiple forms of bingo with different features, types of games, and costs of play. These sites often cater specifically for women and some research suggests that they may appeal to markets who would not typically engage in traditional forms of gambling.


Slot machine is one of the most beloved game among the gambling community and it has been a part of the industry for a long time. They provide fun and entertainment and their simplicity allows gamers to start playing at once. This can play out in different ways depending on the machine you’re playing. For instance, there’s Pick a Fortune, a five-reel, 20 line game that puts players right in the studio of a television game show, including the potential to play a Deal or No Deal-style bonus round. A super trend over the past few years is mobile-friendly slot games. These apps and websites were developed to enable players to enjoy their favorite games on their smartphones at any time. Another dominant slot trend is licensed branded slots that are based on popular movies, television, and musicians.
Virtual Money vs Real Money
Let’s find out the difference between social gambling and real money gambling, as well as the differences between gambling through apps and gambling through a web browser. It can be quite confusing trawling through all the casinos, slots, and lotteries available, both through your mobile web browser as well as through mobile app stores, in the form of downloadable apps.

Virtual money

The main difference between virtual money and real money gambling is that the in-game virtual currency in social games and gambling-type games is used only like credits that are not paid out as winnings or anything given to player in cash, making these games exempt from gambling regulations.
Virtual money is loaded on user game accounts via in-app purchases in mobile applications or the game balance funding from a card via web based applications.

Real money gambling

Real money gambling via your mobile device is only allowed in countries where laws have been passed that allow for this type of gambling online, or there are no laws in place that prevent it. The payment systems are the legal way of services payment in the gambling app, performing as the intermediary between the gambling facility and the client. With their help, users replenish deposits and withdraw funds to personal accounts in financial institutions. If the application uses the payment system of a well-known brand, that gives players additional confidence in the resource. Nowadays, there is a wide range of payment systems, some of which operate all over the world, other systems are oriented towards the citizens of one or several countries. A number of services accept money of different world currencies, while others allow currency transactions of one state only.
What is an Online Gambling Licensing
The internet has a global audience, there’s no single piece of legislation that covers the legality of online gambling for the entire world. Mobile gambling doesn’t typically accept customers from every single country in the world. It often focuses on certain specific regions.
Instead, most countries have their own local laws that deal with the relevant legal and regulatory issues.
Ultimately, questions of legality all go back to the location of the casino or where the website operates out of. In closed regulatory systems, such as Italy, France, and the Netherlands, licenses, and advertising rights are limited to domestic providers, which must be located within their country’s geographical boundaries and these are only permitted to offer some types of products. Some jurisdictions, for example, Norway, Sweden, and Canada legalize and regulate online gambling, but this is limited to a single site that is owned by the government. Under such an approach, the government becomes the operator and regulator and all revenues are returned to the government.
Remote gambling is generally permitted. That means that an operator that is licensed may provide gambling services to citizens in the country via all forms of remote communication (and using equipment that may be located in the country or abroad). Equally, a remote operator may be licensed to offer gambling services to citizens in any jurisdiction in the world using equipment located in the country. The law provides that, for each type of gambling (betting, gaming, and participating in a lottery), there will be two forms of license available: remote and non-remote forms (land-based). If you provide facilities for remote gambling, online or through other means, and advertise to consumers you will need a license from the licensing jurisdictions or local licensing authorities. Before an online gambling site signs up its first customer, before it accepts its first bet before the first card is dealt, it must be licensed by a recognized governmental entity.
Certain regions in the world have specific legislation in place that allows them to license and regulate companies that operate online gambling sites or provide industry services (such as the supply of gaming software). These regions are referred to as online gambling jurisdictions or licensing jurisdictions.
Depending on what type of entertainment you are going to implement in your internet establishment, you will have to apply for the corresponding permissions. Online gambling laws in Europe vary from one country to the next. The industry is well regulated in some countries and less so in others. There are several online gambling jurisdictions located in Europe. Some of these are members of the European Union (EU), and thus subject to the various rules and regulations of that body, while others are independent. Each of these jurisdictions has an authority that’s responsible for approving gambling sites for licenses that enable them to offer their services legally. They also regulate their licensees.
Countries that Provide Gambling Licensing
Today there are lots of licensing jurisdictions located all over the world and offering different terms for their customers. Depending on the country, licenses can be local, international (distributed in several countries), have a different set of documents for registration, costs of registration and further support, various operating conditions and other special details.

Which gambling license is both internationally recognized?

The government of Ireland offers casino operators, software, and service providers in the gambling industry, with a gambling license that allows gambling operators to conduct business related to casino, lotto, and other gaming-related activities. Ireland Gambling License is one of the most popular license for online casinos worldwide. Ireland has long been recognized as one of the preferred locations for Online Gambling operators to base their operations. This success has been due to a combination of factors, such as a progressive legislative system, political stability, first-rate telecommunications facilities, and a well established financial services industry. A wide range of gambling sites operates out of Ireland including sports betting, casino sites, poker, bingo, and more.
In stark contrast, the UK is the largest regulated market for online gambling in the world, and corporations are already comfortable exploiting the intersections of gambling and gaming, betting in-play, social gaming, Bitcoin, financial trading and spread betting, betting exchanges, e-sports and, most profitably, mobile gambling. 40% and 60% of online gambling in the UK took place in Gibraltar.

International licensing

Europe is home to the following online gambling jurisdictions: Alderney, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Malta. Malta is currently the country that is most accommodating to gambling companies, and the license offers whitelisted online gambling in sports and casino games in many European territories. But takes an extreme amount of time in paperwork and background checks. Also, you pay 5% of all your gross profit to the EU.
Among countries offering gambling licensing services, the attention should be paid to Curaçao jurisdiction, which is considered to be one of the most promising for the online gaming business.
Curaçao Internet Gaming Association (also known as Curaçao eGaming) is both a regulator and a licensor, and its licensing works worldwide except Curaçao itself, USA, France and Netherlands. Using Curacao as an example, let us examine in detail the process of obtaining a license, the necessary documents and expenses.
How to get a License on Curaçao
  • Documents necessary for company registration:
  • criminal record;
  • passport scans;
  • bank account confirmation;
  • documents proving payments for utility services.
After the company is registered, an operator can apply for the license providing the following documents:
  • a document certifying the right of domain possession;
  • description of games planned to be used in the project;
  • a list indicating countries of potential operation;
  • illustration of server locations to be used in the project;
  • a copy of the agreement with a software provider.
Gambling license cost:
  • Bank account opening $1000
  • Company registration $3600
  • Company management per year $3600
  • Application processing fee $1000
  • License fee per year $4800
  • Equipment/software fee starting from $1500
  • Server maintenance per year $6000
Apart from that pay for technical support and maintenance every year. The entire license issuing process takes between 2-4 weeks. Curacao Internet Gaming Association (CIGA) also has the power to review a license and, if it finds that an operator has breached a license condition, has the power to impose a range of sanctions including revocation of the license.
Apple and Google Gambling Rules
You’ll be surprised at the limited number of real money gambling app options available on the AppStore and Google Play Store. Most real money casino gaming is done through gambler’s mobile web browsers and not through mobile gambling apps that you’ll find for iPhone and Android phones. Apple allows online gambling applications in a few forms, and not just in places where it is explicitly permitted. They do not allow any payments through the applications – those have to be done on the websites. Apple has far stricter developer guidelines for iOS apps than Google does for Android apps, so it’s fine to assume that whatever you choose to download from iTunes is usually safe, secure, and meets a certain standard.
Any real money casino in the iTunes app is required to have proper licensing and permissions before Apple will approve the app for use or downloads. While Google Play is technically regulated, it is much more loose in what can be hosted.

Apple Store

Gambling, gaming, and lotteries can be tricky to manage and tend to be one of the most-regulated offerings on the App Store. Apple has rules for apps that support real money wagering, including sports betting and poker. Those apps and lotteries must have necessary licensing and permissions in the locations where the App is used, must be geo-restricted to those locations, and must be free on the App Store, and Apple rate even simulated gambling apps as appropriate only for users 17-years-old and up.

Play Store

Google keeps the reigns tight. To be able to successfully upload apps to the Google Play store, developers need to have a valid license for the specific countries they are targeting and comply with their regulations. The app must be free to download and must prevent under-age users from gambling in the app. As a final precaution, all gambling apps are required to display prominent information regarding responsible gambling practices. This brings its policy in line with the Apple App Store.
Countries where gambling is illegal
It is also important to remember that while gambling is growing rapidly in many places, in others it is totally or partially prohibited. As well as in the majority of the US, sports betting is illegal in India, Pakistan, and China, three of the largest gambling markets in the world. Most countries have rules against gambling. Almost all Islamic countries prohibit gambling of every kind, but many turn a blind eye to online gambling or simply do not have regulations in place for this grey area.
In the United Arab Emirates, however, any kind of gambling is prosecuted. National lotteries are the only legal forms of wagering on the Asian country’s mainland. Cambodia, North Korea strictly forbids online and offline gambling amongst its own citizens but allows tourists to participate in these activities.
Qatar is the strictest country of all when it comes to gambling laws. All forms of gambling activities are considered illegal, and even sports betting is not permissible.
Starting your own gambling product
Numerous online casino platforms in the market offer fantastic casino games like bingo, poker, roulette, and many more.
If you have an idea, but don’t know where to start, we advise you begin with a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to pilot your proof of concept for investors. MVP spotlights your core features and lets your investors know there are bigger and better things to come.
For MVP you do not need a large team, just a few people are enough to create a fully functioning prototype. In the case of successful numbers of your prototype, the further development of a full-fledged product will require more team, resources and time, however you will be sure that your development and your costs will pay off.
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Gambling Games In India

Gambling games and India:

Games of chance have always attracted passionate players and the appeal of Lady Luck never seemed to dwindle. They have thrived for thousands of years, even before written history and up to modern times when we can indulge in gambling on our electronic devices without even having to walk to the nearest casino establishment. Games have changed and flourished, but the passion for playing remained the same. India is a country that boasts a rich history when it comes to gambling and still nurtures a strong passion for it in various forms and guises. That said, it’s well worth taking a glance at the origins of casino games and how and where it all began.
play now online gambling games for real money
Gambling stories of ancient India
The Ramayana (one of two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India) cites certain forms of games of chance believed to date back as far as 7300 BC. It describes gambling boards, believed by some to be the game of chess, as well as gambling with dice. The popular saying ‘to lose one’s shirt’, meaning to lose money, originated in ancient India. The old Sanskrit texts compare trees that have been stripped of their fruit to defeated gamblers who lost their clothes and ornaments in a wager.
While the Ramayana casually mentions gambling and does not condone it in any sense of the word, the second epic (the Mahabharata) tells a different story. The main antagonist, Shakuni, arranges a dice game against king Yudhishthira whom he cheated out of all his wealth and kingdom. When another antagonist, Duryodhana, insisted that there was no place for two crown princes in the kingdom, another dice game was arranged which ended in the exile of the royal family.
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First Gambling Devices
Buddhist texts mention Indians gambling with nuts as dice as early as 300 BC. Apart from being fond of dice, Indians developed a taste for gambling on animals. At first, ram and cockfights were all the rage which was followed by the more sophisticated horse racing later. What is interesting is that while Europeans are generally given credit for developing certain games of chance, most of the earlier versions of gambling devices had Indian symbols on them.
Further Progress
The 15th century witnessed the rise of legal gambling houses all across India. They were heavily regulated to make sure the games were fair and square so that the players would willingly submit their dues to the king. This was the beginning of the first gambling tax.
When the British introduced cricket to India in the 18th century, Indians fell completely in love with the game. Cricket paved the way for sports betting which flourished in the country until the British took over and passed the Gambling Act in 1867 which outlawed all games of chance. Although they couldn’t abolish the games which still went on in secret, India never looked favorably on gambling again.
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Present-day Gambling
The perspective of the Indian government on gambling is that it is the temptation that lures players to bet beyond their means, ruining their lives and their families. India’s 29 states and seven Union territories have the authority to decide whether to legalize gambling or not. Each state has a different legislative council and even though most of them do not support it, they do allow some forms of it, such as betting on horse races and the lottery. Since gambling restrictions are still in effect to a large extent, many have turned to online options and can choose from some of the best online casinos for India to scratch that itch. Almost 40% of internet users in the country have admitted to spending some of their time playing online casino games with no particular intention of earning large sums of money, but just to have fun and pass the time.
The history of India, which is almost 4000 years long, is brimming with amusing anecdotes of gamblers winning and losing in their favorite games. However, the future might not have as much room for such stories, since the gambling ban is still in effect. The Indian government still doesn’t trust its people to use their own judgment and roll the dice deciding their own fate. If the rules should ever change, the casino industry will be able to boost the Indian economy to a great extent. The people will enjoy their games while the country reaps the benefits. Some would say, a win-win situation.


There are a number of different online casino sites open for Indians to play on in 2020. With enticing welcome bonuses, a huge library of games including live casino games, more players are signing up now than ever!
However, many online casinos go beyond just a website and offer dedicated mobile apps that allow you to enjoy all features of the online casinos on the go! Check out the best online casino websites for India in 2020!
#1 – LeoVegas’ App
LeoVegas is one of the biggest online casinos in the world and contains a huge number of casino games. You can play Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, live casino games, and more on the online casino.
The LeoVegas app allows you to access more than 1,000 casino games offered by the online casino. Both Android and iOS users are covered as there are dedicated apps for both the operating systems. The user interface is designed to provide a simple and enjoyable experience for all players.
#2 – Betway’s App
Betway is one of the biggest names in the world of online casinos and betting. The site not only offers a huge collection of games in its full-fledged online casino but also offers really great odds on sporting events around the world with a great welcome bonus for new players.
The Betway app allows you to stay in touch with your adventurous self on the go and gives you access to all the games provided on the online casino. Some of the features that make the app great are its small size and classification system that lets you seamlessly switch from its three modes – Betway Casino, Beway Vegas, and Betway Live Casino.
#3 – Casumo’s App
Casumo is a modern online casino with a focus on providing a clean and enjoyable user interface to its players. In terms of game selection, Casumo does pretty well too, and provides tons of different online casino games for you to enjoy.
In keeping up with the philosophy of offering its players one of the best online casino experiences, Casumo also has a dedicated app that can be used to play all the different games offered on the site. Some of the key features of the app include a personal dashboard, automatic notifications, and easy depositing and withdrawal functions right from the app itself!
#4 – Dafabet’s App
Dafabet is one of Asia’s largest online casino and sportsbook. With sponsorships with reputed teams like Celtic FC and Fulham FC, Dafabet is a legit operator that provides an excellent casino and betting experience to players all over Asia including India.
Along with offering an awesome website that is completely responsive, Dafabet also has dedicated apps for both Android and iOS users that allow you to stay in the middle of the action always. The apps have an extremely user-friendly interface and are updated regularly to ensure the app is always fresh and secure!
Online casino apps are changing the game!
Online casinos are rising in popularity in India and since they are regulated by worldwide licenses like MGA, they’re transparent, fair, and legal! A common misconception for online casinos and their bonuses is that they need to be claimed on the website. In almost all cases, it’s possible to download the app from App Store or Google Play, sign up, and grab the welcome bonus straight from the app.
Get in touch with the speculative side of your personality with these amazing online casino apps today!
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Notable Black People in the Bitcoin Community

Notable Black People in the Bitcoin Community
We are now in an era where most people on the street have heard of Bitcoin and understand the very basics of what a cryptocurrency is. However, when many people think about users of Bitcoin, there’s a stereotypical person who comes to mind. As the Black Lives Matter movement begins to take hold and sweep the nation demanding change, many people of color are quick to discount Bitcoin, but the reality is, there are many notable black Americans who abundantly use and support the currency as well as advocate that Bitcoin is for everyone.

Bitcoin is for Everyone

When discussing Bitcoin in general, many people believe it’s only for those anti-government libertarians who want to engage in illegal activities, but there’s simply no truth in that statement. Bitcoin is simply a money transfer system backed by a public ledger and quantifiable technology. Have you ever used a pre-paid card? A payday loan? Or a currency exchange booth? Chances are, you have, and if so—well Bitcoin has the potential to offer a cheaper version of all of these currency services if used to its full potential. Shawn Wilkinson, the founder of Storj (a cloud storage service) advocates its massive potential especially in online microloans. He thinks that cryptocurrency as a whole has a lot of power to change the way even the most impoverished communities use money, regardless of race.

Edwardo Jackson

Edwardo Jackson is perhaps one of the most notable black Bitcoin enthusiasts out there. In fact, he is so passionate about the currency, he currently runs a blog called Blacks in Bitcoin. Jackson is a Las Vegas resident and professional poker player, but found his love of Bitcoin while he was a writer for Upworthy in 2013. Jackson believes Bitcoin is still in the early adoption phase and thinks that now is most definitely the time for anyone who is thinking of getting into it to buy in. Currently, Jackson has developed his own blockchain based technology known as CD3D which is a decentralized app-based token which you can use in a game where instead of betting on sports, or the outcomes of elections, you vote on actors and actresses and win money based on their box office performance. This game is still under development and you can check the CinemaDraft websites for updates on when it may be opened for play. Jackson prides himself in his Bitcoin knowledge and wishes to educate everyone about it, so much so, he even hands out his personal phone number to anyone who asks so they can call him if they have questions.

Richard Sherman

You read that right, Richard Sherman, NFC Championship playing defensive back, is a Bitcoin fanatic! Sherman was born in Compton; California and it became clear early on he was destined to be a sports player. He achieved many high school records not only in football, but also as part of his school’s track team. Sherman received a scholarship to attend Stanford university where he played on their team from 2006-2010. In 2011, Sherman was signed by the Seattle Seahawks and played with the team for many years until 2018 when he signed a 39-million-dollar contract with the 49ers. He is very public about his love of cryptocurrency and his many investments in the technology field, so much so, he even takes Bitcoin for payment in his online store for all of his Seahawks and 49ers merchandise.

Reggie Middleton

Reggie Middleton is an American entrepreneur and CEO of Vertiseum. Middleton’s claim to fame began in the early 2000’s as a financial writer for the Huffington Post. In 2011, he left his job there to start his own company and blog, Boom Bust Blog. He was an early adopter of Bitcoin, citing that its ability to be quickly, and largely, transferred making it one of the best methods of currency currently on the market. He also advocates how safe and cheap it is to transfer Bitcoin as opposed to using cash or the banking system, which has many caveats and difficulties as well as rising costs. Just think, to make a transfer from one bank to the other you either need to withdraw cash and physical drive it from one bank to another to avoid massive fees. If fees don’t scare you, you can wire the money, but this still takes gas, time, and often times there are limits on the amount you can transfer. Bitcoin solves all of these problems. Middleton loves crypto currencies so much, he founded Vertiseum, an Ultracoin technology. Although the legalities of his ICO are currently under scrutiny, Middleton still stands behind his advocacy of cryptocurrencies and posts many YouTube videos educating the public on the many uses of them in everyday life.

Black Influencers to Follow

Want to learn more about Bitcoin before you dive right in? Understandable! There are many influencers of color who know a lot about the cryptocurrency world! Check out Dr. Boyce Watkins, a financial scholar who offers numerous courses in cryptocurrency for beginners as well as an internet club for investors. He also runs Financial Juneteenth, a cryptocurrency group specifically for black investors and it is currently one of the largest cryptocurrency-based communities on the internet, so make sure you pay it a visit!
Lamar Wilson is another notable influencer, widely known for building his own blockchain company Hijro, as well as a cryptocurrency wallet, back before it was even cool! He contributes abundantly to the Financial Juneteenth group listed above, as well as teaches a class about investing in cryptocurrencies on the Black Business School site.
Also follow Ian Balina, a man famous for his unique approach to ICO’s thanks to his analytics background and former employment at IBM. He currently leads a global cryptocurrency investor syndicate, and posts content on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Balina’s content is so revolutionary that he has been featured in numerous articles in many different magazines, most notably Forbes and Huffington Post.
If after following all of these people you are still a little lost when it comes to cryptocurrency, don’t worry! It’s a confusing field at first. Just remember that cryptocurrency is for everyone and it make take time to learn about the ins and outs of the high-level technology. There are many websites which offer free guides you can take advantage of to help you find your way. So, subscribe to a few of them, investigate your questions, and you’ll be a cryptocurrency pro in no time!
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NEW PLAY: Puts on TSG (large sportsbook) due to sport cancellations

Fuck me I’m back in with my fellow autists after posting my 100k tax free Tendies thread. One more bet on TSG puts due to sports cancellations, predicting baseball follows a similar route as NBA, MLS. Went very short term on a long shot then for May.
“CEO Rafi Ashkenazi said in a statement, "...With sports betting now our largest product vertical and 81% of our revenues coming from locally regulated or taxed markets, we are well positioned for diversified growth in 2020 and beyond."”
Obviously TSG has online poker that will hold up but they have not dropped as much (other than today) with respect to the rest of the market.
Low volume but I still did well on ARMK low volume.
EDIT: NHL to cancel/considering:
EDIT2: MLB expected to suspend spring training:
EDIT3: Duke/Kansas pull out of NCAA tourney!
EDIT 3/13: Friends, no need to panic today. The market opened up +6% while TSG was only up 1%. This is a winning bet - we have time!
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Trading The Betting Exchanges

Online trading from home is one of the fastest growing new home businesses in Great Britain today. But can the huge growth in online trading from home be sustained? And does this whole area of online business have an international future? I think it has, and so do thousands of others judging by the massive increase in liquidity in these markets in recent years.
The numbers of people working from home utilising the talents of the Internet continues to grow at breakneck pace and one of the largest areas of growth in Britain is Online Trading, both in sports and miscellaneous markets.
There are numerous advantages of setting up and running a sports or miscellaneous trading operation from home. Firstly overheads are kept to a minimum, there is no need for expensive office accommodation or expensive staff, and there is no requirement to buy stock or any possibility of bad debts. Secondly, any and all profits are completely tax free (in Britain presently at least, though you would need to check that stat in your area.)
The markets that you can trade from home are far too numerous to mention here, but are not confined solely to sports. Political appointments and results, stock markets, even reality TV show results are avidly followed by the growing army of online traders.
So what is the difference between online trading and gambling? Simple, in gambling you back a horse or a team in the hope that it wins. In online trading you buy a bet because you believe it to be of good value, and then you can sell it to someone else for more money if you wish, thus locking in a guaranteed profit regardless of the outcome of the race or event or whatever it is. Alternatively if you believe a bet to be overvalued you can sell it first, with the idea of buying it back at less money later on to make your profit. This operation was totally impossible with a traditional bookmaker prior to the invention of betting exchanges.
So what is the difference between trading the Dow Jones closing price on the stock market, to trading the same thing on a betting exchange? In my view, absolutely nothing at all, except of course the ridiculous advantage I previously mentioned that all your profits on the betting exchanges are untaxed. Little wonder then that serious businesses and serious money have been pouring into the betting exchanges in the past few years.
They also offer a hedging vehicle to balance existing trading in more traditional markets and here too the influx of business has been heavy and sustained.
Already there are countless books and courses available supposedly to tell you and teach you how to effectively trade these exchanges. As with all business books and manuals, some are brilliant and rapidly become bibles, while others need leaving in the nearest public convenience poste haste.
All this interest in online trading has brought a huge surge in liquidity that makes it so much easier to trade. On one exchange alone during a recent cricket match in excess of forty million pounds was matched, that’s about seventy million dollars. On one game!That’s a stat that is bound to make anyone think seriously about online trading.
Incidentally you can still get a free thirty-dollar bet with, the London based exchange, if you enter the code 6CHE3VPWJ when prompted. Take a look too at, an Irish exchange based in Dublin that is going from strength. They have a very nice website packed with interesting markets and a comprehensive help section.
Betting exchanges are gaining credence and influence all the time and with each month that passes seemingly another country legalises the entire operation, and it would seem that it is only a matter of time before the large exchanges are completely legalised and accepted worldwide. The exponential growth in this sector is sure to continue, governmental interference being the only possible obstacle to their onward worldwide popularity. Little wonder then that this is one of the largest growth sectors for new start-up businesses, a fact that is bound to attract even greater interest as it continues to grow.
If you are thinking of starting a new online business from home, and if you have a talent for maths, you could do a lot worse than check out the whole business of online trading. Best of luck.
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General Tips for Online Casino and Sports Betting

online casino games and sports gambling are rather famous in the present time. Many young adults who hit age 18 are eager simply because they realized that the legal gaming era. Now you may gamble online and also play with internet casino online games in a huge selection of sites. And also, we love to supply you with the most useful gaming strategies for sport and casino matches. With this particular page, we are getting to provide you overall gambling ideas to improve your winning opportunities at sports gambling internet sites and in on the web casinos. Of course, we cannot ensure you some winnings however also our hints are able to allow you to raise your probabilities.
General Recommendations for Sports and Casino
I am going to begin with all the most useful gambling hints for sports and casino gaming. Somewhat farther down these pages that I shall supply the most useful advice for every single unique classification. The following hints are all derived from internet gaming generally. And also, the hints are able to allow you to raise your winnings plus so they truly are crucial for dependable and safe on-line gaming. After you abide by the following hints it's possible to make certain you are betting in a dependable spot and which you're a responsible gambler.

  1. Simply gamble and play on reliable sites
Just before you commence betting on online casino it's crucial to pick out a dependable gaming site or some safe casino. Just a small amount of exploration online educates people there are hundreds and hundreds of sites with betting possibilities. You will find scores and scores of sites that provide you with sport gambling options and also tens of thousands of sites that supply you with on the online casino matches. But what should you pick? That is a rather essential matter since you will find plenty of unreliable sites and businesses. These sites appear reliable also it appears that they provide real online games under a busy permit. However, this really is sometimes not true.
A little analysis reveals us there are heaps of undependable sites. You have to prevent them. It's quite easy to avert them as we did the challenging work for you personally. We chose the gaming sites and also on the online casinos who are reputable. We engage in new internet sites daily when we presume a site is undependable, we actually don't put in it into the site.
2. Fix the amount that you bet
After you select you would like to bet over the web it is necessary to stay funding. People who see land-based casinos regularly have a specific sum of cash along with them. Once they eliminate this money that they discontinue gaming. They usually do not require their charge cards bank cards together with them due to the fact they just wish to drop the spending budget they depended on to get yourself. At an online casino that really is much tougher as it is quite an easy to move income to a casino account. Online casinos offer you various payment alternatives plus a couple of these are just one click option. In just a couple of seconds, you're ready to move dollars for the casino or bookmaker.
It is extremely crucial to begin having a selected financial plan. Decide the amount of you can pay and would like to pay off. Do not play money you will need for the everyday lifespan. Simply play with money you may overlook out. Transfer this quantity of cash towards the match. It is possible for you to settle on a deposit limitation at each internet casino or gambling internet site. This really can be a rather excellent means to keep inside your financial plan. Settle a regular or weekly residue limitation and you are all set. The huge benefit of online casinos is that that you can gamble or engage in low bets.
3. Have Patience and also accept winnings today after which
When online casino gaming is fresh for it really is wise to make affected individuals. Do not believe you may secure a whole lot of profit for a brief time. Deposit a quantity of cash towards the casino or gambling internet site and get started playing with a couple of games using low bets. You will find many choices to guess online and also there are hundreds and hundreds of internet casino game titles. First, decide to try to learn what sort of matches you prefer or about what sport you would wish to gamble. Show patience and gamble with reduced bets at the start. This can be the best way to find out how online gaming works out. Also, it provides you the possibility to engage in more games in identical finance. You may discover what sort of matches you prefer. Or you may learn which sort of stakes you would like to set and also in exactly what sport you are capable of.
We consistently urge new gamers to cash winnings out today and. After you earn the number of dollars draws this cash out of your site. We urge gamers to draw bonuses whenever they earned five times their own budget. Therefore, once you deposit $25, then we advise one to earn a $125 draw for those who get that sum of cash on to your own casino harmony. It supplies a fantastic impression whenever you draw bonuses. And you'll be able to assess just how rapidly the casino pays you the winnings. It really is very important that you be aware of whenever you acquire larger amounts of dollars later on.
4. Make use of bonus plus gather much more cash to play
The largest benefits of online gaming would be the obtainable bonuses and also the effortless solution to gain access to a casino game. You just require an online connection plus also a device using an online web browser. Only open up the casino or gambling website, enroll a completely free account and begin playing with. That really is a lot simpler compared to the usual online casino as you may play any place at any moment; point. That was not any requirement to depart from your home or workplace. And in times casinos that you don't get a welcome reward or even deposit reward. Online casinos usually do provide you bonuses that are intriguing. You are given a welcome reward if you make the decision to combine a casino. With all the welcome reward you're ready to amass another quantity of capital in addition to one's deposit quantity.
After you switch currency in a casino then you not receive additional dollars from this casino game. The online casino will provide you more dollars. They provide you more money in addition to the sum you deposit. You will find all casinos that provide one 200% welcome reward and on occasion much greater. Make use of welcome rewards once you would like to raise the possibility of a successful income. You obtain more cash on an identical deposit total along with more funds you may play games or you may put more separate bets.
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Sbobet live Casino agen Online Indonesia

Sbobet online is one of the Biggest and Trusted online live casino Agen sbobet online in Indonesia. This betting agent has a fast deposit and withdrawal process, and this is what made us one of the largest and most advanced casino betting agents. As one of the Trusted Online Casino Agents, they provide user id creation services for all the members who are interested in playing online live Casino, Online Gambling, and sports-booking or many sports.
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AmunRa Casino €1000 welcome bonus and 100 free spins

AmunRa Casino €1000 welcome bonus and 100 free spins

AmunRa Casino Free Spins & Welcome Bonus
Register at AmunRa Casino now and get 100 free spins bonus! Additionally, get a €1000 welcome bonus on your first deposits. Play in the best Curacao-licensed online casino!
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AmunRa Casino Review

Amun Ra Casino has been created with Ancient Egypt in mind. It is filled with references to pyramids and statues from the area. This gives it an outstanding brand that is unmistakable. And because people have often associated Ancient Egypt with hidden treasures, it turns out to be the perfect choice for a theme.
Despite only being launched in April 2020, they already have a beautifully designed website that far surpasses the quality of its rivals. Everything is bright, glossy, and smooth. You can navigate to all of the sections on the website without any problems whatsoever. No glitches or errors present themselves, which is very encouraging. The game selection is substantial, with almost 2000 slot games on offer and many other categories available, including a live casino.
They’ve also got a pleasant welcome bonus and a few other sweeteners for current players, which means Amun-Ra is attractive not just for new players but for those who stick around as well. A loyalty program has been specially made for the most frequent and dedicated players, involving a range of tiers with greater rewards the higher you go. Another special feature on the website is also under development, which promises to give players even more chances to win. And in yet another positive note, the terms and conditions are written clearly and are simple to understand.
Sometimes it can be a burden to find out what rules apply and how you can take advantage of the offers available, but AmunRa has made sure this won’t be a problem. The player also has the option of using a live chat facility to discuss any problems they are experiencing.
This makes Amun Ra a compelling casino upon first glance, let alone once you’ve signed up. In the rest of this review, we will take you through all of the important features so that you can become familiar with, and get the most benefit from, Amun-Ra Casino. It all begins with the sign-up bonus.
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Bonuses and Promotions

AmunRa offers a multi-deposit sign-up bonus which allows new players to receive up to $1000 in additional bonus money. This gives players a great start to their gambling experience because they’ll have a higher chance of winning real money as soon as they’ve made their first few deposits. There are three further bonuses which are live at the time of writing. These are a weekly cashback, a deposit match bonus for live blackjack, and a yearly birthday bonus for all players. These add a nice touch to your experience with the casino, as you can get extra money every single week of the year. Plus, there is a tournament offering currently under development. Further details are not yet available, but it will be packed with gifts for players to win when it goes live. So make sure you keep checking their website for more information. If you’d like to know how to get access to these bonuses, you can find out more in the following sections.

Sign Up Bonus

When you’ve successfully registered with Amun-Ra, you’ll be eligible for a series of match bonuses on your first four deposits. Taken together, the bonus amounts to $1000 if you place the maximum deposit each time. The minimum deposit for each of the four deposits is $20, so be aware you will need to deposit $80 upfront to receive the minimum amount of bonus money. We’ve included the precise figures for each part of the bonus below so that you can calculate how much you’d like to deposit.
  • Your first deposit will be 100% matched up to a maximum value of $300
  • Your second deposit will be 75% matched up to a maximum value of $300
  • Your third deposit will be 50% matched up to a maximum value of $200
  • Your fourth deposit will be 100% matched up to a maximum value of $200
For the avoidance of doubt, the minimum amount you could receive in bonuses by depositing $20 each time is $65.
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Other Promotions

There are 3 additional promotions available at Amun-Ra. These are the cashback bonus, live blackjack bonus, and the birthday bonus. In this section, we will give you an overview of each one so that you know how they work and how to claim them.
The cashback bonus will grant you 10% cashback up to a cap of $1000, with the minimum amount of cashback being $5. You can claim it on any single day of each week. Cashback amounts will be credited to your real money balance upon request every Monday. To get this bonus you need to have made at least one minimum deposit that week. The formula for calculating how much cashback you’ll receive is (total deposits – total withdrawals – credited bonuses) x 10%.
The bonus for live blackjack players allows you to receive a 50% deposit match bonus up to $100. The minimum deposit is $20. Each bet is capped at $25 when playing with the funds from this bonus. This means that if you deposit the full amount, you will get an extra $50.
Every year, in the week of your birthday, you can claim a special gift so long as you have deposited at least one minimum deposit that week. The particular bonus you will receive will depend upon your activity with the casino over the past year. To claim it you will need to contact customer support using the live chat in the week of your birthday.
There is also the tournament offering, which is the special feature we mentioned in the introduction. Each tournament lasts for 24 hours and will take you on a competitive adventure to win prizes by competing against your fellow players. It looks very promising, and we can’t wait for it to go live.

Play-through Requirements (Wagering Requirements)

The general rules for the casino specify that every deposit made has to be wagered 1x. This is highly beneficial for players as many casinos set their rates much higher than this. It means that when you place the minimum deposit of $20, you only need to bet $20 before you can withdraw any winnings as real money. There is a chance this is a misunderstanding caused by the casino, but there is no mention of any other wagering rules in the terms and conditions. However, it is another story for bonus money earned through promotions. There are two specific wagering requirements relating to the sign-up bonus and the live blackjack bonus.
The wagering requirements for each deposit in the sign-up bonus is 30x, which includes your real money deposit + the bonus amount. You will need to meet each 30x requirement within 7 days of triggering the relevant part of the bonus. For example, if you activated all 4 deposit match bonuses on your first day, then you would need to wager all of the money 30x 4 times over. So when you’re claiming the welcome bonus, don’t rush ahead and grab all the deposit bonuses at once unless you are confident you could meet this requirement.
As for the live blackjack, the wagering requirements are set at a rather high 50x, and you can only meet them through that one specific game. You’ve also got to meet them within 7 days of triggering the bonus. This will be quite difficult unless you plan to place a lot of bets on live blackjack games.
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VIP & Loyalty

Amun-Ra has got a suitably themed Egyptian loyalty program based on a series of Ra-Levels. The full details about the scheme have not yet been updated on their website, but they do have a separate page dedicated to it with some intriguing information. There are silhouettes of a few Egyptian gods, and it looks like players can unlock them after earning a certain number of comp points. Each god comes with one or more gifts, as a symbol of a present is placed next to the name of each god. Only the first gift for the first god is revealed. You’ll get 10 free spins when you earn 20CP and unlock the god Ptah. The points and names of the other gods are as follows:
  • 40CP – Taweret
  • 80CP – Thoth
  • 150CP – Tefnut
  • 300CP – Reshup
More details may be provided as the casino develops its website, or it may be that the other gifts are deliberately kept secret so that they’re a surprise for players when they unlock the corresponding gods.

The AmunRa Casino

At the current time, Amun-Ra does not contain a sportsbook for players to place bets on sporting fixtures. This may change in the future if the casino decides to rebrand or expand, and as soon as we hear about a sportsbook is available, we will write a review of it and put the link here. In the meantime, please feel free to check out our other sportsbook reviews.

How to Start Playing

Luckily, Amun-Ra provides a page with all the details about their registration process. A wide range of countries is restricted on the casino, which includes the United States of America, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Ireland, Italy, France, Turkey, Spain, Slovakia, and Lithuania. The full list is available on the website. You will need to be at least 18 years of age to join. Here is the process you need to follow to successfully join Amun-Ra:
1. Click the blue Join Now button in the top right corner of the website 2. Provide your date of birth, first and last name, registered address, correct email address, and telephone number 3. Create a username and password 4. Register one of the approved payment methods and make the minimum deposit 5. Select the game you’d like to play and begin enjoying AmunRa
The casino has the right to verify your identity. This means your address, contact number and email address must be correct, and any identity documents provided to the casino must be genuine. The casino does this as part of their Know Your Customer procedure and to prove your age.
If they are not satisfied with you, they can refuse registration and close and/or close your account, but if you do everything according to the instructions, there should be no problems.


The casino accepts deposits and withdrawals from a variety of methods, including cards and e-wallets. The minimum deposit on Amun-Ra is $20, and the minimum withdrawal amount is also $20. You can withdraw a maximum of $7500 a week and $15000 a month. The casino has the right to divide anything over $15000 into monthly installments.

Deposit methods

There are 11 deposit methods at Amun-Ra, and here is the full list:
• Visa • Mastercard • Paysafecard • Trustly • Klarna • Maestro • Skrill • Neosurf • Neteller • Rapid Transfer • Interac Online • ecoPayz
The processing time for all of these methods is instant, and there are no extra fees charged for transactions.

Minimum & Maximum Deposits

Each of the deposit methods listed above has a minimum deposit amount of $20 except for Interac Online. They have a minimum deposit amount of $10, but this is irrelevant as the casino has a general minimum of $20. The maximum deposit amount varies, and they are listed below alongside each method:
• Visa – $4000 • Mastercard – $4000 • Paysafecard – $1000 • Trustly – $5000 • Klarna – $2500 • Maestro – $4000 • Skrill – $10000 • Neosurf – $10000 • Neteller – $4000 • Rapid Transfer – $4000 • Interac Online -$4000 • ecoPayz – $4000

Casino payout

The casino has a slightly smaller number of withdrawal methods, with a total of 8. They are listed below, along with their payout speeds. Each one has a minimum withdrawal amount of $10 and a maximum of $4000, except for Paysafecard, which has a maximum of $250.
• Visa – 1-3 banking days • Mastercard – 1-3 banking days • Paysafecard – instant • Trustly – instant • Bank Transfer – 1-5 banking days • Skrill – instant • Neteller – instant • ecoPayz – instant
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Casino Games

Amun-Ra provides a comprehensive selection of games across many different categories. These are video slots, blackjack, table games, video poker, jackpot, and Egyptian-themed games. They also provide a live casino for a more immersive experience, along with separate sections for new and for popular games. We will explore the slots, table games, and live casinos in the following sections so that you can get a taste of what’s available. You can also rest assured that the site is organized well and everything is easy to find.

Casino Slots

Video slots comprise the majority of the games on offer at Amun-Ra, and these are the ones you will probably spend most of your time using. Amun-Ra currently makes use of 27 game providers including Microgaming, Quickspin, NextGen, Betsoft Gaming, Sapphire, Fantasma, and Yggdrasil. All of the games cover plenty of genres and themes, such as dance, beaches, birds, outer space, romance, dragons, and royalty. Of course, there is also the section dedicated to Egyptian games. They include Book of Dead, Eye of Ra, Max Quest: Wrath of Ra, Enchanted Cleopatra, Legacy of Egypt, Egyptian Fortunes, and more. You can find out which slots are the best according to players using the popular section. Some of the most popular slots include Sweet Bonanza, Buffalo King, Starburst, Rise of Merlin, and Narcos.

Casino Table Games

Amun-Ra offers three main table games, which are blackjack, roulette, and video poker. There are separate pages for each one on the website. The blackjack section is enormous, with over 120 games available. Blackjack Bonus, American Blackjack, Red Queen Blackjack, 21 Blackjack, Blackjack Classic, and Infinite Blackjack are just a few of the types of blackjack on offer. The roulette section is somewhat smaller with just over 80 games, but this is still plenty. Versions of the game at Amun-Ra include Rapid Automatic Roulette, Roulette Master, Silver Roulette, Gold Roulette, Zoom Roulette, and Roulette Royal. Finally, there are 23 video poker games available, featuring choices such as Kings or Better, Joker Poker, Tens or Better, and Deuces Wild.

Live Dealer Games

The live casino at Amun-Ra is one of the largest on the market, with over 200 games. However, there is not much variety. Most of the games are versions of classic titles like blackjack and roulette. Speed Blackjack, VIP Roulette, Common Draw Blackjack, Blitz Blackjack, Standard Blackjack, Blackjack Ruby, American Roulette, and Auto Roulette are a few of the versions available. Several baccarat games are available such as Speed Baccarat and Salon Prive Baccarat, along with a few other games like Super Sic Bo and Side Bet City. The game show Mega Ball is also featured in the live casino. Unlike some casinos, Amun-Ra offers games from more than one live provider, and the choices available for those who want to play blackjack are particularly worth noting. There are simply more than you’d ever expect, and that dovetails nicely with the blackjack match bonus.

Mobile & Apps

Amun-Ra Casino does not currently offer a mobile casino application for either iOS or Android devices, which is a disappointment. However, they do provide a tailor-made experience if you use your phone’s browser. This in-browser version of Amun-Ra mimics the website very closely and has all of the same functionality. It is also free from technical difficulties, which can sometimes make mobile casinos challenging to use. A menu on the side of the website gives you all of the options, and the main screen follows the same layout as it does on a computer. You’ll find the promotions listed at the top, followed by the game categories and then further information about the casino. This makes it simple and quick to use, which is always helpful when you’re busy.

Security & Licensing

This casino is owned by N1 Interactive Ltd, which is registered in Malta with the number C 81457 at the address given at the bottom of their website. They are licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority with the license number MGA/B2C/394/2017, which was issued on 01/08/2018. For added protection, you can secure your account with two-factor authentication to minimize the risk of it being misused.

Customer Support

To get in touch with Amun-Ra, you can do one of two things. You can email them at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), or use the live chat facility on their website which can be accessed by pressing either the help button in the bottom right corner of the live chat button in the bottom left corner. Live chat is available 24/7. They also have an FAQ page to help with common queries, which you can find in the links at the bottom of the page.

Betopin’s Verdict

AmunRa casino sets an example to the rest in terms of its slick design, ease of use, and visual appeal. No casino is perfect, but this one comes very close. Everything works as it should do, the terms and conditions are easy to follow, and several solid bonuses are provided both for new and returning players. The tournament system looks particularly promising. They’ve managed to strike a balance between being too intense with graphics, and being too plain.
This balance is exactly right. Players will enjoy using the website, but not be distracted by it whilst they’re getting on with gambling or administrative tasks within their account. Plenty of support is available from Amun-Ra, and there is no shortage of intriguing games to maintain interest, even after you’ve been signed up for a long time. The only minor drawback is that the loyalty program is somewhat unclear. The information has not been given regarding how players can accumulate comp points and claim rewards. And by only revealing one of the rewards, there is an element of mystery, but it also doesn’t give the player anything specific to work towards. Overall, this is a casino that could become one of your firm favorites as soon as you begin using it. It has all the games and features that you would expect from a top-quality online casino.
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Fox Ups Stake In Online Gaming, Betting Power Flutter

Fox Ups Stake In Online Gaming, Betting Power Flutter

Fox Corp is increasing its stake in Flutter Entertainment, the world’s largest online gaming company.
Flutter, parent of betting platforms Betfair, Padd.yPower and FanDuel, also acquired The Stars Group (TSG) last October.
Fox purchased a nearly 5% interest in TSG in May 2019 for $236 million, to pump up its Fox Bet sports betting platform. That platform is currently available in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Colorado, with plans to roll out across the country as more states legalize online sports betting.
Now, Flutter is selling 8.05 million shares at a nearly 5% discount from its closing price on May 28, and Fox — which sees iGaming and online and mobile sports wagering as an important area for future growth — has committed to buying a so-far undisclosed number of those shares.
“Fox is bullish about the opportunities in the digital sports wagering market,” Fox Corp CEO Lachlan Murdoch stated. “Fox Bet has shown strong growth since launching last fall, and we look forward to continuing that success with our partner, Flutter. Fox’s investment in Flutter underscores our confidence in Flutter’s business and its management’s ability to continue to drive leadership in the U.S. market.”
Flutter’s merger agreement with TSG allows Fox to increase its stake in FanDuel to as much as 18.5% by 2021. That could serve to replace Fox’s investment in the rival DraftKings sports betting and daily fantasy sports provider, which was among the 21st Century properties sold by Fox to Disney in 2019, notes
Flutter’s secondary offering, worth $1 billion in equity, is driven in large part by its push to expand its footprint in the U.S.
Dublin, Ireland-based Flutter “believes that one potential consequence of the COVID pandemic is that the pace of regulation in the U.S. could accelerate, as an increasing number of U.S. states look for new ways to raise additional sources of tax income,” the company said in announcing the offering and Fox’s participation. “Flutter is determined to give its U.S. business the best possible platform for future success and to replicate the leadership position it has achieved in the states that have regulated to date.”
Originally published by Karlene Lukovitz @KLmarketdaily June 1, 2020 Media Post
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Hourly News Update

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An Ultimate Guide to Improving your Betting Chances in NCAA Football

Football, being the most favoured and well-known sport, is a team sport that constitutes the largest number of participants wherein fans flaunt their never-ending support to their favourite NCAA Football teams. It is highly prominent for online sports gamblers to possibly prevail in this kind of sport activity especially in competitions.

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Sports betting website development services have taken leverage in the past one year. The task of predicting results of sports matches and the way to place bets on the outcome of any sports match or events is a great way to accomplish revenue followed by a huge fan base. While sports betting games like cricket and football include people earning their bread and butter, however, it also includes people who bet for entertainment. You can provide millions with the platform to bet using the right sports betting API.
A bet has two possibilities. Either you win, or you lose. Bookmakers or bookies are the companies that provide sports betting services for the betting agency. Betting exchange is the service provider who offers a marketplace. The customer or the candidate who places a bet is called Punter.


API is an application programming interface that is set between two websites to fetch data from the other. The website provides an application programming interface that creates flexibility for the other site. Ones the application programming interface is implemented to one website, the website that is executed will have access to all market odds.


The entrepreneurs have taken sports betting to a new level by providing a common platform to all the sports lovers. This concept of best sports betting API has provided wagers to sports lovers and service providers, through which the customers are also benefitted and earned a significant profit in the market.


A number of sports betting API has made entry to business and some have become the leading sports betting API provider in the market. Here are some of the list:


Please do not consider the cost as the deciding factor while you invest in sports betting API. The owners do not generate revenue when they lose a bid but also get a commission when they win and the adds that appear on the website give another fixed income.


The primary area of concern is the cost and flexibility of the mode of payment when one decides the project. Depending upon the policies of different best sports betting website development company in India, either you are asked to take things digitally or use currencies.
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The Easiest way to Make Money from Online Betting with Betchips Big win!! on Football betting crazy bet predictions! Biggest lucky winner with skills that beat odds TOP 6 BIGGEST MONEY LOSSES EVER! +400,000$ ONLINE BETTING ID FOR SPORTS AND CASINO AVAILABLE Raymond Report NFL Sports Betting Podcast – Show #5

In-play, or live betting, is an exciting form of sports betting that allows bettors to place their money on a desired outcome during the match or event itself. The immediacy of these results makes it one of the most exhilarating forms of sports betting. Online casino games, on the other hand, are available to you 24/7 and every day of the year Sports betting companies are making it easier for sports bettors to use their services.. The biggest betting companies work closely with software developers to make it easier to navigate their sites. Most implement sound business practices and maintain a strong economic posture which enables them to deliver a quality product to their clients. The Company provides sports betting, poker, casino, and other Internet games. Kindred Group serves customers across the globe. Kindred is one of the largest online gambling operators in the European market with over 24 million registered customers worldwide. Bovada can help you attain an online betting experience that’s one for the record books, period. When you’re on the lookout for the best sports betting sites, then Bovada without a doubt should be on your radar. Fans of sports betting online frequently gravitate to Bovada and to all of its choices. The global sports betting industry is growing at a record rate and is not about to slow down any time soon. With the digital revolution and advent of online sports betting, everything is looking

[index] [1302] [4153] [6264] [11911] [2648] [14016] [9990] [10699] [9405] [10017]

The Easiest way to Make Money from Online Betting with Betchips

Are you looking for the best online sports betting sites in Nigeria? Want to make extra bucks betting on sports betting sites? I've got a list of top 19 online betting sites in Nigeria, Just check ... Top Online Sports Betting site Betchips gives you to change your bets on highest possible profits - Duration: 0:21. Betchips Official 1,650 views. 0:21. Intertops is an excellent online sports betting site choice in 2020. They have great special offers and tons of betting markets you can bet on. ... Top 5 Sportsbooks For USA Players (2020 ... Craziest Football betting skills and big winners - Top 5 Craziest predictions ever made. In this video, you get to know the top five crastiest winnres on betting online on fotball. All types of online betting sites for every sports and casino and teen patti available .. we also provide dl/smdl conatct on whatsapp : 9473426867.