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I just got furloughed, and honestly, I'm getting worried

First of all, before anyone asks, I'm fine financially. My wife is an essential worker, somehow (don't ask me why an event planner is essential... I guess rich assholes aren't going to stop having $10000-a-plate fundraisers even in the middle of a pandemic). So we'll be ok. And it'll be nice to spend more time with the kids.
I'm not worried for myself. I'm worried about... ah, it'll be easier if I start from the beginning, I guess.
I work IT. Nothing exciting, really, nothing glamorous, and it's not what I was expecting to do with a CS degree, but you do what you gotta do to get by. To be honest, my job isn't very hard, and it pays pretty well. I work-- I worked, until last week, I guess-- in one of the big buildings in Midtown. I'm not going to say which one, but if you live in Manhattan, you've seen it. My employer is a bank, but I sort of work for the whole building. See, we have kind of an unusual setup. The bank's servers are located on our floor, but there's a set of backups in the subbasement, shared between all of the different businesses in there. I say backups... I don't really know what they are, but we use them as backups. See, apparently this building used to be owned by a big university, or least they rented space in it. Way back in the 40s and 50s, when computing was just getting started, they rented out two whole levels for their machines. These were big, the old room-sized computers with vacuum tubes, and they put them in the basement because they were sensitive to temperature. Didn't run well when it got too hot, I guess, and they didn't like direct sunlight. Anyways, the university operated their computing department out of there for about a decade and a half.
Well, progress is what it is, and pretty soon those old machines were outdated. They didn't use them much, and the new ones they were building didn't need the space. And I don't have to tell you that rent in Midtown Manhattan is murderous. So they gave up the lease. They left the machines behind, though. Apparently they had modified them pretty extensively, and they didn't even know if they would still function if they took them apart and put them back together. And there were plenty of grad students who still wanted access to these machines to run experiments, calculations, that kind of thing. So the university and the new owners made a deal: grad students would still have access to the mainframe, and in return, they'd teach the businesses moving in here how to use the computers. It was pretty basic stuff back then: you know, keeping track of stock for department stores, the kind of thing we take for granted now. At the time, though, it was revolutionary. You can see why the building owners thought they got a great deal. They had a unique value add for their tenants.
Well, that kept going for a few decades, but the personal computing revolution kind of made it obsolete. Anyone could buy a computer off the shelf that was ten times as powerful as those old vacuum tube monstrosities. Plus, nobody was really upgrading the old machines. The grad students would tinker, but there were fewer and fewer of them every year, and it was all they could do to keep the computers-- which were really antiques by now-- functioning. Little by little, it just became a quaint story. I heard that every couple years someone would propose just cleaning out the subbasements and throwing away all the old junk, but that would have been a multi-week project which would require shutting down all the retail on the first floor, and the tenants weren't having it. Plus, it's not like they needed the space. This is a big building.
When I first heard the story, I didn't believe it. I mean, there's no freakin' way a multi-billion-dollar financial titan stores anything valuable on punch-card computers, right? I thought the old-timers were having some fun with me. They just shook their heads and smiled. "Come on, I'll show you," my supervisor told me. That would be Harry-- he was my mentor for my first five years on this job. Just retired last year, in fact. Even at the time he looked like a fatter Gary Gygax, ponytail and all. "It's time for me to check up on things anyways."
What the hell, I figured. It'll kill some time before lunch.
The elevator took us down to the lobby, and I obediently followed Harry into the stairwell. He had a ring of keys that let us into the basement. Nothing unusual-- tiled floors, fluorescent lights, a bunch of doors labeled MAINTENANCE ONLY or NO ADMITTANCE WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION. He led me down the hallway and to a door labeled EMERGENCY STAIRWELL. Another key let us in, and now things started to look a little grimy. This stairwell was all bare concrete with iron bannisters, and the lights were flickery incandescents. Not all of them lit up when he hit the switch, and a few of them fizzled unhappily as we descended. Something weird about this stairway, too: it didn't go up. The basement was the top level. Not much good in an emergency, I joked. I remember, Harry looked directly at me. "No, son," he said, his voice suddenly grave. "That's exactly what you want in an emergency."
I didn't ask him to elaborate-- old coot was obviously just yanking my chain. I just followed him in silence. We descended for a long, long time, a lot longer than one story. A couple times we passed doors on concrete landings, but he skipped those. "Nothing useful back there," he told me. "Just storage."
Finally we reached the bottom. The last bulb was about fifteen feet above us, and shadows were pooling in the corners here. It was cold, too, and I shivered a bit. I wish he'd warned me. I was just wearing my cotton work shirt. The door in front of us even looked like it came out of the 1950s, frosted glass and all. COMPUTER LABORATORY, it said in block capitals, and below that KEEP OUT.
"Hey, hold up, Harry," I said. "It says keep out." I smiled to show him I was joking. He didn't smile back.
"Not us," Harry said. "But that's good advice, sonny. Don't come down here if you don't gotta."
He unlocked the door and let me inside. I don't know what I expected, but this certainly wasn't it. I figured out right away why the stairs were so deep between doors-- the ceiling here was high, high overhead, vaulted like a church's, criss-crossed by metal buttresses. A few lights dangled from chains way up there. More incandescents, and more than half of them were out. "How do you change those?" I asked.
"We don't," Harry said.
All around us rose the hulks of those ancient computers. They were the only furniture in the room, the only feature at all. Their surfaces were covered in the weirdest crap, almost like something out of a classic sci-fi set: dials, gauges, lights, slots, that type of thing. A few of them even had old-style reel-to-reel tape. Some of the reels were even moving, though nothing was spooled through them. Thick bundles of cable snaked between the machines, or dangled out of holes in their sides like limp tongues. Craning my neck, I could see sheaves of them disappearing up into the ceiling. The interlink, I guess, between these machines and ours. Lights would pop on and off erratically, and if I listened, I could hear a faint but repetitive clicking in the distance.
"You're kidding me!" I breathed as I looked around. "These things are still running?"
"Thank God for that," Harry said, and there was some real conviction in his voice. "Else we'd all be fucked."
"Come on, you can't ask me to believe we run our high-speed trading through this junk?" I asked. There was no way. Those algos were fast, but they were murderously hard on the processors. My cell had more computing power than everything in this room, probably. Harry looked at me, momentarily dazed.
"What? No, no, nothing like that. We just store some historic data down here. You know, back from the COBOL days." He grinned at that. Harry had been a COBOL superstar in his time, and part of his longevity at the bank was simply due to the fact that he was one of the last guys working who knew his way around that code.
"So why do we have to come down here at all?" I asked. I was starting to feel a little creeped out.
"Oh, it takes forever to access anything down here from up there. It's much quicker to do it in person." Harry beckoned me forward. We navigated the maze of computers for a few minutes-- and I do mean maze. The memory banks were taller than I was by a lot, and they were set up with little rhyme or reason. I was sure I'd end up lost until Harry pointed out the duct-tape arrows on the concrete beneath our feet. "Don't wander off the path, sonny," he warned me. "No reception down here. You don't wanna end up like Kevin Mullens."
"W-what happened to him?" I asked. I cursed the quaver in my voice. From the sight of his grin, Harry had noticed it, too.
"Oh, he spent an hour and a half down here and missed lunch. We all made fun for him for months. Called him Kevin the Explorer." We rounded one last corner and Harry pointed ahead of us. "There, that's the interface."
Up ahead, the pathway terminated in a dead end. All around us, massive metal bulwarks rose, clicking and occasionally flashing. At the end of the cul-de-sac someone had set up a little desk and chair. Sitting on top of the desk was an old Apple II. A huge bundle of cables, thicker than my leg, jutted out from the back of the machine.
Harry sat down and called me over. "Here, lemme show you. You can check out the storage here." He typed a few lines in the command prompt, and data scurried past, too fast for me to see. "There's a printer, too. Check it out."
Indeed there was, a modern inkjet, looking incongruous among such ancient technology. Harry's hands flew across the keyboard and it started to chug. The pages it spat out were crisp and clean. I thought I even recognized some of the data. I shook my head in wonder. The mad old bastard had been telling the truth.
As I watched, though, the screen of the Apple II flashed. The code Harry had been working on vanished, replaced by that old lime green. The whole screen flickered, then a line of black text printed itself across the middle:
I tapped Harry on the shoulder to get his attention (he'd been gathering up papers) and pointed at the screen. "Uh, Harry?" I asked. "What's it want?"
Harry looked at the screen and cursed. His finger stabbed the N. I saw the letter pop up on the screen and hang there for a moment, and then the whole thing disappeared. The command prompt returned.
"What was that about?" I asked. "What program?"
Harry turned to me, and I actually recoiled a little. The expression on his face had completely changed. Gone was the jolly old fat man. He looked deadly serious, and about twenty years older. "Sonny," he said, his voice thick. "I wasn't gonna tell you about that yet, but... that's part of why we have to come down here." He laid his hand on my shoulder, and his fingers dug in almost painfully. "When it does that... when it asks if you want to run the program... say no. No matter what."
"What? What's the program?" I pulled myself back, a little more sharply than I'd intended, but I was suddenly scared. The hair on the back of my neck was standing up. "What are you talking about?"
Harry sighed. "I never got the full story. It was something Stephen Kalnick, who trained me, told me. But you can't let it run the program. I'm serious. You can't."
"What program?" I asked again. Now I was getting a little angry. He'd actually scared me for his stupid joke.
"I don't know!" Harry said, and his defeated tone shocked me. "I don't know, ok! It was something the last students were working on, back in '69. They never finished it. But they told Stephen never to run it, and I think they told him what it did, but he never told me."
"Ok, Harry, ok!" At that point I would have said anything to get him to leave me alone.
He relaxed a little. "Anyways, that's part of the job," he said, a little roughly. "Try to come down here once a week or so. It's not always predictable, but if you come down here and you see that little text box, you just hit N and go about your business."
"But what happens if--" I insisted. Harry shook his head.
"At a bare minimum, from what I understand, it'll completely fuck up our network upstairs," he said. "And our asses would be on the street within days. So do it for your paycheck, if nothing else." I nodded, and that little assent seemed to calm him down. "Come on back upstairs," Harry said, getting up. "I'll buy you lunch and we can talk about your work on the options software."
Well, after that, I guess I was initiated. I noticed that every so often, one of the senior guys would make a big show of getting up and stretching. "I'm going down to the basement," he'd say. Or, "I'm going for a walk." This formulation usually came up when there was a trader in the room. I asked about that once. Harry scoffed.
"These finance boys think they're hot shit. If they knew about that computer in the basement, they'd want to mess with it, maybe even press Y just to see what happens. They have no respect for technology. That computer's ours, sonny. We take care of it. Nobody else."
Still, once a week, one of the old-timers would "go for a walk." And nothing bad ever happened.
Marvin retired in '02, Henry in '07. Poor Richard got the big C in '10, seemed like he was getting better, then died suddenly over Christmas. Harry was the last of them, and the day after he announced his retirement, he took me aside.
"Listen, sonny," he said (I would always be sonny, apparently, even though I'd been there for nearly twenty years). "I've got something for you." He fumbled in his pocket, ignoring my protestations, and handed me a key ring. "You know what this is?"
I did. I'd been down to the basement a few times over the past couple decades, though never solo.
"And you know what it means?"
"Harry, I--"
"Take it," he insisted, pressing the ring on me with so much force that it started to hurt. I acquiesced.
"Fine!" I said. "Fine, I'll take care of it."
"You will? Honestly?" Harry looked me right in the eye. Age had melted some of the fat off him and disintegrated his precious ponytail, but his eyes were the same as I remembered. "It's important, sonny. It has to be you. Has to be. These kids, these newbies..." he shook his hand dismissively at the thought of our junior staff, "they don't know. They wouldn't take it seriously. You have to keep it running. And the program..." he looked around, left and right, until he was sure it was just us in our corner of the office. "You can't let it run."
I told him I would take care of it. What else was I supposed to do? Poor guy gave the company his whole life. Of course he's a little weird.
I think Harry enjoyed his retirement party. He seemed a little on-edge the whole time. I promised him I'd go down to the basement as soon as it ended, and that seemed to mollify him. I hope he enjoyed his retirement. What little of it there was, at least... six months after he left, he went quietly in his sleep. Massive heart attack.
So now I'm the Old Man (yeah, at forty-four!), and the kids I've got working for me are just that: kids. I can't believe I was ever that young. They all know about the basement mainframe, but I haven't told any of them about Run Program Y/N. Why not? I guess I'm just embarrassed. It's a weird superstition, really. I don't want them to think that I'm a doddering old COBOL-jockey like Harry was. But did I go down to the basement once a week to press N? You bet your ass I did. I guess I'm a little superstitious after all.
At least, I was pretty good about it. But starting in March, you know, this whole pandemic thing, New York's been basically shut down. All the IT staff were told to go remote. I managed to convince them that I needed to be able to come into the building to service the mainframe, and they seemed to buy it, so it's just been me for a while. It's kind of nice. Peaceful. I admit, though, it's very strange being almost alone in a giant building like that. It's too quiet. You hear things... the building settling, maybe, the pipes banging. New York is old. It gets worse when I go down into the basement. That clicking... it sounds like insects scuttling around inside the computers. I think of them like giant termite nests, swarming with creepy-crawlies. I've never liked bugs.
And of course there's still lots to do. Idiot brokers don't know anything about working remotely, and I get calls about dick pics in Zoom every other hour. So I'm run off my feet. You can't expect to shift a building with thousands of employees to WFH and keep your IT staff constant, all right? You just can't. It's unrealistic. So who can blame me if I fell down a little? If I forgot to go for a walk as often as I should?
I was working alone at about 6pm when I started getting flooded with calls. "My trades aren't executing!" "My account's frozen!" I tried to swat down each problem as it popped up, but nothing worked. I was dealing with the third irate email from management when I remembered Harry's words. "It'll completely fuck up our network."
Shit. I hadn't been down there in three weeks.
I practically ran down the staircase, almost tripping on the sharp-edged steps. That would be a real treat, wouldn't it, braining myself in the subbasement of our building and not being found for months? I made it to the bottom in one piece, somehow, and fumbled madly with my keyring. It took far, far too long to find the right key, and for a moment it hitched in the old-style wooden door. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and tried to calm down, and when I opened them again, I slid the door open easily.
Inside, something felt... different. The bulbs overhead were flickering much more than normal, and another couple of them had gone out. As I watched, there was a loud crackle, and one of the lights fizzed out. The machines around me seemed to be running faster than normal, too, the reel-to-reel spools whizzing along. Lights strobed on and off. The clicking was louder than ever. Clicking? Almost like scuttling. That mental image, of swarms of gigantic mutant termites, came back with a vengeance. The air seemed to be full of tension, and I could smell ozone. I practically sprinted over to the Apple II's desk.
What I saw was a mess. The printer had been turned on, apparently, and had spewed paper everywhere. Loose sheets littered the desk and the floor. I picked one up and tried to make sense of it. It was just random characters, scattered randomly, along with a couple of blotchy inkstains. I shoveled the paper off the Apple II's keyboard, and as I did, the printer shuddered to life and spat out another sheet. The characters on this one were thicker, almost covering the page, but they were still gibberish. Well, almost... I squinted at them. I could make out a couple of actual words here and there. "hECaT0mB" was one, and "TElesTeRI0n."
What got my attention, though, was the screen. As I'd expected, it was asking if I wanted to RUN PROGRAM. I didn't know how long it had been stuck on that screen, but it didn't look quite the same as it had before. A bunch of pixels were dead; others were showing up as weird, multicolored smears, colors I didn't even know the Apple II could make. It was a little difficult to make out what the message actually said. I leaned in close and tried to read.
Below RUN PROGRAM, there was a new line of text.
NO INPUT DETECTED>>> PROGRAM RUNNING AUTOMATICALLY IN and a counter. It was ticking down by seconds. Currently, it stood at: 00:00:00:00:09:12 As I watched, it ticked down. 12... 11... 10...
You better believe I stabbed that N button with full force.
I want to say that something huge happened: the lights all blew out, or the computer exploded, or something in the distance roared. None of that occurred. The computer beeped happily, and the screen returned to the familiar readout of COBOL. But did the towers of ancient technology all around slow down, just a little? Did the clicking subside? Did the LEDs dim? Did the palpable sense of urgency, of wakening, fade?
Maybe. Maybe. I think so.
I didn't want to spend one more second down there than I had to, so I booked it upstairs. By the time I was back at my desk, people were reporting resolution of their problems, one after another. I breathed a little easier. And you better believe that from then on I was down in the basement once every three days at most.
Until now. Last week, I got an email. Due to the ongoing situation with COVID-19, all nonessential employees are furloughed until further notice. There was a list of names excluded, but mine wasn't on it. Of course I emailed the bosses. They were sympathetic, but they explained that they were expecting huge quarterly losses, and they just couldn't justify keeping IT on payroll. They'd subcontract it out to some low bidder.
I asked if I could just get into the building to retrieve some things. They explained that no, it was locked, and offered to have a maintenance man search my desk. I told them about the old basement mainframes and they said that they were planning to get rid of them anyways, and that they'd bring in a decommission team as soon as the pandemic ended.
I didn't bother explaining after that. What would happen if I told them that I had to get into their basement once a week or... or... or what? The network would crash? The building would collapse? The world would end?
They wouldn't believe me even if I knew what to say.
I'd like to say I'm enjoying the time at home, but the truth is, I can't. I can't stop thinking about those towers, brooding in the darkness. I can't stop thinking about that clicking. I hear it in my dreams. It's the same dream every night: I'm alone, on a lightning-blasted plain, those massive towers rising up in front of me. The ground beneath my feet is all made up of cables, and they twist and squirm like snakes. The smell of ozone fills the air, and I watch those towers rise, higher and higher and higher, basalt monoliths clawing at the sky.
Today, I started noticing some problems with my work email. Stuff's loading slowly, and messages I know I saved have vanished. I know I shouldn't be checking it. I'm furloughed, after all. But I can't help it. I can't stop thinking about those words I saw on the printout, and imagining the counter, all alone in the basement, ticking down.
What happens when it hits zero?
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June 17th Q&A Session

Here's a compilation of the answers from today's Q&A session. If you want more accurate sources, just search one of the questions in the #questions channel in the Chiv 2 Discord. Repeated questions were removed.
Q: Will the game be updated on a regular basis?
A: You bet! We already talked about the Epic exclusivity deal solidifying our post-launch position financially, but we think it should be even more clear with the console release that we expect the game to stick around for some time. Post-launch content is a big part of our roadmap, more details to come.
Q: How long do the devs plan on supporting the game post-launch? Do you believe that you will continue to add weapons, or do you intend to include everything in the full release?
A: Yes, additional weapons are on our post-launch roadmap.
Q: What was your thought behind using DX12 over things like Vulcan or staying with DX11?
A: DX12 isn't particularly well-supported by the version of UE4 we're using. We do have it as an option, but most users will not see any benefit from it as a result, and may even have problems. We're mostly giving it as an option because it's the only way to use Intel's variable rate shading (VRS) which provides a nice boost for newer Intel GPUs. We are not providing Vulkan as an option.
Q: Tried looking this up, but still wasn't sure. If I use a PS4 for the first year, would I then be able to move to steam and keep my progress? If not, I'm stuck with PS4, or I start over.
A: Account linking is not planned at launch.
Q: Can you include the significance of ping and packet loss in the official tutorial? I've noticed countless newbies getting kicked and banned from chiv servers simply because they don't know any better about having too high a ping
A: We definitely agree this is something that new and even experienced players need to be made aware of, we've been talking about this stuff recently in fact. Not sure if it'll be a part of the tutorial specifically but we're definitely looking into ways to improve this communication to the player
Q: I would like to know if there will be 'events' of any sort? I know stuff like Halloween and Christmas might be more suited to a game like KF2, but perhaps some sort of map changes / aesthetics or maybe events like the progression of story could perhaps be plausible?
A: We have these kind of ideas all of the time here - we'll have to share more information after we launch the game, but definitely expect some fun timed things / seasonal stuff post-launch. Post-launch map content will also play into and continue the wider narrative of the Agatha vs Mason conflict
Q: first question: how do i get into the beta? second question: is mason knight voice from first chiv still going to be availiable?
A: You'll be able to get into the beta in the same way as the alpha. We'll have a closed beta period where we'll hand out keys to those who signed up, and then we'll have an open beta after that. And yes, we do have returning voices from Chivalry: Medieval Warfare!
Q: any chance a 240 system like mordhau will be added to the game?
A: No 240 system
Q: is the crossplay will be directly available directly after the game launch ?
A: all platforms crossplay at launch is planned
Q: Will you be able to use alternates consecutively in a combo? (For example: Alternate overhead, alternate Overhead, stab)
A: You can't combo into the same attack (e.g. cannot alt overhead combo into alt overhead... you'd need to alt overhead into normal overhead or any other attack type)
Q: Is feinting bannable?
A: No, but to elaborate: Feinting is far less frustrating on the receiving end due to held parry. It is still useful but with Chiv 2's mechanics there are more options for both attack and defense.
Q: Is a predetermined questionnaire the best way to get chiv2 feedback to improve the game?
A: I write the questionnaires based on information our designers are looking to hear about. On top of this we also read the feedback channels here in Discord and on the forums from the alpha players. We try to create many avenues for people to give us feedback in a way that is both easy for them and useful for us.
Q: will be there good anti-cheat?
A: We're planning on using Easy Anti Cheat!
Q: Will be here good optimalization for Low End Computers?
A: Big focus. Mind we have to run at a consistent framerate on consoles that are nearly 7 years old at this point.
Q: Will console hold PC graphics back?
A: No, console ports are handled in a different way that optimizes them for the console they'll be played on and that will not affect PC graphics.
Q: Will the servers be crap like the ps3 and xbox 360 version?
A: Servers on the console release of Chivalry 1 were listen servers, run by one of the players, with the inconsistent performance and networking issues that come with that. Chivalry 2 servers are dedicated servers, always.
Q: [...] will the beta run on console? [...]
A: We do plan to do a console beta. Can't speak to the details yet because we don't know them
Q: Is it too late to start learning about developing games at 20? Sorry for offtopic, love the game so far.
A: I don't see why not, it's never too late to learn something new if you actually put the time and effort into it. I didn't even think about game dev until near the end of my undergrad CS program...
A: I went to school for something completely separate to gaming and didn't get into it professionally until I was 24. I think you're never too old to learn if it's something you are interested in.
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Survivor S32 Extras

Here you find all Extras/Insiders videos for this season. In this post you will find more seasons soon. Enjoy :)

S32 Pre-show

Meet the Cast interviews: Elizabeth, Jennifer, Joe, Julia, Kyle, Michelle, Neal, Nick, Peter, Scot, Tai, Alicia, Anna, Aubrey, Caleb, Cydney, Darnell, Debbie
Castaway on Castaway
Jeff Probst Assessment
Meet the Castaways
Commercials/Previews: medavac, Alecia, Neal, Kyle, Caleb, Liz, Alecia, Caleb, promo, Challenge Preview, Preview 1, Preview 2

Getting To Know Interviews: Scot, Tai, Alecia, Anna, Aubry, Caleb, Cydney, Darnell, Debbie, Elizabeth, Jason, Jennifer, Joseph, Julia, Michele, Neil, Nick, Peter
I Messed Up
Secret Scene
The Day After
EW Deleted Scene

Pre-Episode: Preview, Challenge Preview
Interviews: My Shoulders Are Fried, Surviving Is Difficult, The Underestimated Tribe, We Were Pretty Confident, We're In Some Big Trouble, Work Smarter, Not Harder, A Bonding Moment, A Little Bit Of Friction, A Super Confident Woman, Be Not Afraid, Enjoying The Ride, Go With My Gut, I Can't Wait, I'm Keeping My Mouth Shut, I'm Very Resourceful, It Took Us Four Days, It Was Freaking Epic, It's Grating On Me, I've Prepared for This, Keep Each Other Warm, More Prepared Than Most
Secret Scene
The Day After
EW Deleted Scene

Pre-Episode: Preview, Challenge Preview
Interviews: We Trust Each Other, We're Pretty Gross, Fun to Watch, I Am The Oldest Person, I Can't Wait Until it's My Time, I Feel Pretty Safe, I Got The Idol, I'd Rather Stay At Camp, I'm Having So Much Fun, I'm Loving It, I'm Not That Upset, It Felt Amazing, My Daughter's Teddy Bear, She's My One, Someone's Going To Be Shocked, The Best Dad In The World, The Right Thing To Do, This Is a Tough Game, We Just Killed It
Secret Scene
Final Words
EW Deleted Scene

Pre-Episode: Preview, Challenge Preview, Sneak Peek
Interviews: She Wasn't Alright, She's A Competitor, She's a Tough Cookie, The Dumbest Thing, The Right Thing To Do, A Force To Be Reckoned With, A Scary Moment, Digging The Pit Of Hell, He's A Special One, I Have Respect For Him, I Just Had Enough, I Really Appreciate Him, It Happened Out Of Nowhere, It Felt Like A Loss, It's Almost Soul Breaking, It's Been Incredibly Difficult, Litter Box From Hell
Secret Scene
The Day After
EW Deleted Scene

Pre-Episode: Preview, Challenge Preview
Interviews: A Good Challenge, Brawn beach is Pathetic, Exactly What We Wanted, First Impressions, Hard To Get Rid Of People, I Just Lost The Numbers, I Really Struck Gold, I Think She'll Be Fine, I'm in the Best Spot, My Game Plan, Nobody Expected It, Not Going Our Way, Slippery Little Suckers, Smarter Than He Looks, Sucks For Us, The Challenge Sucked, This Game is Amazing, We Should Keep Winning, We're in the Better Group, Your Best Poker Face,
The Day After
Secret Scene
EW Deleted Scene

Pre-Episode: Preview, Challenge Preview, Sneak Peek
Interviews: I'm Okay, It Was Heartbreaking, It Wasn't Meant To Be, It's a Hard Decision, Michele Blew Up, Pressure's On, Start From Scratch, Survivor is Not The ER, Time to Think, We're Starving, What an Idiotic Idea, A Long Term Investment, Epic Showdown, Glamorous Camping, Hats Off To Him, I Own Up To My Mistakes, I'm Glad It Was Her, I'm Not Truly Myself
Secret Scene
The Day After
EW Deleted Scene

Pre-Episode: Preview, Challenge Preview
Interviews: Wave Goodbye To Chan Loh, We All Earned It, A Huge Change For Me, A Rude Awakening, Big Boy Time, Competitive Eating, Cover All Your Bases, I Took It Down, I Want To Do Him Proud, I Was Upset, I'll Take it, It Makes Him a Big Threat, It Was Great To See Him, It's Like We're in The Playoffs, My Dream As A Kid, My Own Personal Legacy, My Two Top Threats, This is Unreal, This is What I Came For
Secret Scene
The Day After
EW Deleted Scene

Pre-Episode: Preview, Challenge Preview
Interviews: A Chance To Get To Know People, An Absolute Disaster, An Emotional Story, Aubry Was Upset, Happy As Can Be, Holding On For Dear Life, I Don't Feel Bad, I Earned That, I Just Couldn't Hold On, I Know I'm a Target, I Was Surprised, It Was Awesome, Over The Half Mark, That Was Good Stuff, The Idol is My Backup, The Writing Was on the Wall, We Blow Them Out, Weak & Arrogant, Zero Chance of Winning
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Survivor Superlatives

S32E14 - Finale
Pre-Episode: Preview, Challenge Preview
Interviews: Hard To Say Goodbye, I'm Going To Bring Mark, I'm Not A Puzzle Person, My Time To Win, One Third Of The Way, Over The Moon, True Loyal Partner, We Have A Big Voice
The Jury Speaks Interviews: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Secret Scene
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The Day After Getting Sequestered
Red Carpet Interviews: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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Twitch really should implement a "Gambling" category to stop being like Phantomlord from ever being the top CS:GO streamer when he's never actually playing the game.

I have nothing against PL, I used to watch his League streams a bit but I'm sure even he'd agree that what he's streaming isn't technically CS:GO. It's related to the game, but it isn't the game.
I think it would benefit betting streamers and CS:GO streamers alike to making "betting" or "gambling" it's own category on Twitch. That way betting streamers can attract an audience that is more interested in what they're doing, and CS:GO streamers don't get pushed down the list by big names like PL.
When people like Steel bet in between matches that's fine, but it's not okay that Twitch forces people like phantomlord to label their stream "CS:GO" when they're not playing the game at all during their stream.
I posted the same idea in /Twitch and SirScoots commented on it (Love you scoots)
EDIT: Being in the title was supposed to say "People" :<
EDIT2: Not worth mentioning removed something I added spur of the moment. Be back later.
EDIT3: After reading some of this discussion, I am all for the idea of not allowing gambling content to be streamed through Twitch period. In it's current state it's waaay too easy for children to get involved and is overall a pretty bad look for the site. Gambling isn't meant to be streamed like this, and Streamers set up this fantasy world where money is infinite and all losses can be easily gained back. It's feeding off ignorance and youth and is pretty detrimental in its current state.
Of course if this doesn't happen a new category that stops it from being uncovered by people who don't understand or care about it is a great option. Maybe make a "Gambling" category that flashes up with a big "Are you 18 or older?" message with a "18+ channel" banner at the top or as a watermark. At the very least it will make some very young kids at least feel uncomfortable with going to that part of Twitch and would limit the amount of time they spend there.
EDIT4: Summit1g is really proving my point on stream talking about this post. He promoted this fantasy that he went from 6k to 20k last night, saying "suck it" and doing the jacking off hand motion. He tailors his comedy to his audience and blatantly lies that he's not promoting the site. He isn't gambling for fun, he's gambling because the site pays him to do it, and he's selling it to young people. People are literally paying Summit1g to talk to him about how rich he is. disclaimer: this thread isn't about Summit only. The name drop is purely because he chose to respond to the thread on stream. This does pertain to anyone who gambles on stream for extended periods of time (Steel, m0E, Phantoml0rd etc. I don't want to single any one streamer out
EDIT5: Gooooold?!?! Thanks so much for that :) I can't wait to see what this gets me :D Ahelenek was the kind donor :) thanks so much man
EDIT6: Here's summits take on it, he goes to like 7hr40min or so I don't want him to have absolutely no voice on the matter and if he rechecks this post and doesn't want this on here he can PM me and I'll take it off. Twitch's shitty auto mute has most of the main stuff muted, if you want to hear the very end skip about 5 or so minutes ahead of where it starts.
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32 Teams/32 Days: Day 12: The Houston Texans

Team: Houston Texans

Division: AFC South
Record: 4-12 | Division Record: 1-5 | Finish in Division: 4th :(
Hi everybody, I'm Skarmotastic, former Texans power ranker for the past 4 seasons, and kinda sorta old school power user, but then college happened. Still make time to watch games, even though the Texans have been the most disappointing Houston sports team of the year. Oh, and I helped this lady get her hat back.
Category Stat Average League Rank
Total Yards 5120 320 20th
Passing Yards 3278 204.9 21st
Rushing Yards 1842 115.1 14th
Total Points 338 21.1 17th
Yards Allowed 5546 346.6 20th
Passing Allowed 3799 237.4 24th
Rushing Allowed 1747 109.2 13th
Points Allowed 436 27.3 32nd
Point Differential -98 -6.2 28th
Interceptions Thrown 17 t-26th
Fumbles Lost 11 t-22nd
Giveaways 28 t-28th
Interceptions 11 t-20th
Fumbles Recovered 5 t-29th
Takeaways 16 t-27th
Turnover Differential -12 28th
2018 Draft Picks
Round Pick Overall
3 4 68
3 via Seattle 16 80
4 3 99
6 3 163
7 4 196
Free Agents
Unrestricted Free Agents
Name Position
Tom Savage QB
TJ Yates QB
Josh Johnson QB
Alfred Blue HB
Andre Ellington HB
Jordan Todman HB
Bruce Ellington WR
Xavier Sua-Filo LG
Chris Clark RT
Breno Giacomini RT
Jelani Jenkins OLB
Johnathan Joseph CB
Marcus Williams CB
Marcus Gilchrist S
Eddie Pleasant S
Shane Lechler P
Restricted Free Agents
Name Position Exclusive Rights
Greg Mancz C No
Angelo Blackson DE No
Ufomba Kamalu OLB Yes
Brian Peters ILB No
Ben Heeney ILB No
Corey Moore S Yes
2017 Season Analysis
Training Camp/Preseason It was a time of hope for Houston sports. The Astros are a title favorite, the Rockets with Chris Paul might be able to contend with the Warriors, and the Texans have broken out of their lobster shell with a shiny new QB in DeShaun Watson. Not much of substance from other positions would be reported on during OTAs and what not, as all the media focus was on Watson and Savage as they fought for the starter role. Savage would eventually win out, and in preseason seemed to show why, but mainly because Watson showed some concerning deep accuracy, regularly overthrowing his man in the seams. Savage would win the starting job. A secondary note was the OL, a concerning unit even on paper. With Duane Brown actually committing to a holdout, the Texans entered the season with the deformed cerberus of Chris Clark, Breno Giacomini, and Kendall Lamm at OT. On the inside, while Greg Mancz had a quiet breakout season in 2016, he was benched for 2nd year player Nick Martin, who spent his rookie campaign on IR. Personally, I thought Martin should've been prepped to play RG to replace an awful Jeff Allen as Mancz had proven himself at C. The Texans staff did not agree. The following account of the Texans' 2017 video is best read in UrinatingTree's voice and tone.
Week 1: vs , L 29-7
This just had to be the year where the Jags put it all together, and the Texans' offense played the role of that crappy B-rate villain only used to show the Hero's power level. Tom Savage was sacked 6 or 7 times, the OL was immediately unmasked Scooby-Doo style as an actual turnstile, and any optimism for the season ahead was subsequently sacked by Calais Campbell by halftime. Enter Watson, who immediately gave a breath of life into the offense. Evading rushers! Connecting downfield! First downs! All foreign concepts to the 1st half offense, brought back immediately as Watson quickly scored his first NFL TD and gave the Texans hope once again. They would lose 29-7, surrendering 10 sacks.
Week 2: @ , W 13-9
Week 2 Thursday Night Football for DeShaun's first start was nice. At the time, we all assumed our defense was good and just shut down the Bengals, it would later be revealed that their offense just out-sucked our defense. DeShaun's first start was very pedestrian outside of an electric 50 yard TD run at the end of the first half, but the offense as a whole was still running the same gameplan they had last week for Savage.
Week 3: @ , L 33-36
And now, coming off a 10 day week post-TNF, the Watson-led Texans walked into Gillette Stadium and started bombing their defense with an aerial attack Houston hadn't had since the golden days of Matt Schaub to Andre Johnson. Preseason pickup Bruce Ellington also quickly proved his value as a slot WR in the new-look offense tailored to Watson, with many of the Texans' plays involving him in motion across the backfield to help ID the defense. For a moment, it seemed like Watson was going to dethrone Brady in his own home, but then a combination of conservative playcalling and well, Tom Brady, kicked in and the Patriots won in stunning fashion. But hey, BOB finally has the explosive offense many expected.
Week 4: vs , W 57-14
Take a promising young franchise QB, a new offense tailored to his strengths, a hated division rival, and throw them all into you home stadium. Mix together for 60 minutes, sprinkle in Rookie RecordTM 5 TDs, and then narrate it all with the sweet voice of Kevin Harlan. You'll have an optimistic, explosively packed team with nothing but hope for the future.
Week 5: vs , L 42-34
Watson is at it again, throwin' a bunch of TDs and crap, and oh my god everybody important on the defense is dead somebody get the bubble wrap before they get to Clowney crap crap crap. Watt to IR, Mercilus to IR, defense to IR. This is now unquestionably Watson's team for the season. Sure, 2 of his TDs were in garbage time, but the Chiefs were playing the best football in the league at the time, and it's just nice to have a QB that can actually target Hopkins without sending a wave of anxiety and fear of a pick through NRG Stadium.
Week 6: vs , W 33-17
If it weren't for Nathan Peterman, the Browns benching a rookie for Kevin Hogan would've got so much more flak than it did. Hogan proceeded to give the Texans secondary a much needed confidence boost by throwing 3 picks in the first half. Watson tossed 3 more TDs, all is well and good. Another rookie who'd been quiet so far after gaining hype in the preseason, HB D'Onta Foreman, also flashed his skill with a 39 yard run in this game, which would win him more snaps going forward.
Week 8: @ , L 41-38
After the bye week, it was on to Seattle, and Watson lit up the LOB to the tune of 402 yards. If any Seahawk fans hadn't watched him yet, they knew his name now. In what was one of the best regular season matchups of 2017, Wilson v Watson was like watching a Dragon Ball Z fight. Both QBs had 4 TDs, 400+ yards, and led their teams in rushing. Hopkins and Fuller beat Richard Sherman for big plays, and we got more Kevin Harlan out of it all. It was beautiful. Duane Brown was also left in the PNW for picks, remember that holdout?
Week 9: vs , L 20-14
Houston sports hype is at an all-time high. The Astros have won the World Series for the first time in franchise history, the Rockets are still projected to be one of the best teams in the NBA, and the Texans have a rookie going toe-to-toe with Brady and Wilson. The Colts, your most hated rival, is in town and down a franchise QB. TIME FOR AN ACL TEAR. Savage is now your QB again. You feel nothing.
Week 10: @ , L 33-7
Absolutely. Nothing. Without Watson, you know what to expect from this offense. Absolutely. Nothing. You need your defense to step up then. They give up a career high 355 yards to Jared Goff, highlighted by a 94 yard TD to Robert Woods. Back to watching Watson highlights on Youtube.
Week 11: vs , W 31-21
Going in at 3-6 with almost all of you stars on IR might make you want to tank. But, without a 1st or 2nd round draft pick, you might as well scrap that idea and try to win some games. In this edition of Savageball, Bruce Ellington proved he wasn't a product of Watson to any remaining doubters with a cool 6/63 statline, Tom Savage realizes you don't have to absorb multiple sacks per game, and D'Onta Foreman had a nice breakout game with 10 carries for 65 yards and his 1st 2 NFL TDs. Keeping with our "Texans can't have nice things" theme, he tears his Achilles tendon while scoring his 2nd TD. Absolutely. Nothing.
Week 12: @ , L 23-16
After finally learning that winning only brings pain and injury, the Texans begin the final descent down into the basement. Tom Savage posts 252 yards, hoping to look like the best statue he can be so somebody will give him a decent contract in the offseason.
Week 13: @ , L 23-14
Sure, Savage threw what would be a crushing end-zone pick in the final minutes, but you haven't felt emotions since Week 8. He still posts a career high 365 yards, but the defense forgets how to stop a running back, and Derrick Henry plunges a 75-yard dagger TD into any hopes of sneaking in at 9-7. Stephen Anderson looks nice starting at TE, having come a long way from being a UDFA 3rd stringer. Of course, this is because CJ Fiedorowicz and Ryan Griffin are now on IR with more concussions.
Week 14: vs , L 26-16
The schedule really killed the Texans in this one. If this was early in the season, Jimmy G wouldn't have been there to make every man jealous of his looks and envious of good QB play. Tom Savage forgot he plays for the Texans, and since he had a career high last week, he gets rewarded with a concussion. Enter TJ Yates. However, the Texans have already beaten the Bengals, so Yates doesn't activate his latent hunter skills, and the Texans' makeshift plan of "Screw it, throw to Hopkins" fails to keep pace with an actual QB.
Week 15: @ , L 45-7
I'll be honest. I don't remember this game. I intend to keep it that way. Savage is now effectively done for the season.
Week 16: vs , L 34-6
When TJ Watt was drafted, the Watt family was ecstatic that 2 of their kids would be facing off on Christmas Day in an NFL game. Instead, JJ basically sent a raggedy-looking homeless dude with holes on his shirt and stains that are either spaghetti sauce or blood, and asking would be rude. The only positive of this game was that DeAndre Hopkins did this.
Week 17: @ , L 22-13
DeAndre Hopkins has a minor injury, so he sits out the 2017 Toilet Bowl between the Texans and the Colts as they swirl down the drain of 4-12. Your major stat leaders: TJ Yates - 14/24, 137, 1 INT. Alfred Blue - 18 carries, 39 yards, 1 TD. Chris Thompson - 3 catches, 54 yards. It's finally over. The defense is the worst scoring unit in the league, the offense burned brightly under Watson but was a wet fart under anybody else. The injuries forced the Texans to use a record 77 players throughout the season.
High Points
An Actual QB For BOB
Ever since BOB took over, stuck with the offensive guru label, the expectation has been a great offense. The QB "talent" before this year has been awful. Ryan Fitzpatrick was the best of the bunch back in 2014 and he even got benched for Ryan Mallett, who actually looked good for the one game he played healthy. Guys like BJ Daniels, Brandon Weeden, TJ Yates against 30 NFL teams not named the Bengals, and Brian Hoyer winning games at all is impressive. Watson finally provided a positive at the QB position, and made the offense fun to watch for once. No more drags and quick outs from empty sets every play, we were seeing sweeps, play action flashbacks to the Gary Kubiak bootlegs, and deep shots against anybody and everybody. The second the Texans had time to re-work the offense for Watson, it became the best unit in football literally overnight. Maybe the best part of this is that there's no doubt who should be starting Week 1 next season.
Clowney is a Star
JaDeveon Clowney was always an interesting prospect to me. You knew about the big play ability. You knew about the raw athelticism and power. What we didn't know was just what exactly he'd excel at. Now, 4 years in to his career, and after battling some injury issues for the first 2, Clowney's given the league a very clear picture of what he is. He's not the next 20 sack rusher, he's one of the league's elite run stoppers, and plays all over the Texans' defensive front. After Watt and Mercilus went down in the same game, Clowney immediately became the heart of the defense, and individually he delivered, leading the league in run stops for either no gain or a loss. Think Pernell McPhee, but younger and a lot more athletic.
Hopkins is free again
Last year, DeAndre Hopkins seemingly regressed, posting under 1000 yards for the first time since his rookie season. Upon closer inspection, he actually had a giant lobster claw pinning him down all season. This has since been remedied, and he's back to making insane catches and leading the league in TDs.
Low Points
Mike Vrabel
One of the Texans changes to their coaching staff was to move DC Romeo Crennel to a more assistant role, and replacing him with LB coach Mike Vrabel. With almost the same defensive personnel, Vrabel's defense was last in the league in scoring. The secondary was hot garbage, and that unit was relatively healthy. JJ Watt's injury isn't an excuse for this either, as he also had a season ending injury in 2016 and Crennel still made that unit one of the best in the league. As for Mercilus, while his absence undoubtedly made things harder for the fresh new DC, I don't think it's enough to swing from the top of the league to the bottom. Oh well, the Titans decided he could handle even more responsibility.
Do I even to say any more? JJ Watt, Whitney Mercilus, DeShaun Watson, CJ Fiedorowicz, Ryan Griffin, D'Onta Foreman, do I really need to go on? The Texans broke the record for most players used in a season with 77.
The OL
Last season, the expected unit was Duane Brown, Xavier Sua-Filo, Nick Martin, Jeff Allen, and Derek Newton. Martin, a 2nd round pick, missed all season. He was replaced by Greg Mancz, a former UDFA who turned out to be one of the better Cs in the league. Allen, a free agent from KC, was a massive disappointment. Sua-Filo can't really pass block. Newton tore both of his patellar tendons. Brown was his usual great self. Fast-forward to 2017, Week 1. The starting OL is Kendall Lamm, Xavier Sua-Filo, Nick Martin, Jeff Allen, and Breno Giacomini. Brown is holding out. Newton might never play again. For some reason Mancz is rotting on the bench with 2 bad guards in play instead. Nick Martin played some guard in college, he could've been transitioned. They immediately give up 10 sacks in Week 1. Later in the season, Chris Clark and 4th round rookie Julien Davenport would start games at both OT spots, and Greg Mancz would replace Jeff Allen at RG. Contrary to popular belief, Sua-Filo wasn't bad, he's just not a good pass blocker.
Reviewing New Additions
Free Agents (Former Team)
  • Breno Giacomini () (1 year, 2.75M) Well, somebody had to start at RT, and Giacomini was actually an upgrade over our other... options. Likely won't be back, was just a guy. Main reason he won't return is that the Texans are already actively pursuing OL this offseason, and if you think you can get similar production from Julien Davenport on a rookie contract, why not save a couple million to throw at Norwell or a DB?
  • Marcus Gilchrist () (1 year, 3M) With Romeo Crennel's defense, the Texans don't have a FS and SS, they just have 2 S. Gilchrist was a nice vet to have mentoring Andre Hal and Corey Moore, both on rookie contracts. He started some games and basically rotated in for both Hal and Moore. Again, just a guy, but better at his position than Giacomini. If he'll re-sign for a similar deal, I'd like him back as depth.
  • Bruce Ellington () (1year, 615K) Ok, technically he also came from the Jets, but he was there for 2 days in the preseason. Ellington played as the Texans' slot WR and clicked the most with Watson, providing a few big plays during that stretch. Only totalled 330 yards and 2 TDs, but for that contract that's great value. With his injury history from his 49er days, I don't see his value picking up much in free agency. If he comes back, it's bad news for Braxton Miller.
  • TJ Yates () (1 year, 775K) While TJ will always hold a place in my heart, right next to Chris Burke for winning the division in 2011, his 3rd stint was just... bad. There is no Nick Foles story here, just a Yates without his Bengal to kill. He will probably not be back unless things go catastrophically wrong... again.
Rookies (Round-Overall)
  • Deshaun Watson (1-12) The Texans traded up with the Browns to get here, leaving them without their 1st or 2nd round picks but it was so worth it. Despite what PFF may tell you, Watson was damn good. Yes, he took a lot of risks, and had a high INT% as a result, but after watching a lobster explore ways to throw 40 passes without topping 200 yards like it was a SoCal trend diet it's a trade I'm more than willing to make. Watson took a crap tier OL and got them to produce the 3rd best rushing attack in the NFL because he made the offense so dynamic the Texans could get more creative than they ever did with Savage or Crustacean.
  • Zach Cunningham (2-57) Cunningham is the replacement for newly-released ILB Brian Cushing, but in the Texans' defense, he won't play the same role. Benardrick McKinney handles that, being more of a thumper and pass rusher. Cunningham will be the other ILB in 3-4 looks, providing speed and coverage more so than rushing ability. He looked a bit lost in preseason, and the Patriots picked on him in coverage, but that's to be expected when you get any LB on Amendola or Hogan or Gronk. He'll be fine, just needs experience.
  • D'Onta Foreman (3-89) The Texans felt the need to compliment Lamar Miller with a better power back than Alfred Blue, so they drafted a local kid who put up 2K last year in college. He is the most Texans rookie ever. Grew up in Texas City, went to the University of Texas, was drafted by the Houston Texans, and promptly had a season-ending injury after a good performance. Since he tore his Achilles, he probably won't be healthy come Week 1 next season, and even then it's a wait-and-see game to gauge just how effective he'll be aftewards.
  • Julien Davenport (4-130) It's usually a good idea to draft at least one OL per draft to keep that unit healthy and fresh. Davenport is still pretty raw, but was a 4 year starter at LT in college, so ideally he takes over that position in the future. His feet need to get better and faster to hang with NFL edge rushers, and he still needs to refine his blocking technique, but he's 6'7 and has long arms so if the Texans can coach him, he'll be fine.
  • Carlos Watkins (4-142) At this point, the Texans could rebrand themselves to the Houston Tigers, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V the Clemson uniforms, and nobody would bat an eye. Watkins was mainly a rotational piece for the Texans, but played well, mainly as a 3-4 DE next to DJ Reader, a 5th round DT out of Clemson 2 seasons ago.
  • Treston Decoud (6-169) Decoud was played as CB depth, and flashed decent coverage ability on his limited snaps. With the CB corps up in the air at the moment, his role and snap count next season is anybody's guess.
  • Kyle Fuller (7-243) Not the dude from Chicago, the Texans' Fuller was a Center at Baylor, and didn't make a noticeable impact in his rookie campaign. OverTheCap says he played about 8% of both offensive and special teams snaps at LG. I can't imagine they pencil him in as the starter if they decide to move on from Sua-Filo, so right now he's just OL depth at best.
  • Dylan Cole (UDFA) Cole slipped through everybody's radar, and saw playing time early as a backup ILB, with even more snaps after Brian Cushing got suspended. Came out of college off an awesome Pro Day, profiled as a thumper kind of guy. He was average in that regard, but surprised people in coverage with 2 picks, one for six vs. the Titans. Should be the 3rd guy behind McKinney and Cunningham, but played a very good all-around game.
Free Agency
Now that Cushing is cut, the Texans are primed to be much bigger players in free agency than they were a season ago, with OverTheCap reporting $63,802,267 in cap space. With the Texans FO already talking about OL and DBs being the priority this offseason, and no high picks to get any with, you can bet the Texans make some moves soon here.
  • Andrew Norwell () Doubtful that Norwell leaves Carolina, and even if he does, San Fransisco has more money to throw at him. He's the pipe dream, but would still be ecstatic to get him.
  • Nate Solder () Solder is a very good tackle, and at 29 should at least be good enough to play out a 4 year deal. Already having taken a team-friendly deal in New England, he may be looking to get paid while he can. Sportrac has a market value of 13.2 AAV, and if we can get him around that price tag that'd be great.
  • Josh Sitton () Sitton intrests me as a very good stopgap at a guard spot. He was great when healthy as a pass blocker, good as a run blocker, but with recent injuries and age it's hard to put a cap number on him. A shorter deal if you can't get Norwell or Solder could be a good move.
  • Justin Pugh () He might end up back in NY anyways, but if not he's my personal favorite target. Maybe the most versatile starting-caliber OL in this FA class, he can play either G or T spot for us, and would be a lot cheaper than Norwell or Solder.
  • Malcolm Butler () Coming off a worse season than his All-Pro 2016 campaign and the weirdest benching ever, if Butler is a Patriot next year, we're gonna see BrainwashGate. While some still think he'll end up in New Orleans based on the Cooks trade last year, I think the emergence of Marshon Lattimore lessens their need for him. Sportrac has him at 13M AAV, if we can get him on a 4-5 year deal it would be the big signing of the offseason for us. Would personally like this over Solder.
  • Trumaine Johnson () Johnson is year older, and might be on a similar price tag. (Read: 13-14M AAV) I'd prefer Butler, but think Johnson is more consistent. If Butler returns to 2016 All-Pro form then he's clearly better, but if he's just good then Johnson would be more worth that money. CB is hard as hell to predict in free agency due to scheme differences, but Johnson played in a Wade Phillips defense, and the Texans still have vets who've played under him from the Kubiak era. Would prefer Butler either way.
  • Kyle Fuller () Fuller is the youngest CB on my short list, with Chicago declining his 5th year option, it looks like the two are parting ways. Fuller is even more inconsistent than Butler, with an up-and down 2015 after a solid rookie season, missed 2016 with a knee injury, then played his best season in 2017. Also, if Chicago decides to tag anybody, it'll be him.
  • Other Options Weston Richburg, Patrick Omameh, Patrick Robinson, Bashaud Breeland, LaMarcus Joyner
Draft Needs
Seeing as how we don't have a pick until the 3rd round, it's too much of a crapshoot to name specific players. Just like with free agency, the priority is OL and DB, but you can't expect an instant starter in the 3rd round. Since that's the case, there are other positions that need depth. In order of importance, they are:
  • Tight End CJ Fiedorowicz might retire due to concussions, and Ryan Griffin has never proven he can take over the starter role on a full-time basis. Stephen Anderson played well in his spot starts, but he has no real blocking ability and you need that in your starters. While DeAndre Hopkins is playing GM on Instagram trying to recruit Jimmy Graham, we may not want to go high-profile here, especially if we spend heavily on both OL and DB.
  • Outside Linebacker Our starters are set with Clowney and Mercilus, but the depth behind them is concerning. After Mercilus' injury, the Texans signed Lamarr Houston, who lasted a month. Our other OLBs are Ufomba Kamalu and Brennan Scarlett, a pair on UDFA deals who haven't made a serious impact. If there's a prospect available in the 4th or so onwards, they might be worth a look.
  • Wide Receiver Bruce Ellington may not be back next year, and if so it would put Braxton Miller in the starting slot role. The former Ohio State QB hasn't made much noise at WR, and the depth behind him is concerning. The only other WR that saw playing time was Chris Thompson, who mostly played special teams. Hopkins is Hopkins, and Will Fuller took a huge step forwards this season, living up to his deep threat ability he was drafted for when playing with Watson. I think Thompson makes it for his ST contributions alone, but if Ellington doesn't get re-signed then there'll be 1-2 spots to fill out.
Coaching Changes
Name 2017 Role 2018 Role
Romeo Crennel Asst. HC/Defense DC
Mike Vrabel DC
John Butler Secondary
Anthony Weaver Defensive Line Defensive Line
Bobby King Linebackers Inside Linebackers
Anthony Midget Asst. Secondary Secondary
Shane Bowen Defensive Asst.
Sean Ryan Quarterbacks Quarterbacks
Mike Devlin Offensive Line Offensive Line
John Perry Wide Recievers Wide Recievers
Charles London Running Backs
Tim Kelly Tight Ends Tight Ends
Will Lawing Offensive Asst./Line Offensive Asst./Line
Pat O'Hara Offensive Asst./Quarterbacks
Larry Izzo ST Coordinator
Doug Colman Asst. ST Coordinator
New Coaches
  • Brad Seely, ST Coordinator Seely continues the Patriot connection, having served as their ST coordinator from 1999-2008. He also served as an Asst. HC for the Browns in 09-10 and the 49ers from 11-14. Was ST Coordinator for the Raiders from 15-17.
  • D'Anton Lynn, Asst. Secondary Son of current Chargers HC Anthony Lynn, D'Anton was a former UDFA CB, and later worked as a Defensive Asst. for the Bills in 2015 & 16, and for his dad with the Chargers in 2017.
  • John Pagano, Sr. Defensive Asst./Outside Linebackers Pagano has worked many different jobs in his 22 year NFL coaching career, mostly with the Chargers, and last year took over for Ken Norton Jr. as the Raiders' DC.
Final Thoughts There are a lot of holes to fill and the Texans are in the unfamiliar territory of having to do it through free agency rather than the draft. With Watson proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's our guy, we'll also need a backup who plays similarly to him, with the same kind of escape ability he has. (Tyrod, anybody?) I definitely feel that fixing the OL is more important, because with a healthy trio of Watt/Clowney/Mercilus and a fully clicking offense, we can take the load off the secondary. I do have my concerns about free agency, especially when signing guys through 32-33 years old, but that's so far down the road for the top guys that you can worry about pay cuts and restructuring when the time comes. This team is already built well with the starters in place, adding depth will be crucial to having a successful 2018. Looking beyond that, this will probably be Clowney and Watson's team sooner than Texans fans will want to admit, as JJ Watt has expressed before that he won't be the type to play until the wheels fall off. With Romeo back in charge, the defense will hopefully return to 2016 form, but with healthy JJ Watt.
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[RANT] Alright, /r/summonerschool, we need to have a chat.

It's time for a rant. I don't really do these often in this format - usually just in post replies - but it's getting to be a big enough problem that I hope this gets some exposure so we can talk about it. I'm sick of repeating myself and seeing similar responses from others. Let's air this shit out in the open. It stinking up the sub.
"Okay, enough, LedgeEndDairy," you're probably saying to yourself, "what the fuck is this all about!?"
Glad you asked.

Stop dropping different leagues into stereotypical "buckets."

"Bronze doesn't know how to CS."
"Just learn champion matchups and you'll get auto-win your way to Diamond."
"Nobody in Silver knows how to gank properly."
"Don't play X champion in X MMR because he's too hard."
And the much more destructive, condescending, and counter-productive:
"I have no idea how you aren't Diamond if you've been trying to improve for at least a year."

Stop it.

Right now.

No more of this shit. I mean it. You CANNOT lump all players in a given league to one all-encompassing "problem" that they all struggle with and call it a day. To attempt to do so is a disservice to those players attempting to carry themselves out of said league.

The Problem

I would say the number one frustration that the lower-elo players here struggle with is attempting to incorporate some aspect of play that they read about here, successfully doing so, and still not really seeing fantastic results. Maybe they went up from Silver 3 to Silver 2 on average. ...Yay. There's really no sense of improvement, accomplishment, or success there. No reason to continue improving. It's akin to going to the gym for 3 months religiously and losing 3 pounds in the process. 1 pound per month, woohoo.
The sub is FILLED TO THE FUCKING BRIM with "this is what you need to do to carry out of low MMR." And they're correct - you DO need to do a lot or all of those things, but that's not the underlying problem.
Increasing your CS by 1-2 per minute will not, by itself, carry you anywhere. Fixing your runes and masteries (lmao - this one always cracks me up, like taking specific runes will be the difference between Silver and Gold, uh huh, good luck) will not, by itself, do anything. Sometimes that's all the advice we can give based on an, but it really isn't going to do anything.

The Truth

The reason most of you aren't climbing is something completely unrelated to "putting in more time practicing." I would drop a good $500 on a bet that:

90% of this sub's low elo, or more, know everything they need to incorporate and watch for in their play to improve and climb.

It's not hard to list it off, in case you're part of the 10%, here's a decent-sized (NOT all-encompassing) list:
  • Increase your CS to 7-8/minute on your LOSSES.
  • Die less. Seriously. Stop dying.
  • Watch the fucking map, you idiot.
  • Ping your roaming laner and/or the jungler when you see him. If another lane didn't ping, do it for them. If they didn't ping and you got jumped, see the tip directly above.
  • Macro-play - learn when baron is the correct call, when it's time to shove waves, when it's time to group, where to be to catch a rotating enemy, and where the jungler is likely to be in the first 5-10 minutes.
  • Champion knowledge - what do their abilities do? What does your champion do that can get around them? How much damage can you expect them to do to you with a full rotation, roughly? Along with this - know your own champion's limits, and push those limits. Don't do a disservice to your champion by only using them at half-potential.
  • Tricky plays - Flash ults, animation canceling, orb-walking, juking (Shaco/Wukong especially), etc.
  • Trading stance - know how to effectively trade against the enemy in lane (this is actually huge, and can, by itself, throw you several divisions higher if you aren't already doing it - look it up (Leaguecraft 101 episode 1).
  • etc.
  • etc.
  • etc.
Just this list of, uh, let's see, 1, 2, 3, ....8 things with 3 etc.'s - if properly improved and executed consistently in game - can easily get you to Diamond (I'm serious). This is literally all that they're doing there. The problem is you aren't doing them, you aren't working on them, and you aren't consistently implementing them into your gameplay.
You heard me.
You aren't paying attention. This is the second part of the $500 bet:

90% of the 90% of the players (so...uh...81% of low elo players) that know what to do....still aren't doing it.

Those that are doing it are improving.
So, why aren't you doing it?
Because you can't be bothered. Because playing braindead is easier. Not paying attention is simpler. Constant focus is hard. Actively improving your gameplay and noticing your mistakes is exhausting. Watching your replays is boring. Watching pro-streamers for non-entertainment purposes (writing down their CS at intervals, actively paying attention to when and how they trade - as well as the conditions the enemy gave them to do so, etc.) is annoying and, well, not entertaining.
You don't really want to improve, you want to be improved. In grammaliterature we call the second statement "passive voice." You want someone else to do the improving for you, and somehow you'll "magically" be better. Man that sounds awesome. Why don't we wave our magic wand and gain the muscle mass of the Rock while having the good looks of Ryan Reynolds while we're at it? Hell let's get to a healthy 6'2" or so too. And $20 million dollars while we're at it, why not?

Bringing it All Together

Rant over, for the most part.
So what does this mean? What does Bronze struggle with? How about Silver? Gold? Platinum? Diamond? Diamond 1? Masters? How does a Challenger take the next step to pro?
Simply put:

Pay attention more. Actively participate in your games to a higher degree. That's it.

Platinum struggles with the same shit that Bronze struggles with - improving CS, making correct calls, item builds, trading properly, warding, watching the map - ALL FUCKING EIGHT of the things above and more. Challenger fucking struggles with the same things Bronze struggles with, friends. Seriously. Just at a MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH smaller and harder-to-see scale. It's not like "You've hit Gold ELO now, you're done improving your CS skills and trading. Time to work on your jungle pressure." That's not how improving works. Challenger-level players are still working on the basics. Just like any sport - how many pro basketball players do you see with a less-than-50% free throw rate? Like, seriously? You're getting paid MILLIONS a year to play this game and you can't be fucked to improve your ability to make a FREE BASKET?
In any case - this is the secret to climbing: improving never stops. Or if it does you stop climbing. You've reached your peak mentally.
Actually apply the knowledge you have, instead of just sitting on it feeling smug because you "know things." Playing ranked game after ranked game will not help you improve, it's your brain you need to work on. It's a lazy fuck. You have to figure out how to kick it into gear and actually get it working FOR you. It's not something to be really "practiced," it's something to be "fixed," and nobody else is going to do it for you.

The Caveat

There definitely are some players out there that have special struggles. New players simply have no idea what they're doing. They're just sort of throwing out random skill shots and autoing minions and shit. But the game has aged enough that "veteran Bronzies" are honestly not really doing this anymore unless they're in the depths of Bronze 5 - and these are the other special cases. No idea why they do what they do but they're literally running around like chickens all game long. Wins seem by accident quite often.
This is the vast minority, though. Once you hit Bronze 3 you generally stop seeing this. You start seeing people that afk in the head quite often (they're "not paying attention!" le gasp), but they'll randomly pull a good idea out and do something that forwards the win condition for their team. Obviously not to the same scale as someone in Challenger would, but again, in general most Bronzies still know the game, they're just not paying attention well enough to actively put that knowledge to good use.


Bronze and Challenger are struggling with the same issues, just to much (MUCH) different degrees. Stop stereotyping issues to a specific league, it's not true.
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Sc2, LoL, Dota 2, CS:GO, and HS are at a poker table...

...and Overwatch just showed up. Sc2 has the smallest chip stack and it's continuing to get hit for big blinds and not making any major moves because it's waiting for AA AKs or AK to place a bet. Finally Sc2 gets AK and bets quadruple the big blind, Dota 2, CS, and LoL have so many chips so they call. Flop is Rainbow 579, LoL hits a 2 pair and Sc2 folds. That's where we are: a small stack playing super conservatively when what we need is big dynamic moves. We're celebrating trivial features that have been industry standard for years, like being able to wait until your game is finished to apply a patch.
Blizzard has a history of a very conservative iteration rate and magnitude. Within that conservative structure, Starcraft 2 is probably the most conservatively developed game (you can make an argument for WoW). 9+ months of swarmhost stalemates. However many months of Broodlord/Infestor back in WoL. Both the results of this conservative development process, along with many other, less iconic stagnations of small and middling magnitudes.
Multiplayer game development (especially esports) is much like poker. You have your cards (development ideas) and you try to play the best ones. But you have to play the hand and see the community cards (how the players actually react to the implemented idea) to find out if there is a net gain or loss. Of course you don't play every single hand, but right now we're barely playing any. We're so caught up in this chase for perfect balance that we're making ultra specific changes like +10 damage to bio (aka mutas) on the cannon, something that was already in place for spores in ZvZ. Because patches come so rarely in Starcraft it's necessary for them to be as high precision as possible. What I'm going to suggest is probably going to upset some people, but it's about time for dynamic changes at the high level:
No more balance test maps. Increase iteration rate
We've tried it the conservative way and gained very little from it, in fact we've had the most success with big changes like the economy changes in LotV as far as making the game more compelling. Get rid of the balance test maps and patch a lot more often, maybe even, stay with me here, once a month?! edit: really shouldn't have put a number on this as it distracts from the main point. There has been one patch to multiplayer in almost half a year of Legacy of the Void. The point is we would benefit from less internal testing and more external testing. More than 2-3 times a year. Yes this means that there will be more imbalance, but it also means the game stays fresh, exciting, and interesting. The professional players who consistently succeed are the ones who can not only play well mechanically, but who can adapt to change and innovate new styles. Most professional players are going to hate this. Some may even start slinging ad hominem attacks. But this is going to make the game better for 99% of the people that enjoy it.
Small note on magnitude. We give Sc2 an official off-season (after blizzcon for 1.5-2 months. This is where we can test the crazy stuff, remove units and abilities, add units and abilities, address fundamental flaws at the root rather than treating the symptoms.
I love Blizzard and the people who work there, I love Starcraft, and this is how I feel. I know by posting this I'm risking backlash from the most powerful people in the Scene (Blizz employees and Pro Gamers). This is mainly why I've been afraid of posting this. If you're one of those people, know that I'm writing this from a place of wanting Starcraft to be better. We're running out of chips, it's time to go all-in on our best hand and make big changes to the way we develop this game.
Big shout-out to unrelenting_zergling for posting their thoughts on this subject, which was the catalyst for me coming out and voicing my own opinions about it.
edit: This is just one of the huge changes we need for Starcraft. (most have already been talked to death so I didn't mention them.) In case you haven't heard about these yet:
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132+ Teams in 132+ Days: Texas A&M Aggies

The Fighting Texas Aggies of Texas A&M
"Howdy. I've got a little story for ya, Ags!" Traditional start to Midnight Yell.
Year Founded: 1876, the first public institution of higher education in Texas.
Location: College Station, Texas
Total Attendance: 53,337, with roughtly 40,000 being undergrads.
Live Mascot: The first Reveille came to Texas A&M in January 1931.
A group of cadets hit a small black and white dog on their way back from Navasota. They picked up the dog and brought her back to school so they could care for her. The next morning, when the bugler woke the students with the song "Reveille", the dog started barking. She was named after this morning wakeup call.
The following football season she was named the official mascot when she led the band onto the field during their half-time performance. When Reveille I died on January 18, 1944, she was given a formal military funeral on the gridiron of Kyle Field. She was then buried at the north entrance to the field, as all Reveilles are, facing the scoreboard so that she can always watch the Aggies outscore their opponent.
Reveille I, mut.
Rev II, a Shetland Sheepdog.
Rev VII, a Rough Collie, was aparently quite the player
Rev VIII, the current Rev, hanging out with Obama
When she dies, there is a special cemetery located outside the north endzone of Kyle Field that features it's own scoreboard so the Rev's can always keep up with the team.
Why put the prettiest girls in school out on the track?
We choose to hang out with them in the stands.
In exchange we have Yell Leaders. (See Traditions for more info)
Stadium: Kyle Field and get ready, we're about to spend half a billion making Kyle much bigger.
Kyle Field is named after Edwin Kyle, an 1899 graduate of the school and a professor of Horticulture. At the time, the school didn't want to give money for a football field, so Prof Kyle fenced a part of his fields used for agriculture.
Using $650 of his own money, he purchased a covered grandstand and built wooden bleachers. The seating capacity was 500 people.
Kyle Field is currently the 13th largest football-only stadium in the NCAA, and next year the stadium should hold 109,000 and then we'll come back down to 102,500 to settle as the largest stadium in the SEC.
Football games have been played at the same location since 1904, and it was designated a football field in 1905. Permanent stadium construction began in 1927.
Stadium Location: Construction began last Monday on campus across from the Memorial Student Center.
• Texas A&M is the 18th all-time winningest program in Division 1 with 691 wins.
Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech are both within 4 wins, so moving up on the list might happen in the near future.
Conference Champions (18): 1917, '19, '21, '25, '27, '39, '40, '41, '56, '67, '75, '85, 86, '87, '91, '92, '93, '98. Second most conference championships of the SWC.
Number of Bowl Games: (34) 15-19.
National Titles (3ish): 1939 AP National Champs; 1919 - undefeated, unscored on, 275-0 for the season; 1927 - Sagarin gave us a retroactive MNC on this one. We don't really claim it, either.
Texas - While currently inactive, this is still the 3rd most played rivalry in CFB at 118 games played. Texas leads the series, but here is a little history to help keep perspective.
Until the late 1960's, A&M faced the most difficult recruiting impediment in CFB. We were all-male and all-military. The service academies were seen as being 'more legitimate' than A&M, and Texas, being co-ed without restrictions pulled in a lot more talent over the years, as you can imagine. It's quite amazing that A&M won at all, much less having come in 2nd in conference championships during that time.
In 1975, the Aggies finished the season in the Top 25 for the first time since opening up the campus, and in an epic win over Texas made the series dramatically more even. Since 1975, the Aggies lead the series 19-18 over the Longhorns.
Texas Tech - Mostly ignored by the Aggies during the SWC, it became heated when Mike Leach set his sights on A&M. Aggies lead the series 37-32-1.
Baylor - This rivalry was over-heated during the early days. Play was suspended for years after an A&M student was killed at a game in Waco, and other Aggies threatened to load up military gear and invade Waco.
Under Coach Fran, the Aggies gave Baylor their first conference win in the Big12. Aggies lead the series 68-31-9.
LSU - The Aggies have played the Tigers off-and-on since 1899, and with bordering states, shared recruiting territories, and starting next year, a Thanksgiving game, this series looks to be heating up quite nicely.
The Aggies are 7-2-1 at Kyle Field and 10-22-1 in Baton Rouge. Overall, the Tigers lead 28-20-3.
2013 Season
The Aggie faithful are excited. We've got a lot of returning talent, and coaches that proved their worth last season in the SEC. Plus our schedule is very nice ... you know, as far as SEC schedules featuring Alabama can be nice.
8/31 - Rice
9/7 - Sam Houston State
9/14 - Alabama
9/21 - SMU
9-28 - at Arkansas
10-12 - at Ole Miss
10-19 - Auburn
10-26 - Vanderbilt
11-2 - UTEP
11-9 - Mississippi State
11-23 - at LSU
11-30 - at Mizzou
The Greats
Greatest Games:
2012 Cotton Bowl. What? Not the Alabama game? After a turbulent transition from the Big12 to the SEC, beating the Big12 co-champion was the greatest way (outside of playing beating Texas) to cap off our move to the SEC. Beating Alabama in their house was nice, but Oklahoma was retribution for the Fran and Sherman years.
• 2002 - Aggies knock off #1 Oklahoma with new offensive coordinator Kevin Sumlin calling the shots.
• 1998 – A&M hands #3 Nebraska their first loss in almost 2 full years, then knocks off #2 Kansas State in the CCG.
• 1990 – - BYU's Heisman Trophy winner, Ty Detmer, has both shoulders separated against the Aggies in the Holiday Bowl. Warning, the first half of the footage is brutal.
Bo knows the Aggies. - - Auburn faced the Aggies in '86 in the Cotton Bowl after Bo Jackson won the Heisman. Watch at 3:20 when Bo gets three shots in a row at scoring from inside the 5 and walks off the field with a big bag of nothing.
• 1975 - You didn't think we'd go without a UT game here, did you? The 1975 season was the first season that A&M ended the year with a top 25 ranking, after going co-ed and ROTC-optional.
It also featured the highest ranked A&M and UT teams to ever play. The #2 Aggies knocked off Earl Campbell and the #5 Horns ushering in a new era of Aggie football.
• Honorable Mention: The '99 "Bonfire Game" against Texas. That was the last year A&M held bonfire on campus, as tragedy struck. 11 students and one former former student lost their lives in the accident leading up to the game against Texas.
In all my years at A&M, and in all the years following the team, I've only seen two visiting bands receive standing ovations from the Aggie fans. One was Rice's MOB back in the Southwest Conference days, and the other was the Longhorn band on that afternoon.
We were all Texans and friends that day, and not rivals.
• In case you want a solid history of our program, here are two fantastic videos of A&M football history, each about 12 minutes long:
Texas A&M history from 1894 to 1971
1971 through the end of the Big12.
Greatest Plays:
Aggies beat Texas in '88. Texas QB Brett Stafford tries to quiet the Aggie crowd, and it ends poorly.
• Quentin Coryatt lays down The Hit against . The recever's jaw is broken in three places.
Sirr Parker wraps up double OT and drives a nail into the heart of #2 Kansas State and ends Bill Snyder's best chance to get into a National Championship game.
Greatest Players:
College Hall of Fame players: Ray Childress, DT; Dave Elmendorf, S; Joel Hunt, QB; John Kimbrough, FB; Charlie Krueger, T; Jack Pardee, FB; Joe Routt, G; Gene Stallings, DB; Joe Utay, HB.
Heisman Winners: John David Crow and Johnny Manziel.
Honorable mention:
Bucky Richardson, local hero and QB.
Dat Nguyen, LB, Lombardi Award, Chuck Bednarik Award.
Shane Lechler, starter at punter and kicker, on the depth chart for linebacker and was the backup QB in '98, and currently has a Hall of Fame worthy NFL career is still going.
Luke Joeckel, Outland Award.
Randy Bullock, Lou Groza winner.
Von Miller, Butkus Award.
• A&M has had 22 Consessus All-Americans:
Sam Adams, DE; Marcus Buckley, LB; Randy Bullock, PK; Ray Childress, DT; John David Crow, RB; Dave Elmendorf, FS; Tony Franklin, PK; Aaron Glenn, DB; Johnny Holland, LB; Robert Jackson, LB; Luke Joeckel, OT; Darren Lewis, RB; Johnny Manziel, QB; Von Miller, DE/LB; Damontre Moore, DE; Dat Nguyen, LB; Marshall Robnett, OG; Joe Routt, OG; Ed Simonini, LB; Pat Thomas, CB, and John Kimbrough, RB was named consensus All-American in both '39 and '40.
Aggies in the NFL as of July 25:
Ben Bass, DE, Dallas Cowboys
Martellus Bennett, TE, Chicago Bears
Michael Bennett, DT, Seattle Seahawks
Red Bryant, DT, Seattle Seahawks
Randy Bullock, K, Houston Texans
Terrence Frederick, DB, New York Giants
Jeff Fuller, WR, Miami Dolphins
Cyrus Gray, RB, Kansas City Chiefs
Mike Goodson, RB, New York Jets
Danny Gorrer, CB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Geoff Hangartner, C, Carolina Panthers
Tony Jerod-Eddie, DE, San Francisco 49ers
Luke Joeckel, T, Jacksonville Jaguars
Johnny Jolly, DT, Green Bay Packers
Jorvorskie Lane, RB, Miami Dolphins
Shane Lechler, P, Houston Texans
Kevin Matthews, C, Washington Redskins
Jamie McCoy, TE, Pittsburgh Steelers
Stephen McGee, QB, Houston Texans
Christine Michael, RB, Seattle Seahawks
Von Miller, OLB, Denver Broncos
Damontre Moore, DL, New York Giants
Don Muhlbach, LS, Detroit Lions
Spencer Nealy, DL, Minnesota Vikings
Uzoma Nwachukwu, WR, Houston Texans
Sean Porter, OLB, Cincinnati Bengals
Jordan Pugh, S, Washington Redskins
Lionel Smith, DB, Jacksonville Jaguars
Jonathan Stewart, LB, St. Louis Rams
Ryan Tannehill, QB, Miami Dolphins
Steven Terrell, DB, Jacksonville Jaguars
Brian Thomas, OL, Miami Dolphins
Cody Wallace, C, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Greatest Coaches:
'Uncle Charlie' Moran ('09-'14) - coached Jim Thorpe in high school. Went 38-8-4 at A&M, and left to go to Centre College. He racked up a 42-6-1 record and a MNC there. He was also coaching Centre against A&M when the Aggie 12th Man tradition began.
Also was a National League umpire in 4 world series.
Dana X. Bible - Inducted into the College Hall of Fame in '51. Invented the T-formation. Led A&M to two undefeated, unscored on seasons.
Took a year off coaching to be a pilot during WWI.
Came back and coached the Aggies to a SWC conference championship in football, basketball and baseball in the same season. Left to go to Texas where he won 3 SWC championships and finished in the AP Poll 5 times in 10 years.
• Other coaches deserving credit: Hall of Fame coaches and their year of induction that were head coach at A&M include - Matty Bell, '55; Bear Bryant, '86; Homer Norton, '71; Gene Stallings, 2010; R.C. Slocum, 2012.
Former Aggie players who are current coaches:
Dennis Allen, head coach, Oakland Raiders
Gary Kubiak, head coach, Houston Texans
Dan Campbell, tight ends, Miami Dolphins
Kyle Caskey, offensive QC Cincinnati Bengals
Jerry Fontenot, assistant offensive line coach, Green Bay Packers
Kirk Parrirsh, college scouting coordinator, Seattle Seahawks
Shawn Slocum, special teams coordinator, Green Bay Packers.
I've included both a short version and a link to some of our most interesting traditions. I know I've skipped more than a few, but this is a good start.
Yell Leaders – A&M was an all-male school, but often times girls from a local women's college would get bussed in. Some seniors thought it would be funny to haze the freshmen in front of the women.
So they made a group of freshmen put on janitor's clothing and stand out on the track and be stupid.
But after the game something amazing happened. Those freshmen all had no problems getting dates.
The next week it was Seniors out there with the overalls on.
100 years later, and it's two juniors and three seniors. Each year there is a campus-wide election, and Yell Leader vote is dramatically more important to the average student than class president or any of the other boring votes.
Why do we keep the Yell Leaders instead of switching to cheerleaders? When a 'cheer leader' does a cheer of more than 4 sylables, guys gawk at them and girls ignore them. When a Yell Leader leads a yell, any yell, 30,000+ fans raise their voices to chant along.
The Yells - There are a bunch of them, and if you go to any Aggie Yell Practice or game, you'll most likely hear all of 'em. In order to do a yell correctly, you have to 'hump it.' See below.
• [The Spirit and the War Hymn] - Other schools have a school song and a fight song. The Aggies have The Spirit of Aggie Land and The War Hymn
There has been much controversy at ESPN and newspapers outside of Texas A&M over the lyrics of both songs.
The ending of the Spirit has been officially changed from "We are the Aggies / the Aggies are we / We're from Texas AMC" to "We are the Aggies / the Aggies so true / We're from Texas AMU" to designate that we are no longer Texas A&M college.
The media has also called for A&M to change the War Hymn as Texas is no longer playing us in any sport.
Lyrics feature, "'the eyes of Texas are upon you' / That is the song they sing so well / Sounds Like Hell / So good bye to Texas University / We're gonna beat you all to ...
After which is the most striking part of the Hymn, when fans put their arms around the people next to them and 'saw' while singing "Saw Varsity's horns off" and "Varsity's horns are sawed off."
This is, of course, in reference to the Texas mascot that was known simply as Varsity before they changed it to Bevo.
As for the "controversy", all Aggies have completely ignored it and we are unanamous in sticking with our traditional songs.
Gig 'em - Rather than end a conversation with "goodbye", many conversations between Aggies end with "gig 'em", usually accompanied by a thumbs up. This tradition began at a 1930 Midnight Yell Practice held before the football game against .
In an attempt to excite the crowd, Pinky Downs, a 1906 Texas A&M graduate and member of the school's Board of Regents, asked "What are we going to do to those Horned Frogs?" Using a term for frog hunting, he answered his own question, "Gig 'em, Aggies!"
For emphasis, he made a fist with the thumb extended. The phrase and hand signal proved popular, and it became the first hand sign of the Southwest Conference. All 12 schools evenutally adopted hand signs of their own.
The 12th Man - A&M is playing Centre College, one of the most dominant programs of the era. So many Aggies are injured that a former player, E. King Gill, is called out of the stands.
Gill jumped into an injured player's jersey and stood ready to help the team if they needed him. Now all 30,000 plus students stand ready through every game to go help the Aggies if the coach calls.
Midnight Yell - Where else would you want to be at midnight on Friday before a game but with 30,000 fans hanging out at the stadium. For road games we normally find a bar to crash with the travelling fans.
Aggies go through all the yells, and listen to very well thought out stories and anectdotes by the Yell Leaders decipher the somewhat humerous jokes made by the (we're almost positive) not drunk Yell Leaders.
This is open to any one, including fans of opposing schools and curious onlookers ... unless you force us to block you out.
Hump it - Look again at the picture for Midnight Yell. Those fans are all leaning over with their hands on their knees in the middle of a yell. Why? Because you can yell louder when you lean over.
Aggies Hump it for all Yells, and during crunch time, you'll see plenty of Aggies in the stands humping it while screaming.
Howdy - The traditional way to start every speech to Aggies. If you say Howdy, normally the crowd will respond with "Howdy" back to you. You will also hear the word Howdy more times per day on our campus than anywhere else in the world. It's our greeting and we use it. A lot.
Parson's Mounted Calvalry and the Spirit of '02 - a 1902 Howitzer that we fire off on kickoffs and scores at football games. We found it in a ravine while chopping wood for Bonfire. You never let good military hardware go to waste.
Corps of Cadets - Once mandatory at A&M, the Corps is much smaller than it was back in the 60s. During WWII, A&M put more servicemen into the armed forces than any other school, including West Point.
A&M still produces more officers than any university, except for the service academies. 42% of Corps members receive a commission in the US Armed Forces.
The Fighting Texas Aggie Band. - Texas A&M features a military style marching band. They are fantastic. Especially if you are used to the standard 'show bands' that everyone has. Click the link and see some of their performances.
The FTAB is part of the the Corps. I doubt there is an Aggie who graduated in the last 40 years that doesn't get a chill when they hear, "Now forming at the North end of Kyle Field ... "
Remember the part of the 12th Man tradition where I said the students stand for the whole football game? They stand for the FTAB, too. Even when the temperature is well above 100 degrees, the Aggie students will stay standing for everything except the opposing team's band.
Century Tree- Want to propose on campus? We've got a tree for that. All Aggies grab a kiss under this tree at some point in their time at A&M.
Elephant Walk - Elephant Walk marks the end of the usefulness of the Aggie seniors to the student body. Like dying elephants, which wander the jungle looking for a place to die after their value to the herd is over, thousands of seniors will join hands and wander aimlessly about campus visiting landmarks for the symbolic "last time."
This happens after the last home football game becaues the other sports don't matter.
Reveille - - She really is the highest ranking member of the Corps of Cadets.
She goes to classes with Corps members, where if she barks, you stand a good chance of the prof cancelling the class for the day.
She has her own bed, and the right to take over the bed of any Corps member on campus.
The grass at the MSC. The Memorial Student Center building and the grounds around it is a tribute to our servicemen around the world. If you are in the MSC, you are asked to take off your hat, and if you are around the MSC, you are asked to not stand on the grass.
The MSC also features the Medals of Honor won by seven former students.
Aggie ring - Many schools have rings, but for Aggies this it the most visible way for graduates of Texas A&M to recognize each other. The Aggie Ring is worn by current and former students, and may be used to distinguish seniors from other students on campus.
The first Aggie Ring was designed by E. C. Jonas in 1894, and the design has remained relatively unchanged since; the only major change came when the school's name was changed from the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas to Texas A&M University in 1963.
Ring dunking - After receiving your Aggie Ring, you aren't really entitled to wear it until you've dunked it, normally in a pitcher of beer. From the time you put it in, your friends will time how long it takes to get it out, so you get to chug beer and try to catch the ring in your teeth.
As a member of the Class of '97, I had 97 seconds to get it out. Kids these days are pushing 113 seconds. Way too easy.
I've seen people 'dunk' their rings in a super sized banana splits and drink them out of non-alcoholic drinks, and I've seen them drain a pitcher in under 15 seconds. My wife ('99) and I both finished ours in under a minute and a half. It was nerve wracking, but well worth it. We still have the pitchers.
Bonfire - I was kind of hoping that someone else would write this section. I helped build three bonfire's at A&M and there is nothing like it. Thousands of students going out into the woods, doing heavy labor and realizing the rewards right before the Texas game.
It fostered huge competitions between the residents halls over the 3-4 months of work. It brought out tens of thousands of folks before the big rivalry game. It was simply epic, and I miss it a lot.
My freshman year, the BCS Eagle, the local paper, estimated the crowd at over 100,000 people. The next year when the game was held in Austin, there were still over 60,000 people at Bonfire on A&M's campus.
The tradegy that ended bonfire was impossibly awful. As a person who had climbed the stacks for years, I know how and why things went wrong, but I'll never understand it. It should not have happened, and my heart goes out to the families who lost loved ones.
Wrecking Crew – Once the name of the highly respected and feared Aggie defense, Coach Fran removed the monicar and told the team to 'win it back.' What he forgot to do was teach them to play defense. As the defense gets better the name comes out more often, and soon the Aggie D will leave the field to chants of Wrecking Crew again.
Aggie Terminology Yes, we have a glossary of terms that every Aggie knows and uses on a pretty regular basis. Except for the 'two percenters'. Have you ever heard an Aggie 'Whoop'? That's a privilege held for only the juniors, seniors and graduates. Catch a 'Fish' 'Pulling Out' and you can make them 'Push'. (for explinations, read the terms in the links)
Fish Pond - When the Aggies win a home football game, the freshmen in the Corps of Cadets chase the Yell Leaders around Kyle Field, and, once they are captured, carry them across campus and toss them into Fish Pond, a fountain full of very cold water. And yes, in '93 it snowed during the Texas game and the Yell Leaders were still given a nice bath after the win. The freshmen dunking is what gives 'Fish Pond' it's name, as no fish live in the water.
Fish Drill Team - The award winning drill team can often be found practicing in the Quad by the Corps dorms. The team was featured during the opening credits to A Few Good Men, linked here. They are pretty amazing to watch.
Fish Camp - The summer before a students' freshman year, the 'Fish' are invited to a 4 day camp in Palestine, Texas where they learn the Aggie Tradtions and Yells.
Fish Camp features over 900 counselors, if that give you an idea of how big it is.
Texas A&M has a pair of extraordinary traditions. I've tried to capture the spirit, but I'd invite each of you to join with us any time to see these live.
Silver Taps - On the first Tuesday of any month, if an undergrad or graduate student has passed away, there will be a small card with the deceased students name, class, major, and date of birth placed on the statue of Lawrence Sullivan Ross in the Academic Plaza.
That night, lights are turned off all over campus, and at 10:15, students and family members will gather silently around the statue. Shortly there after, the Ross Volunteers will march in, stand at attention, then fire three rifle volleys, breaking the silence.
Then Silver Taps, a special version of Taps, is played three times from the top of the Academic Building ... once to the north, south, and west. It is not played to the east to signify that sun will never rise on that Aggie again. After the buglers play, the students silently return to their homes.
I can not properly put into words how striking this ceremony is.
My freshman year, as Silver Taps slowely faded away, the silence was broken by a mother who had cried quietly during the ceremony. She softly said, "Thank you" in the darkness to the faceless people gathered, in a voice wracked with tears, and I doubt any of us left with dry eyes.
Muster - Muster is the tradition that forever unites the Aggies past with Aggies present. It is Texas A&M's most solemn and most visible tradition.
Muster was first held on June 26, 1883, and it's been held on San Jacinto Day, April 21st, since 1903. This is a day where former students of Texas A&M gathered together to '... live over again our college days, the victories and defeats won and lost upon drill ground and classroom. Let every alumnus answer a roll call.'
No matter where Aggies are, whether it is two or three, or the thousands who gather on the Texas A&M campus, they find other Aggies to celebrate the day. Each year there are 300-400 musters held around the world.
And it is a celebration. While the ceremony is moving and reminds you of the lives lost, the day full of activities, including a 50 year reunion spot light, Camaraderie Barbecue, and campus tours shows off the life of the students, current and past.
At each Muster ceremony a speaker will be followed by the 'Roll Call For The Absent.' Names of those from that area who have died in the past year will be read, and as each name is called, a family member or friend will answer 'Here' to show that Aggie is present in spirit, and a candle will be lit.
Following the candle-lighting ceremony in Reed Arena, a rifle volley is fired and then Silver Taps is played.
During World War II, Aggies and other servicemen held Muster at Corregidor, the last American stronghold in the Pacific before the island was overrun by the Japanese. Only 12 Aggies survived the battle, the death march and ensuing POW camps.
Campus and Surrounding Area
The campus of Texas A&M University, also known as Aggieland, is situated in College Station, Texas. Aggieland is centrally located within 200 miles of three of the 10 largest cities in the United States and 75% of the Texas and Louisiana populations.
Bryan-College Station area population: 228,660
City Skyline and other places
Iconic Campus Building:
Kyle Field dominates the 5,200 acre campus, but some other building include:
The Systems Building welcomes visitors to our campus
Rudder Tower named after James Earl Rudder who led one of the most daring raids in the Normandy Invasion during WWII scaling a 100 foot cliff under enemy fire to destroy German gun batteries. He was also the 16th President of Texas A&M.
George Bush Presidential Library - Former President George Bush, the older one, has his presidential library on campus. It features tons of history on his presidency and an apartment for him to stay in upstairs when he is visiting.
Which is good, as he makes it to many A&M football games. He even led the team onto Kyle Field once.
The Academic Building stands behind the statue of Lawrence Sullivan Ross who turned down a third term as governor of Texas to be A&M's president. He actively fought for A&M, literally and figuratively. If you need a little luck, drop a penny on his statue.
• The O&M building was once the tallest building between Houston, Dallas and Austin. Many aggies take Astronomy simply so they get to hang out on the top floor.
Sbisa Dining Hall - once the largest dining hall in the world, A&M and Air Force spent much of the last century fighting over the rights to the who's was larger. Sbisa was named after Bernard Sbisa who only missed cooking one meal in 50 years for the Aggies. That breakfast was on Nov. 11, 1911 when the campus burned down, including the mess hall, kitchens and his own home. Lunch that day was served on time.
Local Dining:
If you come to College Station, don't you dare leave before spending some time at Northgate. Since 1930 (8 years before College Station was incorporated) this has been the traditional place for students to relax across the street from campus.
Northgate is College Stations premier bar district located along the Northwest edge of campus across University St. Most places are open until 2am and are open to 18+ with some 21+ exceptions.
Many Texas Country musicians got their start in Northgate, including Aggie legends Robert Earl Keen, Lyle Lovett, Dub Miller, and Roger Creager.
Some favorites include:
The Dixie Chicken - The Dixie Chicken, also known as The Chicken, has been "College Station's most famous watering hole since 1974," and is notable for its role in Texas A&M University tradition.
"Nationally known," the Dixie Chicken claims to serve the most beer per square foot of any bar in the United States.
The tradition of Ring Dunking started at the Chicken. If you do visit The Chicken, you should take the opportunity to learn Texas 42. It's essentially spades with dominos and a ton of fun.
Dry Bean Saloon - Shot bar next to The Chicken. Order favorites like the Angry Japanese Minnow Farmer.
The Corne Rooftop - It's been a while since I've been, but this place was always one of the favorites, mostly for the multiple floors, large bars, and rooftop atmosphere/ view.
Logan's - If you're 21+ and don't wants teens around this is one of the few options. Solid bar with giant 36 oz chuggers. Looks like $4 is what they'll cost you now, but I could swear there were nights they were $2.
O'bannon's Taphouse - If you're a beer connoisseur this is your spot. They have over 100 beers on tap, and a beer tour card. Filling with the 100+ beers takes weeks and give you mad street cred. And a drinking problem.
HOOKAH STATION!!! GATSBY'S!!! V-BAR!!! - The places Johnny famously frequents. The scooby doo shots were definitely in one of the latter two.
There are many more, but those will get you started. Watch the door for 5 minutes and you'll be able to tell exactly what kind of crowd frequents each.
Late Night Snacks
Antonio's - Incredibly diverse selection of Pizzas that are pretty perfect around 2am. The line will be out the door and down the street, so get there at 1:30 if you really want some. Worth the wait.
Fuego - Delicious alternative to Taco Cabana that popped up in the last few years. It's pricer, but the quality is head and shoulders above.
Hullabaloo - Diner a ways out east of town down wellborn.
Los Norteños - Downtown Bryan taco place. Tacos better described as burritos they barely fit on the already large plates.
Brunch / Lunch
Layne's - Heard of Raising Cane's? It's that, but with better sauce, actual Texas Toast, and better fries. Plus it's half the price.
Freebirds - Oh my god I wish they had these where I live. Chipotle is dogshit compared to a good bird. I've put back multiple Super Monsters in my time.
Koppe Bridge - Great Burgers. Enough Said.
La Bodega - Shakers and Queso is all you need, but the rest of their food is good too.
Cafe Eccel - Across from La Bodega. Solid food if you want to get a little fancier.
Christopher's - Kinda out of the way, but great if you want to get real fancy.
This is in no way an all inclusive list. I have no doubt many more recently in CS Aggies will fill it out further in the comments.
Random Trivia
A&M currently has the most current students attend each game. Season tickets cost $225 for just football, or $350 for all sports. A normal football game will feature 30,000+ students in the stands.
A&M won 79.8% of their games during the 1910's, including two undefeated, unscored on seasons.
Kyle field opened in 1904, making it the SEC's oldest field. After renovations, it will be the largest stadium in the SEC at 102,500 seats. Next year, during construction, it will hold 109,000 fans for the year.
On Nov. 24, 1921 the A&M vs. Texas game was broadcast in real time by morse code. This was the first play-by-play broadcast in history.
There is also plenty of rivalry between A&M and UTx off the field as well.
The opening scene of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas is the Aggie football team beating the Longhorns and being rewarded with a visit to the women of the night.
Students that went to A&M for one year, then transferred elsewhere: T. Boone Pickens, Tennessee's General Robert Neyland, and the LA Clippers' DeAndre Jordan.
Lots of famous folks have come from A&M but the head of the list is professor Norman Borlaug. The 'Man who saved a Billion lives' is one of seven people to have won the Nobel Peace Prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Congressional Gold Medal.
What Is and What is to Come
Here we go with year 2 in the SEC, and the Aggie faithful have a lot to be excited about.
Our schedule has 8 home games, including Alabama at Kyle Field.
On offense, our O-Line should be just as good as last year, if not better, despite losing Outland Trophy winner Luke Joeckel.
We return outstanding tackle Jake Matthews who will move to left tackle, and Cedric Ogbuehi will take right tackle which is his natural position. We also have Mike Matthews (Jake's brother) stepping in at center.
Germain Ifedi and Jarvis Harrison will fill out the guard positions. All of them have a lot of experience from last year.
At running back, we have size, speed, power and blocking. We have hungry backs that want to play. Possibly the most talented backfield in the NCAA this year.
To catch the ball we have tall, strong, fast receivers all over the place. Mike Evans returns after a stunning freshman year. Freshman Ricky Seals-Jones (RSJ) will join Cam Clear to give us a normal receiving package including three receivers over 6'4”. All of them can run, and they might all be lining up on the same side just to screw with defenses.
In a press conference last week, Coach Sumlin said RSJ is 6'5" and 245 lbs. They did a body fat analysis and realized that he is carring the minimum amount of fat the trainers will allow. That's all muscle.
And we have Johnny Manziel. No matter what you think you know about him, the kid can play football.
On defense, we have a lot of new faces, including some true freshmen that should be playing plenty this year. Of course, last year we thought our D would be terrible and it came out plenty okay, so there is hope!
Heisie, there isn't enough about me here! WTF?
I'm a statue, Johnny. This is all in your head.
More Information
Subreddit: /Aggies
Contributors: FarwellRob, Thrav, Theyus, laminak
And finally, my thanks to the many good Ags that have helped put this together.
There is a traditional saying at A&M: From the outside looking in, you can't understand it; and from the inside looking out, you can't explain it.
I've done my best to capture A&M and what we feel is special about Aggieland ... but I'm going to bet I've missed a few things.
For more information on the 132 Teams in 132 Days Project, click here.
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[MISC] My opinion on the current state of OpTic Gaming

Okay, so I'm mostly likely going to be in the minority here, but I dot really care because the entire org is getting bashed. Listen here buckaroos, I don't mind that they are not uploading or streaming, and yes I'm a fan of the org. I just recently came back from Anaheim and the entire reason I went was to see OpTic play. After they lost to LG, I got super pissed and heated, not because they lost, but because the only team I came see is now out of the tournament. I was heated because I knew the guys were in the back killing themselves over the loss and that made me remember Crossroads and how defeated they were when they lost at Champs. So yes, I am a fan and I love it when I see new videos or to see them go live in a stream. But at the same time, I care more for the well-being and the behind-the-scenes that goes on. Hecz said that he's going to stop uploading on the weekends and might start doing a cooking show on Saturdays, and I'm ecstatic about it. There are things that must be handled before you can upload to the nation channel, and the members of the org themselves have things to do outside of content and competition that must be handled in their own personal lives. After all, before they are gamers and competitors, they are regular members of society like the rest of us, right? They are entitled to time outside away from screens and cameras. Today in Hitch's video, he mentioned that Aaron was brought to handle sponsorship stuff for the Nation channel and that is he is needed now more than ever, even though they aren't uploading? There are things that need to be handled behind closed doors, so let them be handled in peace. They haven't forgotten about us, the voices are being heard and mostly, the problems we are crying out for were being handled before we even noticed. After all those seasons of grinding, there has to be some downtime for them to be able to catch-up with their personal lives. Videos and content aren't going anywhere, they just slowed down production for a little bit and instead of crying and whining about it, we should instead encourage them and wait patiently for them to be ready. There are sponsorships and other things that need to be handled before they can do certain things, because it is a business and they need to make sure with business partners and associates. Just, leave them be is all I'm saying. They know what they're doing, they're been doing this for how long? If you're a fan, then stick around cause this ain't over and I bet there still tons more stuff to come. The tournament results doesn't mean that roster changes need to be made, it's just that teams where just as prepare as they were, and some more than others. They will bounce back as they always do and come back stronger than ever. Champs is approaching so they are going to need us now more than ever, we better not let them down. CS team is about to go for the ride of their life with 8 tournaments in 2 months and pretty much a tour of Europe. GoW team is, well they're just destroying everything. Halo is doing the same so we'll see how far they take this dynasty.
"If you're a fan, you are going to be here for the wins and losses. When we rise and we fall, because they came hand in hand." - OpTic H3CZ
edit: I was too lazy to write it on my computer so I just did it on my phone and, as you know, formatting is an issue on mobile.
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[Week 3] Preview of Premier League - by Aprycot

Countdown till Season Start
Sorry for this being too short, couldn't watch most of the games being I was playing feeding saturday, and was busy all week long! AND BECAUSE THE SCHEDULE WAS CHANGED AFTER I WROTE THE FINAL DRAFT OF THIS PREVIEW. TY BASED EVEREST FOR NOT BEING ABLE TO PLAY PAST 5 PM.
HeyGuys, newcomers or members of the community, this is a preview of the games that will be aired tonight on houseparty5v5's stream. I will be highlighting the streamed games down below and give some extra information about the teams and the league itself. Please note, I am using this with no inside knowledge of team's scrim results and usage of substitutes so if a team member wants to inform me of them using a sub so I can edit this and talk about that player, please do!
Things to keep an eye on
1) Champion pools, are the players adapting fast enough in the meta? Which no competitive leagues playing on patch 6.10, how are people adapted to new patches, what mages are being picked?
2) Which teams are focusing on macro/objectives like Towers/Rift/Dragon/Baron and which are just farming it out and hoping to win a late game teamfight. What dragons are being prioritized by which team comp?
3) Picks and Bans, which teams are coming with an advantage due to their superior coaching staff? Which teams are just banning OP's and picking random champions that don't mesh together.
Blue Team versus Red Team Game Time Casters
Spooky Midnight vs Team Everest 3 PM CST Flowers & Raistlin
This will be an interesting matchup, Harper Lee (ADC of Everest) used to be the starting adc for Spooky Midnight for two full seasons before he was kicked replaced by "Intercourse" who played for the sister team in the minor league. "Harper Lee" might want to show he is better than his replacement. Both teams have a high damage/gold ADC, let's see how both teams play against the same style. Both teams have around equal level of players with two exceptions, SM seems to have the better top laner and Everest seems to have the better jungler, both aren't by a large margin but on the right matchup they could do some work. However, I think the game will focus around bot lane. With both teams depending on their ADC, I hope for a 15 minute 10 man bot lane double teleport fight to decide the game, but probably won't happen because I just jinxed it.
Matchup to focus on: Intercourse vs Harper Lee.
Player Harper Lee Intercourse
KDA 3.13 4.00
Kills 12 22
Deaths 8 15
Kill Participation 66% 82%
Damage Per Min 851 764
Damage Percentage of His Team 39.79% 28.15%
Gold Per Min 0.39 0.43
CS per Min 8.1 8.0
Games Played 3 (DQ Vanquished) 4
Solo Queue Rank Diamond II Diamond IV
^ Thanks to Czark/HarperTM for the stats.
Blue Team versus Red Team Game Time Casters
Sky Hi vs Team Everest 6 PM CST Flowers & Raistlin
Bottom two teams fighting to see who doesn't get 9th place is going to be super interesting. Everest held their own vs Syndicate last week until late game where they got caught a bit. I believe Everest is the stronger team but Sky Hi has the better solo laners. "Zaystor" and "Habatubata"(Or mechanerd) are pretty good but If I'm not mistaken I don't think they have synergy together. If Everest solo laners don't die in laning phase I believe they can bring the W, but that's if both solo laners don't die. SkyHi seems to be a solo queue team put together, I do not think they have enough practice as a team to do well in teamfights but mechanically seems like their players are high elo enough to be able to win against a bottom half team. Lookout for the newcomers on SkyHi (I'm not sure who are they using but it might be a new top/jung/mid and all three looks good statistically).
Blue Team versus Red Team Game Time Casters
White Lightning vs Industrious Gaming 5 PM CST Flowers & FuryGolem
Straight up, people will be like this matchup seems dull, White lightning easy win, but nooooooooooo. I believe in the "underdogs". IG's time to shine is now, their only loss was against the undefeated Syndicate, beating the defending champs NCL in what I believe, a stomp. Depressed Eagle has the highest KDA for midlaners, with 16.5 KDA. He also has a 77% KP which means his team focuses fights around him being there. Depressed and RICH HOMIE IMPTU are a mid & jungle duo that should be feared, creating a lot of early game pressure that could snowball games into 20 minute stomps, which is proven in their three victories. I would be super disappointed if IG doesn't make it to top 4 in premier league this season, because their roster looks insanely good, and with a coach (Goldentoad Friendly Freddie) that prepares their picks and bans and them actually scrimming this season, they look to be a team that can be at the top instead of the usual avoid relegation IG. On the other hand, White Lightning is a team name that everyone knows, White Lightning might have won two seasons of houseparty, but that was a long time ago when most of you can agree the competition was weaker. White Lightning seems to do fine but not against SAW/UDE. Currently, their only win is against the 9th place(cause vanquished is DQ'ed) SkyHi. White Lightning strongest lane is the bottom lane, but against a team that has a strong jungler and great solo laners, White Lightning might not be able to win any lane except bottom lane (maybe). I'm not sure which ADC will play this week for IG, but "Merk" stepped up this week when people thought he was the weakest link of that team. For White Lightning to win, "Kuristina" needs to be ahead and keeps his lead toward mid game team fights. IG plays a fast phase game, so if White Lightning can slow down the Industrious ~train~ from steaming their way to the top of the standings.
Blue Team versus Red Team Game Time Casters
Spooky Midnight vs Space Age Wizards 7 PM CST Flowers & Fury Golem
It seems like Spooky Midnight has only one win condition, Intercourse. Numbers don't lie, According to Czark/Harper, "Intercourse" has the highest Kill Participation (if you exclude people who played one game) at 82%. He also has the highest gold percentage. It's going to be on SAW's hands on how they deal with a narrowed team with one carry. On The other hand the jungle match-up seems to favor SAW. With a stronger jungler on SAW's hands, let's see how "Mythology" deals with a team that has one win condition, will he snowball other lanes? Will he focus that bot lane? Find out next on ...
  • Watch out for the bottom lane, probably should see TP fights, early ganks and many roams to there from both sides of the map.
Blue Team versus Red Team Game Time Casters
Syndicate vs Underdog Esports 5 PM CST To Be Announced
This supposedly should be the match of the season, top two from minor league facing each other in premier again. I was so hyped about this match until I heard that both sides might be using subs. "Gritty" subbing in for Naz and few changes in underdog. "Life" struck both sides with May being a busy month for graduation/exams/family visiting. But I'm pretty sure both sides will play their best in this match even with their subs. Syndicate's sub player is actually higher elo than Naz, which might seem like a micro improvement but might not fit well in the team due to Naz's superior shotcalling and macro. It seems like "Treebro001" should be the jungler to go over "h4xdefender" for syndicate in this matchup due to him being a great shotcaller too. There are star players all lanes in this game and it is hard to me to find a matchup to look for due to the game might depend on the decision making of both teams. Make sure to watch for the rotations and decision making from both sides with subs on the roster. This match should show a lot due to both sides have rosters stacked with masters/ex masters / ex challenger players.
Nonstreamed games
1) Skyhi vs Underdog Esports: Seems like Underdog should get the win, SkyHi's only hope would be if "Shenoa" (if he is not asleep) goes off in lane some how and carry the momentum. I don't see "soligo" losing lane what so ever to splash even if splash is a pretty decent player. New guy on the team, Habatubata, I've not seen him play in HP5v5 yet, but I saw him in NACS qualifiers vs Distortion Gaming, didn't go well for his team. Seems like the only way Skyhi would win is if I'm on the roster which I'm not anymore Kappa123.
2) Syndicate vs NCL: Rematch of allstars, Naz (insert naz's new ign here) is not going to be here this week, I would assume treebro001 will be playing this game due to naz not being here and treebro001 is their main shotcaller. Syndicate should win this even with the subs except if voice does something insane and carries early game for his team.
3) WL vs NCL:
The current champion (NCL) versus the former two time champion (WL) would be an interesting match with both having the same W/L score of 2-2, this game will show which of these teams is a top contender and which is going to be middle of the pack. I'm not sure which Mid Laner is going to be used by WL this week but the safest bet is it's "Alkantos" due to him performing well and "Corrupt Hope" lag until further notice situation :^ ) It seems like Corrupt Hope wasn't the only one lagging with them decided to ban kindred and give nidalee to blue side SAW (for Mythology). Leaving both open seems the more logical approach to go if you aren't willing to waste two bans but YoupsSorryHadToo that wasn't the best picks and bans you did :s I'm pretty sure ramsey can play both so I'm not sure why they banned kindred. Never-less, WL got something to prove here vs Never Clucky (Who currently are 2-2) losing a game last week with double subs. This should be a close and exciting game to watch and I'm exciting that the next two games are also (hopefully as a viewer) are also going to be close.
Matchup to look for: "Voice" vs "GordonRamsey" Both junglers are super influential in their wins, I think this match up is going to decide who wins and who loses. Both teams have several carries on the team and it's up to those junglers to decide who to snowball and who to shutdown on the enemy team.
Season 6 Rules & Notes
1) Team are obligated to show up 10 minutes before the set casting time and be ready to go at the hour. Any delays to the schedule will result in loss of bans. At the hour, teams lose 1 ban; after 5 minutes, teams will lose 2 bans; after 10 minutes, teams will forfeit the match.
2) If a team wishes to use a placeholder for the game, a champion will be chosen before picks and bans to act as a placeholder. The team using a placeholder must inform the league moderator and a player on the opposing team before the opposing team locks in their champion(s).
3) Taliyah is disabled for the week.
4) Pause Timers are being reduced to 5 minutes from 10 per team.
5) Premier and Minor League teams are required to send a screenshot of the scorebaord to the admins after the game is over. The winning team should send the screenshot to the league moderator in question. (Non-Shoutcasted Games)
Best Regards
Yours truely
Sent from my iphone
Aprycot. =)
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