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Scholarly articles/Studies, Mega-thread #2

You guys seemed to like my last post and I got lots of good feedback so I think Ill turn this into a monthly thing, Special thanks to u/IStandWithMises for his thread on economics, as always please feel free to link any studies/articles to be included next month 😊
Sites to see if studies are valid/other studies they are used in
studies on the brain differences in trans people vs cis gendered people
General Gender memes
Dsm 5 Definition of Gender dysphoria
Clinical Management of Gender Dysphoria in Children and Adolescents
Different types of biological sexes
rapid onset transgender debunked
Suicide in the Transgender community
Economics general
minimum wage
Cost of Living Compare to 20 Years Ago
Whether You Win 1 Million Or Lose A Leg -- It Really Makes No Difference
The gender pay gap situation in the EU
Health care
Domestic violence
General Immigration memes
Destiny’s Debate with Nick Fuentes over Immigration
Immigration’s effect on wages
Immigrants as Economic Contributors
Most-Accepting Countries for Migrants
Muslim Immigration vs Christian
IQ and race
Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance
”race” is a social construct
Problems with IQ tests
Race vs IQ
Poverty Impedes Cognitive Function
Cold Winters and the Evolution of Intelligence
Gun violence
Priorities for Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence
Crime stats in certain countries
US Mass Shootings, 1982-2019
Climate change
Opposing climate change stuff
Race in the Criminal in the Criminal justice system
General drug memes
Participate in Research The Sham Of Drug Testing For Benefits
Psychedelic’s and Psychosis or Psychedelic’s Induced Schizophrenia?
The Psychedelics and the Default mode network
Psychedelic’s for Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction
Cannabinoids and psychosis
Cannabinoid receptor agonists upregulate and enhance serotonin 2A (5-HT(2A)) receptor
Science Behind Marijuana And Metabolism
Alcohol and Tolerance
Prescription Stimulants
Prescription Opioids
Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder
Substance-induced psychosis disorder
Was Hitler a Socialist?
Bill C-16 and JP (these link are all from my post above)
trump/Russia memes
Random Stuff/Bonus memes
bonus, bonus meme destiny keep on ignoring my Emails, twitch chat and reddit posts to talk about drugs
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Nigeria Japan Joint Trade Mission

The Nigeria-Japan Joint Trade Mission powered by Globe Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with Transnational Trade and Commerce Centre has planned a trade mission Japan, tagged ‘Developing partnership for Business Growth'.
The Nigeria-Japan Joint Trade Mission is an annual commitment of the chamber aimed at promoting the development of trade, commerce, investment and industrial technological relationships between the public and private sectors of Nigeria and Japan and to further drive socio-economic growth and development for all, according to a statement from the chamber.
It said the six-day trade and investment mission led by the GCCI President, Buchi George, will have delegates participating in a Business-2-Business matchmaking session at the Nigerian embassy.
The statement read in part, “Participants at the session will include various business leaders in the areas of project and infrastructure finance, health, tourism, agribusiness and representatives of the Nigerian Diaspora Organisation, Japan.
“Delegates also visited the Centre for International Private Enterprise, an affiliate of the United States Chamber of Commerce; the US Africa Development Foundation; Foundation for Democracy, among others, for partnership and collaboration in various sectors, with focus on agribusiness, financial services, logistics, real estate, and infrastructure.
“Delegates will participate in the African Trade and Investment Global Summit, which provides networking opportunities with a larger audience from around the globe with interest in Africa.”
According to GCCI, the trade mission provides an opportunity for market expansion, networking, market knowledge exchange, further generating new businesses and deals.
“The chamber will continue to serve as an important catalyst in bringing together businesses and ideas to bolster bilateral commercial relations between Nigeria and Japan, further fostering trade and commerce investment between Nigeria and Japan and liaising with the Nigerian government and its agencies throughout the country on trade and industry related matters,” it stated.
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A Centrist's Thoughts on Immigration

Everyone wants to have their say about immigration policies, but I would like to begin a discussion about our philosophical approach towards immigration. I consider myself to have incredibly dead-center views. I cannot over-emphasize my relative neutrality in the political arena. Since reaching 18, I have voted Green in provincial election; Liberal in the federal election; my preferred candidate for the next PM is looking a lot like Michael Chong of the Conservative party, but my favourite MP is Matthew Dube of the NDP. I am all over the map. Doubtless this disclaimer won't do much: a lot of the following thoughts undeniably echo conservative or nationalist rhetoric. I simply ask that you assess them on their own merit.
I believe that where once immigration was used as an apartisan tool to better our country, it has now become overly politicized, and has been saddled with the moral burden of saving the world. I will attempt to argue the following: our current approach towards immigration needs to prioritize Canadian interests, and be selective in a way that recognizes the reality of the outside world.
These are heavy claims, so I will do my best to support them.
Immigration has always been a pillar of Canada. With birth rates looking the way they do, it will continue to be so. How much immigration, and to meet what rate of population growth, is the subject of another discussion. To reject immigration altogether is demographically foolish; economically disastrous; and unnecessary. As it stands, immigration is an undeniably good thing for Canada.
Yet immigration in Canada has always served practical purposes. Britain directed United Empire Loyalists to Ontario so that they would provide Upper Canada with a much-needed population boost. We coaxed Eastern Europe into settling the West, in part, to stave off American imperialism. We courted Asia and Africa following WW2 in order to fuel the post-war economic boom. These immigrants were not charity cases; they were partners in a mutually beneficial arrangement, providing much-needed productivity in exchange for the stability of Canadian society. Everyone was expected to pull their weight, but more importantly, Canada made sure that there were opportunities abound for them to actually, you know, pull their weight.
We are now well into the 21st century. It has been a long time since our GDP grew at a steady 5%. Unemployment is at a high 7.1%, and that isn't including the part-time or seasonal jobs that hardly count as substantial employment. The main sectors of growth are oriented around the service industry. Restaurants and clothing stores are doing well, but meaningful export-oriented industry is hurting. There is no booming economic frontier for new Canadians to pour into. Now, substantial literature suggests that some immigrants are job creators. But statistics also show that recent immigrants are more likely to be unemployed. This makes intuitive sense on some level: it is harder to find a job without personal networks. But then there's the fact that unemployment within Somali-Canadians is over 20%The Somali community has been here for over two decades, yet this unemployment rate is 14% higher than other immigrants landed in Canada for over 10 years. The point is not to deride Somali-Canadians. The point is that, economically at least, not all immigrants are created equal. That applies on a macro-level: Chinese immigrants, for example, are more employed and have more net worth than anyone else in Canada. But it also applies on a micro-level: some immigrants are just more competitive than others.
This is already recognized with our points system: we absolutely select the more competitive applicants. But this system does not account for the family members that the applicant will inevitably bring with them; nor does it realistically assess the chances of a Somali-educated doctor or professor actually finding employment in their field in Canada.
This is because the point system was designed to tip-toe around an inconvenient truth.
The truth is this: some parts of the world make better immigrants than others. Namely, stable, developed countries with similar civic values and institutional cultures, and trustworthy accreditation boards. Now a practical government would have no problem openly admitting this. It would take a map of the world, circle countries that produce high-quality immigrants, and assign applicants from those regions a high amount of points. It would do this, without fear of being labelled white supremacist, or racist, because the competitiveness of regions has nothing to do with race but everything to do with geopolitical, socioeconomic realities.
Can you truly quantify the difference between a French doctor or nurse and a Nigerian doctor or nurse? I absolutely believe that you can. The WHO assigned France the first place rating in provision of health care. They assigned Nigeria 187th. Canadian hospitals, of course, are aware of this difference, which is why Nigerian doctors, promised wealth and opportunity in Canada, must resort to driving cabs in urban centers unless they can afford years of additional schooling to gain accreditation.
But immigration is not just economic. There are considerations of social cohesion, peace and order. In these areas, our immigration system fails us again. Our governments have failed to be courageous enough to admit that some parts of the world make better citizens than others. Some societies favour the creation of polite and law-abiding citizens; others produce eve-teasers, group-rapists and misogynists. Of course, there are good and bad people in every country. But then there are polls from reputable organizations like Pew, which show that a strong majority of Muslims, the bulk of the citizenry, believe that homosexuality, premarital sex, abortion and euthenasia are morally wrong. The disregard for women's rights in much of the world goes without saying. Ask a parent of any political affiliation whether they would be more comfortable leaving their teenage daughter alone in Vienna or Baghdad, and the (honest) answer will be the same. If we can admit that some cities beg greater caution than others, then we must accept that the same applies to their residents.
Forget for a second about the increasingly insularity of immigrant communities in Canada; the existence of honour killings, the carry-over of ethnic conflict into our metropolises, and the existence of domestic Canadians plotting to commit acts of terror against other Canadians. Let us imagine the quite real possibility that we can overcome these obstacles and make a law-abiding, tolerant and respectful Canadian out of someone raised in a misogynist, hateful society.
Why go through the effort? We are a desirable country. People line up from around the world to become Canadian; and more than enough of them come from likeminded societies. There is no need to bring the regressive practices of the third world into Canada, so why should we?
Do we, as humans, owe the world our support? Absolutely. To say anything else is heartless and un-Canadian. But it is absurd to assume that such support must come in the form of permanent immigration. Let us ramp up foreign aid. Let us share our skills and wealth with the developing world in keeping with our proud history. Hold our government and ourselves accountable to the massive carbon emissions that we spew, whose problems disproportionately affect the developing world. And when the industrialized world, of which we are a major part, literally sinks the island of Kiribati, absolutely pressure our government to give these people a home in our country. Give shelter to refugees - we have food and housing a plenty; but don't put people fresh out of a conflict zone on a fast-track to citizenship.
People of the developing world need help. They do not need to plucked out of their countries and brought here to satisfy our smug superiority. The last thing developing countries need is the cherry-picking of their populace by us. Our straining social networks cannot support them; our stagnate economy cannot employ them; and our children do not need leering predators from the third world haunting their steps.
tl;dr: We need to remember that immigration is ultimately meant to serve Canada.
Does Canada's immigration policy satisfy you? Are there components to immigration that I have overlooked? What should our philisophical approach to immigration be: practical, humanitarian, or something else?
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